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Sticky Thread Sticky: What is My Body Fat Percentage? - Post Your Estimate Request Pictures Here - Vol III

This is the one and only place in this forum to post body fat estimate requests. Previous threads:Vol I,Vol II Calipers, Dexa, hydro-static weighting, all have error rates, and this thread is no different. If you think you are 13% BF and others think you are 15%, consider thanking them...

EjnarKolinkar‎, 03-03-2017 09:02 AM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Attention: Under 18s

The moderators here have a policy that we do not advise anyone under the age of 18 to restrict their calorie intake. So please do not ask for such advice here. This is because there is the possibility that you could stunt your growth or develop an unhealthy relationship with food. If you have...

SuffolkPunch‎, 11-20-2018 01:16 AM
11-20-2018, 01:16 AM Go to last post
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Sticky Thread Sticky: All you ever needed to know about losing fat.

VKs0oEIVOck VKs0oEIVOck First time embedding a video, so bare with me.

Junsuiakai‎, 08-06-2017 09:10 AM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: DON'T LOOK PAST the BASICS

From what I've been reading in this forum for the past several years---and it's getting worse, not better---most posters here are, for some reason, missing the basics of fat loss, and instead, are looking for some magic bullet, or worse, putting their faith in some TV or youtube guru, or some...

ironwill2008‎, 01-05-2015 08:31 AM
01-05-2015, 08:31 AM Go to last post
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Arrow Sticky Thread Sticky: General Forum Rules

Welcome to the Forums It is our hope that the members of the forums will help each other in providing motivation and information to those looking to reach their fitness goals. To protect our members and the forums, the following rules are effective in all sections. Please take...

ForumSentinel‎, 05-19-2014 08:12 AM
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Unhappy Losing fat without losing weight?

Hi,Im very upset. Last month I losed weight and became underweight. Bmi 16.6 but I look like 19. I have some fat on my Belly and legs and a thick waist (from side). skinny fat ☹️.I dont want to lose weight but i want to lose fat. And... I dont know how? Like when i eat in a surplus i gain muscle...

Xaika‎, Today 10:58 PM
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Carried weights for cardio

Hi guys I recently started weightlifting and the AllPro training routine because I want to loose weight and get in shape. I changed my diet aswell and started to count calories every day. I work out at home I got a adjustable bench and a set of dumbbells and a barbell and some weights but I don't...

themre‎, Today 09:13 PM
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SuseMitc‎, Today 10:10 PM
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can't lose lower belly fat :( ?

hi guys i am new here and i really want some help. 21 years old male here. my height is 5 feet 6 inches . my current weight is 140 lbs. i checked my body fat on 9 September 2019 and it was 19%. it was 19.8 % when i last checked it in april 2019 but i didn't follow any diet after that . i started...

alex1798‎, Today 12:48 PM
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Should I do cardio after lifting/on the same day?

So I finally started going to the gym again and I am more pumped than ever. I am 5'7 217 pounds overweight. I want to lose weight but also want to keep my muscle/gain some more muscle. I keep reading mixed reviews about performing cardio the same day as lifting. How I usually do this is during...

xfrancis92x‎, Today 07:04 PM
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Everybody knows you can’t lose fat and gain muscle...

While you are in a deficit. But what about maintenance? I want to stay 170 lbs. I think this a good weight for my body if I had lower body fat. Can I stay here and just train harder and expect to see results? In say a 4 month time span, what’s the most EFFICIENT way of ending up 170 lbs, but...

Blazenwave‎, Yesterday 12:34 AM
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Diet Input for Skinnyfat Beginner

Hi All - I am just starting my first serious foray into consistent strength work at age 34, and I could use some pointers on how to support this program with nutrition. Here is some background. 1. Last Fall weighed in at about 6'/190, started crossfit and a a heavy distance running routine at...

Reyn0170‎, Today 02:57 PM
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Unhappy Weird issue?

Hey so I’m 21 years old 215 pounds, 5’11 and I’m having a weird issue. I’ve been lifting weights for 2 years now. I’ve been trying to cut down on some body fat and on my fitness pal it says I should be eating no more than 2500 calories to hit the calorie deficient needed to lose 2 pounds a...

carrera727‎, Today 12:06 PM
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Cutting that last 3-4%

Hey guys, hoping someone who has been there done that can help out. I'm 30 6ft 183ish pounds 13-14% BF, I say 183ish because my weight can fluctuate 7-9 pounds any given day. Goal is to get to 10% BF I started out back in May at 210 pounds around 25% BF. I started slow the first month and ramped...

itsatrap2‎, Today 08:28 AM
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Will body recomposition do the trick? i need cardio or just lift?

I am 5'6", 155lbs, and about 19% bf, i am kinda skinnyfat, have a little belly but not much, that is the thing that bother me the most, i am a novice with 1 month gym so my routine has been 20 min run everyday for cardio (6 mph), and then i go lift, my main goal by now is get fit and in a...

Falange97‎, Today 02:47 PM
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What happens when you eat 700 or more calories less than TDD

Hi, I went to free and found that I need to eat 1218 calories for a 500 calorie deficit. What would happen if I ate only 900. Would that accelerate fat loss? Would it be detrimental to my health In a given day when Im not trying I can eat Breakfast 2-3 eggs for breakfast...

mitulmgandhi‎, 09-05-2019 07:20 AM
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Linear weight gain while Hypocaloric

Hi, I‘ve been hitting the gym often (probably too often) now for a month. 4-5 times per week, plus occasional cardio. I‘ve turned from eating a very low carb diet to a more balanced diet of around 2.200kcal, 250-300g protein, 120g carbs, 60g fat. Supplementing with Creatine for a week now...

estikei‎, Today 10:56 AM
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Thumbs up Hypothyroidism and weight loss

Seeking some advice of anyone who may have a similar problem. I'm a 27 yo female, 5'1 and about 58kg. My main goal is to lean down and keep the muscle I have/possibly put on a bit more muscle. My problem is I am a coeliac and have hypothyroidism. I find it really difficult to loose...

thatgirlralf‎, Yesterday 02:44 AM
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Coffee, caffeine and diet soda...too much?

This probably belongs in the supplements section so please forgive me. I’m just wondering if I should cut back on my consumption of these products for health reasons or it’s not gonna matter. It helps me while going through this cut I’m on. I generally drink 3-4 cups of coffee per day and I do...

sexchampion‎, 09-12-2019 07:58 PM
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how to lose belly fat

i dont want to good shape sixpack for now , i just want to get rid of body ft to get v shape and then leanbulk is that ok , and what should i do to lose that lower abs fat

HellcrowZero‎, 09-14-2019 12:02 PM
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Metabolic age to low?

So I went to the studio and did some test of my body. One of them was to see my metabolic age. I have no idea if this is important or what this says about my body. What's weird is that they found out my metabolic age is 12. I am 23. They said they never have seen such low metabolic age on a 23 year...

Patini‎, 01-12-2015 07:37 AM
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Bulk or cut

152 pounds 5’8 17 Photo in body space

207399296‎, 09-15-2019 05:40 PM
Today, 09:18 AM Go to last post
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Should I bulk or cut?

Hi everyone. I've been going to the gym on and off for about a year. Naturally I did make some noob gains but it seems like I can do more, losing the excess fat for starters. I wanted to get your opinion too. What would you recommend? 181 cm, 78-80 kg

jokerandthief‎, 09-14-2019 01:30 AM
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Is my diet too low

Hi all, brand new to the forum and lifting weights in general. Been training for over 4 weeks now. I’ve got what I consider a pretty good regime. Do 15 minutes of cardio followed by 3x3 sets of 2 muscle groups a day, 4-5 times a week. I’ve never enjoyed the buzz so much. Has really changed my...

jonnya1984‎, Yesterday 11:41 PM
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Unhappy Skinny fat, Should i bulk or cut? (whats my bodyfat percentage? with pic)

Hello everyone i'm an 18 years old guy, i have skinny legs and forearms., but i have some fat around my chest and abs area,and some wide love handles.. im 176cms (5 ft 77) and i weigh 63 kgs (138.8 pounds). i started working out a month and a half ago (5 days a week) eating most of the days...

adamskyaz‎, 09-16-2019 09:19 AM
Today, 04:14 AM Go to last post
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What’s up guys! I’m 6’1 201lbs and 19yrs old. On my bodyspace I posted a picture of me from the side flexed and front Unflexed. Basic question is, do I have enough mass to cut and look decent (like I still even lift) I don’t want to look like a dyel kid. Also, why tf do my ribs pop out in my...

Micchhhaaeelll‎, Yesterday 01:52 PM
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Why do i gain body fat when i'm lifting on a deficit

I started my fat loss journey at 25%, 85kg, and dropped down to 17% with an 800 calorie intake. At the time i was 78 kg. I kept plateauing and i realised it was unhealthy and i increased my calorie intake to my bmr which was 1750 and started doing all forms of cardio. I managed to drop down to...

js1810‎, 09-14-2019 10:18 AM
Yesterday, 04:04 PM Go to last post
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Old man needs help! Legs are almost dead with spine/nerve problems

I am 50 years old, recently disabled. Ten months ago I was the 360lb guy who played every sport and could easily out lift most of my friends who were in great shape. Then I started falling, loosing my legs. Doctors said I was too fat, been hearing that all my life. After the 4th fall, I never said...

FatManNananana‎, 09-15-2019 05:19 PM
09-16-2019, 09:21 PM Go to last post
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Should I continue my cut to lose stubborn chest fat? HELP

Hello everyone, I've been cutting for few months now after bulking. Lost 10kgs but the chest fats are still there. I go to the gym and lift heavy 6 times a week and still struggling to lose the fats at the bottom of my chest. Shall I continue cutting till i get rid of it? I am really confused...

magicm00n‎, 09-12-2019 10:29 PM
09-16-2019, 05:53 PM Go to last post
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Trying to help my mom (56) lose weight. Need some advice if possible.

Hello, I'm trying to calculate my moms macros as she needs to drop some weight. Her issue is, getting into a gym is rather difficult, so I want to put her to do an AM/PM cardio session of a brisk walk 5-6x a week. I'm thinking 45-60 minutes a session or a moderate walk. Where I want to see...

Mrgriffing‎, 09-16-2019 03:21 PM
09-16-2019, 04:33 PM Go to last post
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