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Forum: Relationships and Relationship Help

For discussing relationships, dealing with the sex of your preference, and similar topics. NO PORN!

Sticky Thread Sticky: RH Chat Thread 28: IIRC - this thread used to be cool

Let's get this back, crew. Everyone is welcome, no one is denied an Ignore button. Use it, if needed. Let's bring back the good times. :) For your viewing pleasure:

bitty_bish‎, 05-03-2017 01:33 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: **The New Formula for Picking Up Chicks**

______________________________________________________________ Before I created my account here, I was a lurker for years, but that thread, created by Saucehead completely changed my life. As a result, I created my account here to thank him by helping other members who were not so...

Coal Man‎, 04-30-2010 10:59 PM
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Arrow Sticky Thread Sticky: There's a New Antibiotic Resistant Gonorrhea That is Spread Primarily Thru Oral Sex

There's a New Antibiotic Resistant Strain of Gonorrhea That We Should All Be Aware About & Concerned About. It is untreatable with even the most potent antibiotics drug companies have available to them. What's most surprising about this is that it's primarily being spread via oral sex. It is...

pogue‎, 07-12-2017 12:56 AM
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Arrow Sticky Thread Sticky: General Forum Rules

Welcome to the Forums It is our hope that the members of the forums will help each other in providing motivation and information to those looking to reach their fitness goals. To protect our members and the forums, the following rules are effective in all sections. Please take...

ForumSentinel‎, 05-19-2014 09:12 AM
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Exclamation Sticky Thread Sticky: !@!@ Alarming New STD Statistics *IMPORTANT Update 7/5* !@!@

There are some very alarming new statistics for people in the United States that have sexually transmitted diseases. In several recent news stories on CNN, it has been revealed that 1 in 4 women has genital herpes AND HPV (The Human Papillomavirus). That means "almost half of all women between...

pogue‎, 03-05-2007 01:07 AM
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Indian Foreveralone Brah Finds Love (Serious)

Sup brahs, been a long time since I posted here haha. Since before I graduated medical school, I think. I'm not sure if I'm still in the "foreveralone" crew, but I just wanted to say that my parents helped set me up with a nice and reasonably pretty girl (what we call "arranged marriage," though...

Austere‎, 01-20-2019 08:27 PM
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Chick asked if I like her, how to go about it

Basically came up in a convo we had on the phone, she told me she likes me a lot, to which I connected to something she earlier about only a little bit to tease her. She kept trying to deny it was a lot etc. Anyways basically she thinks I’m a player and that her liking me would be unrealistic...

aestheticlife21‎, Yesterday 11:27 PM
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LOL ex FWB is trying to "maintain a friendship"

Cliffs: Girl I used to hook up with eventually met a new guy, started dating him and claims he's her boyfriend now. She's been seeing him a few months. So I don't make it a priority to talk to her or text first, just checking my imessage and see that it was over 6 days ago that she texted me....

thadderbox‎, Yesterday 08:02 PM
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What do I do?

I'll keep it brief and to the point: -Female friend/acquaintance was into me when we met. - I was with someone so I ignored her signs/flirting (I never told her about the other person). - It's been about a year and a half, she doesn't flirt anymore but we still joke around and mess with...

NoWheyOut17‎, 01-21-2019 06:19 PM
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what does she want

hello everyone, my story is a bit long and ****ed up but i'll try to explain so i've been dating this girl for 4 months. she was my good friend before we started dating and she was the first who told me how she feels about me. the problem is she broke up with her bf about 2 months before we...

billmurray1‎, Yesterday 08:13 AM
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Matches have pretty much died

When I first signed up to CMB, I was getting matches daily for ~ a week, now they're very rare even though I'm active. When I first signed up to Bumble, I was getting a ton of matches within the first day, now they're already very rare. So what is it: a. I've exhausted my dating pool or the...

Luc1fer‎, 07-19-2018 03:16 PM
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Older female supervisor... help misc (srs)

Okay guys... Here’s the deal. I was interviewing for a new job 2 weeks ago that’s related to my degree (pharmaceutical). I’m so happy I got the job. Started last week. It was a panel interview that consisted of the Production Director, Production Supervisor (who is my boss), and the General...

OrganicMusclr‎, 01-14-2019 05:40 PM
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Question Is she flirting with me or just being polite?

Hello guys im new here i hope you can help I have been working out for a year with incredible results, a train for that time at home with just a bench and a couple of dumbbells, well i move to gym this year (i have 3 weeks now) and las week i was doing some leg work out and a pretty girl came to...

AllDv88‎, 01-21-2019 10:17 PM
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Create your own environment

I often see young men complaining or disenfranchised with the current gender dynamics. It is true that there seems to be a war on men and masculinity in some sects of society. It is true that some women are entitled and rarely held accountable. My response to this? SO WHAT!?!

HayZues Christi‎, Yesterday 07:08 PM
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Signed up for bumble for first time, only matching with fat girls?

So I heard alot of people are using bumble/hinge/etc to meet people. have used tinder in the past (a while ago). Signed up for bumble, put up some pics I thought were decent of me. one of the pics I'm at the beach and its obvious I lift (looks like my AVI), but its with friends playing...

psychosylocibin‎, 01-20-2019 05:16 PM
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Texting after first date

Alright boys I went on a date with a girl and it went well. The next morning I sent her a text say I enjoyed seeing her last night and wanted to know if she would go ice skating Friday or Saturday. I sent it as 10am and she replied at 7pm saying he enjoyed the date, but doesn't like bowling. So...

400benchdream‎, 01-20-2019 07:27 PM
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Question Who’s the bad guy? (22m) (20f)

I found my gf of 5months had a tinder, so I dumped her the day before her birthday, without realizing. I wanted to say happy bday, but I was like nah she don’t deserve that for being ****ty. Cliffs: read, it’s 3 sentences long

thatdudeeee‎, Yesterday 04:51 PM
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Same Day Kiss in less than 15 minutes (Infield Video) Hey Guys, Wanted to share this with you, it can be possible... keep approaching!!

jetli12345‎, Yesterday 03:20 PM
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Obese and dating

Hi. My name is Jake. I am 27, Male, and I have never had a girlfriend. I am 5 foot 7 inches tall and I weigh 250 pounds. I am obese. Has anybody been in my situation and lost the weight then dated? I have never even been on a date or kissed. Any advice? Thanks

Jbrow2468‎, Yesterday 07:56 AM
Yesterday, 05:08 PM Go to last post
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Have nothing going on. How should I meet women? Srs

So I'm out of service; went back parent's home because rents are too high, dont know anyone here, have only few friends from military but they all live in different places. Can't go hunting in bars because here you are not allowed to enter bars/clubs without a woman. Currently trying to...

Sinan09400‎, Yesterday 08:19 AM
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Sleeping with your girlfriend/wifes hot single mom

Older guy at work was going on about how in his late 20s he slept with his wifes mom and from there on out his marriage was better (this guy is pushing 60 now). He claims anytime there was a fight or a blow out she would talk to her mom and her mom would agree with him on most anything and tell her...

SteveSanders‎, Yesterday 02:23 PM
Yesterday, 04:01 PM Go to last post
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Situation with girl

To start, im 28 and met a 20 year old last September. I was into her at first, she was into me, but played really hard to get to the point where I lost interest. She would often cancel plans to that we made etc. She would smoke weed daily, moderately party, and overall was a huge turnoff for me....

tunafish01‎, 01-21-2019 06:28 AM
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Girlfriend Broke Up And Ignored Me Suddenly

Sorry for long message, I'm distraught right now. This is what has happened. I am an American living in Japan (28y). I was dating a Japanese girl (27y) (she speaks perfect English) for 3 months, and everything was seemingly perfect. From date #1, we hit it off, our personalities clicked, and...

skanzer‎, 01-21-2019 03:12 AM
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Wife got physically abusive and now we are getting divorced

Wasn’t gonna post this, but hopefully by being open about this, it’ll help me. I’m 29, she’s 27. No kids. 1.5 years married. 5 years dating prior to marriage. I work, she doesn’t. She’s a student. This past weekend she lost it and punched me, slapped me, kicked me, scratched me. Did it on...

chivasregal‎, 01-17-2019 12:58 PM
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[M18] [F17] why is my ex girl who left me for someone so evil?

I'm making this post because i'm really baffled by her behaviour and how she acts up to me for whatever reason even tho we only dated 2 months. So I dated her 2 months and she dumped me 4 months ago for another guy who she been dating longer now, the thing is that is completely fine by me when...

55sent‎, 01-21-2019 11:39 AM
Yesterday, 01:17 PM Go to last post
29 561

Why do I react like a beta?

Hey, long time lurker. So misc ; I'm dating a girl now for about three months. She goes to my uni and we hooked up. When we first started dating we said some names to see if we had some mutual friends. She mentioned a guys name, and said that she'd been with him on a date, but never banged etc....

Threesevens‎, Yesterday 09:52 AM
Yesterday, 11:51 AM Go to last post
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Seems like im the last thing on GF's priority list, breakup time?

4 month relationship here, when we started going out she made time for our dates and hangouts, made plans for us to do things together and so on. More recently I've noticed that she takes little to no effort to make plans for us to do things, I dont know if this her losing interest or what. We...

SriBrah‎, 01-14-2015 08:20 AM
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Yesterday, 08:11 AM Go to last post
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Unless you're 100% worthless, a breakup is a blessing

We all get it. She was the one, you loved her, you meshed so well etc. But it's over. She dumped your arse, and this time you know it's a real breakup. It's a good thing to mourn your loss. It is a loss. A loss of a best friend, a huge hole in your life. As a newly single guy, you're incredibly...

orderoutofchaos‎, 01-21-2019 09:03 PM
10 389

Cool My girlfriend used to be a stripper

My girlfriend used to be a stripper. It’s weird. I’ve only been to a strip club obe time in my life too. We hit it off and were talking for a minute before she even told me it I might have been like wtf but she is really sweet and of course beautiful. She sees it as dancing and is actually quite...

Immichaelski‎, 01-20-2019 10:28 AM
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How to achieve a more masculine if you have a baby face and cant grow facial hair

Wut do misc? We all know that women get wet over some manly stubble and this can dramatically increase your attractiveness. Problem, is I cannot grow facial hair. On top of that, I have a babyface. People regularly comment that I look a few years younger than I actually. Gaining muscle...

psychosylocibin‎, 06-11-2013 12:14 PM
01-21-2019, 11:01 PM Go to last post
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