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Sticky Thread Sticky: What is My Body Fat Percentage? - Post Your Estimate Request Pictures Here - Vol III

This is the one and only place in this forum to post body fat estimate requests. Previous threads:Vol I,Vol II Calipers, Dexa, hydro-static weighting, all have error rates, and this thread is no different. If you think you are 13% BF and others think you are 15%, consider thanking them...

EjnarKolinkar‎, 03-03-2017 10:02 AM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Attention: Under 18s

The moderators here have a policy that we do not advise anyone under the age of 18 to restrict their calorie intake. So please do not ask for such advice here. This is because there is the possibility that you could stunt your growth or develop an unhealthy relationship with food. If you have...

SuffolkPunch‎, 11-20-2018 02:16 AM
11-20-2018, 02:16 AM Go to last post
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Sticky Thread Sticky: All you ever needed to know about losing fat.

VKs0oEIVOck VKs0oEIVOck First time embedding a video, so bare with me.

Junsuiakai‎, 08-06-2017 10:10 AM
08-06-2017, 10:10 AM Go to last post
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Sticky Thread Sticky: DON'T LOOK PAST the BASICS

From what I've been reading in this forum for the past several years---and it's getting worse, not better---most posters here are, for some reason, missing the basics of fat loss, and instead, are looking for some magic bullet, or worse, putting their faith in some TV or youtube guru, or some...

ironwill2008‎, 01-05-2015 09:31 AM
01-05-2015, 09:31 AM Go to last post
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Arrow Sticky Thread Sticky: General Forum Rules

Welcome to the Forums It is our hope that the members of the forums will help each other in providing motivation and information to those looking to reach their fitness goals. To protect our members and the forums, the following rules are effective in all sections. Please take...

ForumSentinel‎, 05-19-2014 09:12 AM
05-19-2014, 09:12 AM Go to last post
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26m 5'8" 160lbs 24% BF - Should I cut?

Basically it's all in the subject. Beginning bodybuildling / weightlifting and want to know whether I should lose some fat first and then start to recomp? or just recomp at my current weight?

craned70‎, Today 03:10 PM
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Have I made visible progress on my stomach between these photos?

Between the grey dress photo (taken about a year earlier) and the red dress one. Both are side profile photos.

rlouise94‎, 01-25-2020 09:14 AM
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Body Fat % Increasing

Hello All, Recently I bought a triomph body composition scale. I have been using it for the past 6 weeks to track my progress. I weigh myself first thing every Monday morning. I have what I think is a decent diet and I do a full body workout 3 times a week. I feel that I am seeing results from...

SinCitiesSin‎, Today 02:10 PM
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Endomorph, hypothyroidism, trying to lose body fat

Hi guys, I really really need advice. I am really frustrated and my self-esteem is -1. I recently had my thyroid killed, I was hyperthyroid and had to do radiation to become hypothyroid for health reasons. Since March 2019, I gained 20lbs of body fat. Originally I was 140lbs, now I am...

BlueSystem200‎, Yesterday 09:49 PM
11 418

9 week cut long enough??

Hi guys, I am tending on starting a cut for 9 weeks in 6 weeks time. (5 weeks more bulk, 1 week deload) I am 6ft tall, 33 years old, and currently weigh 181lbs (12st13lb), my original aim was to get to 187lb (13:5) then cut to 173lb (12:5) but I am not gaining as fast as originally planned....

archyash86‎, Today 03:43 AM
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Smile 2020 January/February Losing Weight

All are welcome to join in and post your weights each week. Starting weight: 160.4 lbs Goal for this thread: -8 lbs 1/03/20: 1/10/20: 1/17/20: 1/24/20: 1/31/20:

DebiLynn‎, 12-31-2019 11:01 PM
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Red face Hey guys n gals

Been sick with cold this week Haven't hit gym in 7 days..but i weighed myself today and lost 2 lbs.. I have cut out the cookies(3boxes per week) And been drinking smoothies.. Spinach, carrots, honey. Blueberry, strawberry. I actually love it...and feel great getting more fruits n veggies in...

dcastle44‎, Today 09:17 AM
Today, 10:39 AM Go to last post
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20M and 417lbs

After a recent ACL knee injury it inspired me to lose weight and get fit if i do not get started now i feel i never will iv'e started counting calories with my fitnesspal and bought a big water bottle for when i get i get an urge for soda or food. Diet is the first step but i have no control on...

Camm009‎, 01-04-2019 05:42 PM
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Does increased water intake decrease vascularity? I got a bit off track on the holidays and now back on track and drinking almost a gallon of water a day(twice as much i usually drink), but i also realized my veins barely show no more even though my weight is down.

Alvinthechip‎, 01-23-2020 03:45 PM
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How should I do my first cut?

I have been going to the gym for about a year now and I've been planning to start my first cut in Februrary. I would say I'm about 20% body fat and 220lbs 6ft6. Was about 180lbs before I started working out. How long would you say I should cut for and at what deficit? Was thinking of going...

MaxMS99‎, 01-23-2020 11:18 AM
Yesterday, 11:01 PM Go to last post
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Scale not moving?

Hi Guys! I’m a 24 years old female. I’m 5 feet 1/2 inch tall and weight 111-110 lbs. I’ve been on a strict diet. I used to calculate my calories and macros. Don’t do it anymore cuz I know around how much I need to eat. I try to eat mainly protein. I excercise at least everyday. Take boot...

esmeraldaaa‎, 01-25-2020 02:16 PM
Yesterday, 08:44 PM Go to last post
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Losing weight workout ?

I’m 36 M 6’4 365. For the first time I am planning on focusing my efforts on losing weight instead of building strength. I already lift and have been lifting consistently since I was 16. I definitely don’t need a beginners program. With that being said as far as lifting regimens go does it...

Snacks099‎, Yesterday 05:27 PM
Yesterday, 05:29 PM Go to last post
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Cutting at 19% bf

Basically I’m a 22 yr old male 5’11 been bulking for a while now but recently did my stats and found out I’m at 19% bf which obviously isn’t ideal( have a pic up as my profile) should I cut down and then continue to bulk and what would be a good bf% to get to or should I just continue bulking. Any...

ike9778‎, 01-24-2020 04:49 PM
Yesterday, 04:31 PM Go to last post
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Red face Guy with fat hips and thighs

Hi. I am a 25 year guy with fat hips and thighs. My bf % is 25. And most of my fat is around hips and thighs. I am pretty lean on upper body. I have been working out since 3-4 years on and off and currently have been working out quite diligently since last 4 months. Please suggest a way to reduce...

ABU1994‎, Yesterday 06:13 AM
Yesterday, 04:13 PM Go to last post
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I'm back, fatter than!

OK, I had been on here about a decade ago and was trying to lose weight/get stronger, but didn't have much luck on the weight loss side of the equasion, then had money and health issues (both mine and Mom on the latter) that caused me to walk away and managed to gain weight, even while I was still...

BJoe‎, 12-26-2019 11:00 PM
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Exclamation Calorie Intake for Losing Fat BMR, RMR, TDEE???

Hi, I am new to the site and would like some advice on losing weight. I have done some research and there is overwhelming information on BMR, RMR, TDEE etc, but i don't know which one to follow. So currently my stats are as follows: TDEE: 2400 calories BMR: 1963 calories Age: 26

JuicyMelons1326‎, Yesterday 05:39 AM
Yesterday, 08:38 AM Go to last post
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stairs at work for fat lose

will walking up stairs at my work once an hour help me lose some more bodyfat i work 12hr night shift its 13 floors lift 6 days a week average doing push pull legs rest repeat

calumscotland‎, 01-25-2020 09:01 PM
Yesterday, 05:28 AM Go to last post
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Angry PCOS weight gain won't stop

Hello all... I'm Anja almost 20 years old, female and I suffer from PCOS / polycystic ovary syndrome, and for those who dont know what that means. In young women with PCOS, high insulin levels can cause the ovaries to make more androgen hormones such as testosterone & having a insulin resistance...

Sjofella‎, 01-25-2020 02:01 AM
Yesterday, 05:08 AM Go to last post
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Question Dont know what to do anymore (cut or bulk)

I am 17 yrs old, around 5'10 and like 142 lbs. I started really badly and went from skinny fat to skinny af with low muscle mass i was like 122 lbs at my lowest eating like 1700-1800 kcals in that period and lifting almost every single day with huge volume. After that i decided to dirty bulk and...

Tonii47‎, 01-24-2020 09:38 AM
Yesterday, 03:30 AM Go to last post
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My 12-week plan to lose fat (opinions would be greatly appreciated)

Hi everyone, I'm 30 years old, Male, weighing 306lbs and 50% Body Fat. I read all the stickies, got some sound advice, etc. I am tired of being lazy, feeling sick, etc. I would like your opinion on my 12-week plan to lose fat. I want to push and have a better metabolism and try to cut the...

mrblancoblanco‎, 01-09-2020 04:28 PM
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Should I keep cutting or bulk now (with pics)?

I'm male, 24, 5'6" tall (167.64cm) and 130lbs (58.9kg). I cut from 140lbs in mid-September. I've included images (front, back, legs and my goal physique). Should I continue cutting or bulk? I'm at maintenance right now. Thanks. Imgur Album: http ://imgur. com/a/qYgflXq...

GMan2495‎, 01-19-2020 08:42 PM
01-25-2020, 07:59 PM Go to last post
3 950

Not sure which to do, lose fat or build muscle?

So around this time last year I was 13 stone 5 pounds (187lbs), I was 21 at the time, 5'10. In around 3/4 months I managed to lose around 22 pounds. I felt great, I had more energy, felt confident etc but I still had very little muscle. Fast forward to the start of the year, I put back on weight,...

TiernO97‎, 01-24-2020 05:22 PM
01-25-2020, 08:57 AM Go to last post
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Will doing less sets affect cut?

Hi, I am a 23 yo female currently cutting from 140 lbs 5 ft 5 inches 1300 calories consumed daily 130g protein daily 16-8 Intermittent fasting Currently Workout 5 days a week; 2 strength days and 3 hypertrophy days. (Have been working out for about 4 months now and have gained some nice...

YungSacca‎, 01-24-2020 08:47 AM
01-24-2020, 06:19 PM Go to last post
10 746

I think I am fat or maybe just skinny fat and I don't know where to turn to!

First post here, long time lurker. Anyway, I am an 18 year old male. Up until about a month ago I would drink about 3-4 sodas a week. It has been a month or so and I have dropped soda fully from my diet (i'm assuming that helps with getting trid of stomach fat) yet I still drink lemonade every once...

aidanB09‎, 01-23-2020 08:05 PM
01-24-2020, 04:52 PM Go to last post
4 768

Can anyone estimate my BF percentage? I'm 5'5 and 159 lbs. For the past month, I've been trying to do a slow bulk where I'm gaining 1-2 months every 30 days. I'm guestimating that my BF is about 20-25% but can anyone confirm? Also should I keep...

Odifududix‎, 01-24-2020 04:01 PM
01-24-2020, 04:14 PM Go to last post
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