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Forum: Relationships and Relationship Help

For discussing relationships, dealing with the sex of your preference, and similar topics. NO PORN!

Sticky Thread Sticky: RH Chat Thread 28: IIRC - this thread used to be cool

Let's get this back, crew. Everyone is welcome, no one is denied an Ignore button. Use it, if needed. Let's bring back the good times. :) For your viewing pleasure:

bitty_bish‎, 05-03-2017 12:33 PM
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Arrow Sticky Thread Sticky: There's a New Antibiotic Resistant Gonorrhea That is Spread Primarily Thru Oral Sex

There's a New Antibiotic Resistant Strain of Gonorrhea That We Should All Be Aware About & Concerned About. It is untreatable with even the most potent antibiotics drug companies have available to them. What's most surprising about this is that it's primarily being spread via oral sex. It is...

pogue‎, 07-11-2017 11:56 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: **The New Formula for Picking Up Chicks**

______________________________________________________________ Before I created my account here, I was a lurker for years, but that thread, created by Saucehead completely changed my life. As a result, I created my account here to thank him by helping other members who were not so...

Coal Man‎, 04-30-2010 09:59 PM
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Arrow Sticky Thread Sticky: General Forum Rules

Welcome to the Forums It is our hope that the members of the forums will help each other in providing motivation and information to those looking to reach their fitness goals. To protect our members and the forums, the following rules are effective in all sections. Please take...

ForumSentinel‎, 05-19-2014 08:12 AM
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Exclamation Sticky Thread Sticky: !@!@ Alarming New STD Statistics *IMPORTANT Update 7/5* !@!@

There are some very alarming new statistics for people in the United States that have sexually transmitted diseases. In several recent news stories on CNN, it has been revealed that 1 in 4 women has genital herpes AND HPV (The Human Papillomavirus). That means "almost half of all women between...

pogue‎, 03-05-2007 12:07 AM
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Seek men with experience (NSFW)

Just got married and my wife is a virgin. Now I had sex only once back when I was 18 and at the time she was a virgin too so really not that experienced in the sex department. Me and my wife attempted to have sex about 7 times and only once was I able to barely get it in, like only 1/4th of it...

01helloworld‎, Yesterday 12:46 PM
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Been almost a week - should I reach back out?

Been hanging out with this girl for the last 6 months, friends mostly but open to the possibility of more if circumstances are right. We do either free or cheap fun stuff which I usually pay because its a few dollars here or there, no big deal. She sometimes offers to help or give me cash so...

flat6pilot‎, Yesterday 05:24 PM
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My personality sucks - it’s over for me boyo

Can’t get a girl because I’m too boring, don’t have any friends, not making the girl laugh etc. What I’ve noticed is that I have never been able to turn a date towards my favour unless the girl wanted sex before even meeting me. If not, it’s already over once they meet me.

createtimewarp‎, Today 02:13 AM
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Is it normal to not miss your s/o when you're apart?

Like when we're together, we have a great time. The chemistry / connection is def there. But I don't miss him when we're apart. Like if he were to walk out of my life right now, I'd feel a sense of loss, but I'd be ok with it. Is it a sign that I don't truly love him? Can you be happy &...

LilRabbitHole‎, 06-16-2018 01:06 AM
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Is hate for your ex ALWAYS unhealthy?

Is feeling any amount of hatred for your ex ALWAYS unhealthy, regardless of the source of that hatred?

anonuser19‎, 06-16-2018 07:03 PM
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Why do girls in Canada love fat guys sooo much ??

I see chads getting rejected all the time every time I go out but see girls all over fat guys, not saying all girls are like that but most girls 20 or above prefer dadbods like crazy. Whether I go to downtown, bars, malls that’s what I see all the time... I went out with a jacked chad and he...

alphatan‎, Yesterday 04:52 AM
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Anyone else lost a woman they wanted to another guy? Feels bad man

Not the first time it’s happened but pretty disappointed in myself. The women that I want I never get 90% of the time. Well I hit it off real well with this one for a few months. I met her through my friend and we only went out together once. Every time my friend goes out she would come out with...

NLNFunKti0nz‎, Yesterday 11:47 AM
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Lightbulb A Message To Sexually Frustrated Young Guys

Older miscers, can you confirm if you’ve found what I say to be true? x9MDDdgWmPE Cliffs:

GJLuke‎, 06-09-2018 11:31 AM
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Help I'm going insane with girlfriend who has mostly male friends!!!

Being seeing a girl for 15 months - I'm 40 she's 38. First of all - she's hot. that's part of the problem, loads of male friends surround her. Circling. Some her ex boyfriends, some wanting to be. She works in a male industry, and let's be honest, she's a bit of a party girl. She takes...

tashford123‎, Today 01:47 AM
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Just randomly bumped into my ex in the street and put up most beta performance ever

Only been 2 weeks and im still pining for my crazy ex... been NC though Went across town on bus and walking cos my cars off road, to visit my daughter First time i been in that part of town since we broke up (where my ex also lives) and suddenly hes randomly standing beside me in the street...

melDorado‎, 06-02-2018 01:30 PM
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Go NC or question it?

So my GF has become increasingly distant over the past 2 or so weeks. She'll text a good amount, and then suddenly not respond for a whole day or two. I know she's not "busy" because I see her on IG liking things. I asked her about it once and she got semi-defensive saying she's busy and that she...

JustImproving‎, Yesterday 06:59 PM
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The thought is eating away at me

I need some insight misc. I broke up with my gf a little over a month ago because we were fighting a lot and the fights would get progressively worse to the point where we wouldn't speak for a day or two. When I think back on all the fights, it all boils down to both of us acting immaturely and...

787Boricua305‎, 06-15-2018 03:04 AM
Yesterday, 09:18 PM Go to last post
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Sick of the bull****

I can't be the only one who absolutely despises social media, what's the meaning of it toxic on so many levels **** this chit

lllEZRAlll‎, 06-16-2018 01:44 PM
Yesterday, 07:41 PM Go to last post
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Pondus_levo's dating log and general relationship advice/chat

Okay...I'm going to give this another shot. Regulars and if anyone needs dating advice come on in. There is only one rule: All opinions and POV's welcome, but be respectful and no personal attacks allowed. If you don't like me or my opinions, just stay the **** out.

pondus_levo‎, 08-09-2017 05:58 PM
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My GF had a girls night out... (SRS)

Me and my gf have been together for almost 1 year and thinngs have been pretty good... 3 Weeks Ago My GF had a girls night out She goes out once very 3 months with her GFS and I am OKAY with it She went out with her sisters and a few girlfriends. I decided to have a guys night out myself....

CavsFannn‎, 06-10-2018 11:26 PM
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Arrow Mindset right before you started dating your current BF/GF?

What was your mindset right before you started dating your current BF/GF? I've always felt that I should be enamored with my future GF and want to spend ever second with this girl. I've been single for the last year and met many girls but haven't really felt that spark. I'm talking to this girl now...

qawsedb‎, Yesterday 12:59 PM
Yesterday, 04:09 PM Go to last post
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PC muscle "Flutter"

Hey i have a question about how to do the pc flutter that i have heard about on here, and on the internet. I have done it before, but only on accident, and haven't been able to do it on purpose. The sites i have read state that this is how to do it. Slowly flex and un-flex the Pc muscle as...

Dankid‎, 04-28-2005 06:22 PM
Yesterday, 02:40 PM Go to last post
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Happy Father's Day - Stay safe out there

Happy Father's Day to the great and amazing dads of the world. Hope your day is joyous and carefree. To you non-fathers or those struggling with the Mother of your children. Stay safe out there. Stay strong. The system is against you.

RH709‎, Yesterday 01:27 PM
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I want to get out of the bar scene and focus on goals. Where to meet people?

I'm heavily debating to quit going to bars/clubs and maybe even drinking itself. I do not have a problem with it, but I realized I really don't enjoy it as much as other people do. I feel like I go to the bar because everyone else is there and FOMO. It's also a great way to meet people who let...

GhenghisPWN‎, 06-16-2018 06:35 PM
Yesterday, 01:05 PM Go to last post
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Does dating really get that much harder once you're past 35 as a woman?

Of course I understand age affects your options, but is it really such a sharp drop-off after 35 or is it more like a gradual decline? (both online & real life)

LilRabbitHole‎, 06-13-2018 03:38 PM
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Had sex with a 23 year old... She says 'That was my first time going all the way'

That is correct. I met this girl from okcupid, started talking maybe a month ago. She was kind of odd in messages, but then she's on okcupid in 2018 so no surprise really. I got her number, we text a while, and eventually we meet. Had two dates with her, text maybe 2/3 messages a day in...

ElixanderVild1‎, 06-08-2018 02:27 PM
Yesterday, 12:02 PM Go to last post
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Unhappy Is my gf playing games with me? Pic for time

We are in a 2 months relationship and we’ve hooked up a few times and she was the first to tell me that she loved me. Now my problem is the following she has been acting cold and warm. - She will text me with one worded answers and then 10 minutes later say she loves me. -No longer saying good...

MirinCanadian99‎, 06-16-2018 07:23 AM
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Yesterday, 09:20 AM Go to last post
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Brutal situation

Long time lurker, posting this mainly just to vent but appreciate any advice. Been with girl for 8 years, lived with for 6 years, got engaged this year, wedding booked etc, bought house together. Christmas Eve out of the blue says she wants to break up, not you it's me etc, has already asked...

sadbro‎, 12-28-2016 10:25 AM
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A love story, Turned to a Nightmare! First time telling the truth

Hey guys! Has anyone ever made a mistake of inviting a girl to live with you? Then realized she wasn’t the one when she turned into a crazy ass btch that wont leave the house and wont accept a breakup? Here is my story, I met this girl at a club around 3 years ago, in south america where I...

Santiago402‎, 06-14-2018 08:50 PM
Yesterday, 02:49 AM Go to last post
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Hot girls love dad bods (100% srs)

Whenever I go to downtown or mall that’s always what I see always everyday. I barely see chads (Only girls on internet drool over them) with hot girls it’s very rare.... if you’re tall, full hair, nice face/jawline, broad shoulders girls will only stare the fuk out of you but that’s it (chit...

alphatan‎, 06-16-2018 07:39 PM
Yesterday, 01:15 AM Go to last post
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