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Discuss training, nutrition, competing and getting in shape. Introduce yourself!

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Sticky Thread Sticky: Boobs and Bodybuilding!

With the myriad of threads/ posts we get on the subject - I thought I would post a collection of threads for everyone to read through if they have questions... Firstly: Breast Cancer - Click to Help Then: Boob-loss Bodyfat and Breasts Breast Weight Loss Decreasing Breast Size

Emma-Leigh‎, 03-05-2010 12:26 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: WOMEN - Enter The NEW Female Transformation Of The Week.

Attention Females: Have you made an incredible transformation? Would you like to share it with the world? Enter the Female Transformation Of The Week. As you all know, we started the Transformation of the Week back in August of 2002 and it is still going strong. We want to bring our...

the_fake_webmaster‎, 05-04-2006 02:14 PM
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03-31-2017, 04:55 AM Go to last post
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Baby Bible - Pre/ During/ Post Partum Questions

Being a female board, there are at least one to two threads a week surrounding babies... Be it from those with concerns around what can/ can not be done when you have a bub in the oven, to wanting to decreasing the risk of turning into a heifer-lump, and how fast you can resume training post-partum...

Emma-Leigh‎, 08-09-2010 12:51 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Resources: Training, Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Nutrition, Supplements, Chat & Support

' Resources: Training, Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Nutrition, Supplements, Chat & Support Welcome to the Female Bodybuilding section of the Forum. The following resources will show you how to maximise the effectiveness of your training, nutrition and results. This resource...

Botika‎, 07-09-2015 02:51 AM
04-02-2016, 10:59 PM Go to last post
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Beginner's Guide to Female Bodybuilding and Fitness

' Beginner's Guide to Female Bodybuilding and Fitness Welcome to the Female Bodybuilding section of the Forum. Whether you are new to fitness or just new to lifting weights, this guide will show you how to maximise the effectiveness of your training, nutrition and results. ...

Botika‎, 07-09-2015 02:51 AM
04-02-2016, 10:53 PM Go to last post
6 74,356

Arrow Sticky Thread Sticky: General Forum Rules

Welcome to the Forums It is our hope that the members of the forums will help each other in providing motivation and information to those looking to reach their fitness goals. To protect our members and the forums, the following rules are effective in all sections. Please take...

ForumSentinel‎, 05-19-2014 08:12 AM
05-19-2014, 08:12 AM Go to last post
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Unhappy Help..losing my hips and butt (Pics)

Hi, I'm new here. I need some help or reassurance. Ive been lifting 6x week, legs 3 day a week to look leaner and build muscle. I was cutting for about 2 months. I've lost a couple inches in my hips and butt in the second photo is last night. I'm a Latina so this hit me hard, I didn't think I...

Britbae15‎, 04-18-2017 06:37 AM
Today, 04:16 PM Go to last post
18 1,146

Unhappy Is my trainer leading me in the right direction?

Hi, My name is Taylor and I'm new to this forum. I'm 23, 150lbs, 5'-2", and ~30% body fat. I recently started with a trainer. He has me eating about 1400cal/day at 40% c, 30% f, 30% p with intermittent fasting. I'm lifting 3 days a week with 2 days of HIIT. I'm about 2.5 weeks in and I'm not...

tbmount‎, Yesterday 08:38 AM
Today, 02:53 PM Go to last post
5 254

Mini Cut as I recover from lower back injury- recommendations for calories?

I'm an athlete- I row crew at the college level, and am currently coming off of a lower back injury. Prior to my injury, I was basically eating a higher level of calories than usual but I was not gaining a significant amount of weight thanks to 40 minutes of intense cardio 6 days per week + lifting...

dm1986‎, Today 01:36 PM
1 85

How many calories to consume on a cut?

My TDEE says my maintenance calories are 2,491. I'm currently eating 1,500 and fasting 16 hours a day. I do 20 minutes of heavy cardio and about an hour of heavy lifting 4-5 days a week. Usually 5 days. Is this enough to lose 1-2lbs a week? I'm about 25lbs from a goal weight.

Starfish1215‎, Today 07:40 AM
Today, 09:35 AM Go to last post
3 103

Vegetarian diet

Newbie to the forum. I have been weightlifting for about a year now. I've seen amazing muscle growth and I am very dedicated to my gym life. My problem is that I am a 15 year vegetarian who happens to not like eggs. I wish I could eat meat again but it has been so long that the idea completely...

Starfish1215‎, 04-24-2017 11:33 AM
Today, 07:39 AM Go to last post
14 279

is it ever beneficial to do only cardio?

If you have been seeing strength improve with weights and 3 short cardio sessions a week, but yet the fat just stays-- and you already have a deficit and weigh and log everything--would it be beneficial to stop the weights or reduce them for a brief period and only cardio to lose some fat ? or...

AliGip‎, 04-24-2017 10:34 AM
Today, 06:55 AM Go to last post
6 273

Red face New - help

I'm new to pretty much everything. I'm not interested in competing or anything like that, I just want to get a decent beach body! I'm 31, 5'7" and 138. I've lost 10 lbs since February, mostly all due to diet change. The areas I store fat are the normal places - thighs (mostly), butt, and a...

Angelemily‎, Yesterday 04:13 PM
Today, 06:53 AM Go to last post
5 234

Smile Get in shape

For the last year I have been sick, but I am finally getting better. Because of my illness I have not been exercising, and now is finally the time to start training again. I used to ride, jog and do some simple strength exercises, but this time I want to take the strength exercising more serious....

ferskentroll‎, Today 04:47 AM
Today, 06:33 AM Go to last post
1 88

jean size

Hi all I have added some new exercises for my glutes - barbell glute bridge, lateral band walk, fire hydrant and single leg glute bridge, which i have been doing now for about three or four months. My skinny leg low rise faux leather trousers are tight around the upper glute area - but I...

mosquitobite‎, Yesterday 02:21 AM
4 286

Smile Tone and firming

I am in the gym 4 days a week, would be more but work has my butt. Which exercises can firm and tone the butt and abs more effectively ? Suggestions ?

TaPau‎, Today 04:43 AM
1 74

Unhappy Healthy issues as a result of fat loss/training...

Hi all, Firstly I would like to thank anyone that reads this and stops for a comment and apologise for any mistakes as English is not my mother tongue. Now to the problem - I am 23 old , 168cm and 63 kg female. Last June I was 68kg and dropped to 56kg by December being on a strict calorie...

Pubble‎, Yesterday 12:55 AM
Today, 03:34 AM Go to last post
6 353

Short girl, needs help from experts! Please!!!

hi everyone. I posted here before but realized that I didn't input enough information on what I was looking for. I am 5 ft tall, 99 pounds and 27 years old. I am not looking to lose weight, just want to get a little more strong muscle since my stomach is a fluffy and my legs jiggle. I...

somewhatstellar‎, Yesterday 03:06 PM
1 173

Red face Embarassed going back to the gym after a long break

Hey everyone, If this isnt in the right spot, I apologize. I'm having a tough time regaining my sense of self, and would appreciate any help, input, or comments you have to offer. ( I know, It's a lot) I have taken a year off from the gym for mental health reasons and Ive gained a pretty...

BleuSam‎, 04-20-2017 04:56 PM
Yesterday, 04:29 PM Go to last post
4 480

Any dancers here?:s need help

1. I'm wondering about difference styles of training... hopefully I can word this properly without confusing anyone. there's circuit strength training which is performing a series of exercises repeatedly with short breaks, is this partly cardio too? there's hiit cardio (which also strengthens...

D4nce‎, Yesterday 02:10 PM
1 145

Need help!!

10 days out of my natural npc contest. I'm proud to say I have not used ANY fat burners, diuretics, etc. Nothing foreign in my body crpt for multivit. This is me as of today. I'm still leaning out. My water is up and these pics are after my breakfast shake and 24oz coffee. This is also my...

kitpapa‎, 03-22-2017 08:15 AM
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Yesterday, 11:21 AM Go to last post
99 5,807

New here, hoping you can help me!

Hi there! I’m new to the board, generally speaking. I belonged here many years ago, but only made a few posts because I was much more active on two other forums. The years have gone by, life has changed and my workout goals really changed……..or who am I kidding? My own personal identity and time...

MrsInOhio123‎, 04-11-2017 11:14 AM
Yesterday, 07:21 AM Go to last post
18 1,027

InBody Scan

Does anyone know how accurate the InBody scans are at the nutrition store?

AliGip‎, Yesterday 05:48 AM
Yesterday, 07:02 AM Go to last post
3 137

If you have a skinny narrow face its better to have higher bodyfat

If your low bf you will look terrible I looked alot better at 15 percent bodyfat than what i do now at 10 Sucks cos i like being lean, I wanted to be aesthetic but i have no choice i must go bear mode My Face looks sunken below 11 percent Tfw when narrow face

Suchislife085‎, Yesterday 01:19 AM
Yesterday, 01:19 AM Go to last post
0 160

Doing my first bulk, any advice?

After a few months of getting back into weight lifting, and losing a pant size and some fat, I've decided I need to really focus on building as much muscle as I can. So its bulking time. Any helpful hints? I've been reading as much as I can, but more advice is always a good thing.

rhbrand‎, 04-24-2017 02:58 PM
3 231

Strength Training Beginner

Hello. I need some help on how to change up my workout routine. For the past 4 weeks, I have been strength training and using the "The Ultimate Beginner's Machine Workout For Women" as a guide. I am worried if I am not pushing myself hard enough and my body is already used to it. I am a 4'11"...

Nellster‎, 03-28-2017 11:54 PM
04-24-2017, 08:49 PM Go to last post
12 1,121

Good pre-workout supplement for women?

Recently I've been losing motivation to go to the gym. Whenever I'm at the gym, I fatigue quickly and really have to push myself to finish the workout. I've tried pre-workout once and it was great. I had plenty of energy to finish the workout. I want to continue to go to the gym because I want...

ash54321‎, 04-24-2017 06:23 PM
04-24-2017, 06:23 PM Go to last post
0 153

Weight lifting and acne

Hello, So I have been lifting for months, when I started I got pimples on my jawline and forhead and they never disapper, they were increasing everyday. So I went for accutane for 6 months now I'm done. After one I got some pimples back, nothing major. But I have read that pimples can be linked...

Ashwaq93‎, 04-22-2017 08:40 AM
04-24-2017, 04:48 PM Go to last post
5 366

Red face save my booty? (pics!)

Hello :), I'm new here and I'm looking for some advice about mi culo! I'm very happy about the size and volume of my booty (although i wouldn't complain if it got bigger!) but i really hate the shape of it from the back, it seems very square shaped. so my aims are to make it rounder...

culitaa‎, 04-10-2017 08:51 AM
04-24-2017, 05:53 AM Go to last post
9 1,868

Is this too much for leg day?

This is what my leg day consists of, i do it 2-3 times per week: Lunges- 4 sets of 20 reps Donkey kickback- 4 sets of 8 reps Squats- 4 sets of 10 reps Hip thrusts- 4 sets of 10 reps

Mariah277‎, 04-18-2017 09:41 AM
04-24-2017, 04:55 AM Go to last post
5 666

Best time of day to workout

I was wondering if any of you have any personal input on when it is the best time to workout. I'm currently very busy with a job and summer intensive dance classes, so usually I find myself getting home around 4, taking a nap, making dinner, and then getting to the gym by about 6:30 or 7 for weight...

mspasdechat‎, 08-02-2011 01:27 PM
04-24-2017, 02:21 AM Go to last post
19 6,088

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