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  1. A spot to post all nutrition logs

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  2. For off topic conversation. Keep it clean.

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  3. A whole forum just for discussing ketogenic diets!

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    1. For logging your keto diet!

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    2. Having trouble finding good recipes for your Keto diet? Help is here!

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Sticky Thread Sticky: Meals Eating Now XVII !!!!

This thread is dedicated to the art of food porn and making people drool. Thanks to the ironwill2008 for asking me to make a new thread Past MEN Legacies: MEN#1 MEN#2

The Solution‎, 06-25-2015 01:10 PM
212 Pages
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07-24-2021, 01:59 PM Go to last post
6,339 1,582,963

Sticky Thread Sticky: Nutrition For Newbies & Must Read Threads

Due to recent discussion in THIS THREAD it was decided that there is a real need for a 'Basic principles of Nutrition' sticky. In essence, something that includes: - Basic concept of calories & macros - Basic concept of micronutrients & health - Basic concept of IIFYM & importance of food...

Emma-Leigh‎, 07-24-2011 11:52 PM
11 Pages
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07-22-2021, 08:57 PM Go to last post
316 1,415,853

Sticky Thread Sticky: Post Your favourite Recipes here -

Due to public demand here is the Recipes thread. Try to include as much info as possbile i.e cooking time, nutrition values. Pls. note this thread is strictly for details of recipes, not general nutrition discussion as we have a whole forum for that. ANYTHING THAT IS NOT SPECIFICALLY ABOUT...

D&G‎, 04-18-2002 06:49 AM
179 Pages
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07-22-2021, 08:52 PM Go to last post
5,351 2,406,240

Sticky Thread Sticky: Eating Disorder Support Thread: "Take Action" (part 3)

The forum limit has been reached on part two. Here is the new thread. Link to part 1: Link to part 2: Thank you to everyone who has participated in the older threads. ...

sonnydfrizzy‎, 02-17-2017 02:03 PM
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07-22-2021, 04:11 AM Go to last post
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Calculating Calories and Macros - How To

Estimating your TDEE The average number of calories you expend per day is called your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE). To estimate it, it's easiest to use a TDEE calculator such as: Keep in mind this number is only an estimate....

Mrpb‎, 02-02-2017 08:49 PM
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07-15-2021, 10:59 AM Go to last post
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This is the NUTRITION Forum. It is intended to answer all NUTRITION-RELATED questions. If your question isn't directly concerning NUTRITION, it doesn't belong in this forum. OFF TOPIC THREADS will either be locked, deleted, or possibly moved to the misc. Repeat offenders will get sent to band...

ironwill2008‎, 07-12-2018 09:35 AM
07-12-2018, 09:35 AM Go to last post
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Sticky Thread Sticky: For Anyone with a "Critique My Diet" Question...

Please stop wasting both our time and your own by posting something that looks like this: Hey guys. How does my diet look? Meal 1 - Oats and egg whites Meal 2 - Protein shake Meal 3 - Chicken breast, rice and broccoli Meal 4 - Protein shake Meal 5 - Steak, rice, and broccoli Meal 6 -...

ErickStevens‎, 11-29-2010 07:37 AM
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11-23-2015, 07:42 AM Go to last post
1,770 1,002,620

Arrow Sticky Thread Sticky: General Forum Rules

Welcome to the Forums It is our hope that the members of the forums will help each other in providing motivation and information to those looking to reach their fitness goals. To protect our members and the forums, the following rules are effective in all sections. Please take...

ForumSentinel‎, 05-19-2014 08:12 AM
05-19-2014, 08:12 AM Go to last post
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Discretionary Calorie Allowance - What does it mean?

The purpose of this thread is to explain the dietary approach of Discretionary Calorie Allowance (which will now be referred to as DCA). This thread was formally the IIFYM – What does it mean? sticky and has since been edited by the OP with the help of some kind moderators to something more...

YeomenKek‎, 04-15-2011 01:05 AM
1 578,416

Avoid eating a lot of fat before a workout?

Hey guys, I once read/heard somewhere that you should avoid eating a lot of fat a couple of hours before an workout because you intestine need a lot of blood to absorb the fat into your blood. Can someone confirm this for me? (with a source if possible) Any clue if carbs/protein do the...

s4mmert‎, Today 12:04 PM
Today, 12:47 PM Go to last post
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Poll Poll: Fruit Face Off, p2

Pick your 2 favorite fruits from these 4. or or

paulinkansas‎, Today 10:26 AM
Today, 11:47 AM Go to last post
4 142

Bulking calories

TDEE says my maintenance calories for a 17 year old, 167lbs 5'10" male (~17% bodyfat) doing moderate exercise is around 2700, which sounds pretty high, I'm on a bulk for 2-3 months and I need to be on 3000+ calories for that. This seems way too high, and I don't want to put on excess fat (since I'm...

dmx2004‎, Today 04:00 AM
Today, 10:50 AM Go to last post
8 310

Poll Poll: Fruit Face Off, p1

Here are 4 fruits. Pick the 2 you like the most. or or

paulinkansas‎, Today 06:56 AM
Today, 10:15 AM Go to last post
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Restaurant Chains You Used to Love but Now Hate

I walked by a Subway today and thought about how it used to easily be one of my favorite places to eat, but now my brain doesn't even register it as food. The quality of their food just fell off a cliff in the last few years, & for awhile the only thing I'd ever consider getting was their HNNNNG...

Strawng‎, 07-23-2021 07:51 PM
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gaining muscle and losing fat

ok so I am doing body recomp (losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time) by eating enough protein and in a slight calorie deficit, so far my weight has stayed roughly the same for 3 months (give or take 500g) I have done well I think, in 3 months my waist has decreased by 1/2 an inch and my...

themorganator4‎, 07-24-2021 12:43 PM
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Cannaray CBD Gummies UK: On this net net web page, we and our trustable fitness professionals companies bring for you an notable CBD oil complement that would assist you to cast off all of the above health-associated troubles rapid. Within a few days, you could outcomes dispose of those troubles...

cannaraycbduk‎, Today 02:34 AM
0 134

where to buy Cannaray CBD Gummies UK?

Cannaray CBD Gummies UK: Also, each one parents must make it a element to take care of our health on this type of manner that pains do not even get a hazard to penetrate our joints. This is in truth difficult to do, however is not now not viable.Hence the proper utilization of the proper gummy is...

cannaraycbduk‎, Today 02:23 AM
0 130

Weight gain question

I am doing leangains with compound lifts for 2 hours a day, 3 days a week (time includes warming up). I am a novice so would like to gain about 1.5% per month. 3 days per week I eat 2859 cals (60% carbs, 20% protein, 20% fat), and the rest of the week I eat 2325 (46% carbs, 24% protein, 30% fat)....

leanga1nz‎, 07-24-2021 06:13 AM
19 764

Just for fun: What are you having for dinner?

I'm getting down on: One 8-piece seared Salmon Roll Falafel Salad (Romaine, Tomato, feta, shaved carrot, and TJ's falafel mix w/TJ's ginger dressing) Side of Canteloup (about 10oz) I'm a bit worried about diabetes tho.... and liver failure... and obesity....

AdamWW‎, Yesterday 04:53 PM
Yesterday, 11:48 PM Go to last post
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Who can has a water stationary

Regarding stationary water... Such as a home pool, etc. Are their special regulations that one must adhere to? Can you water fast while enjoying a stationary water? Or, is it better to water slow with your stationary water?

AdamWW‎, Yesterday 04:37 PM
Yesterday, 04:58 PM Go to last post
2 197

Eating times, sugar and 'spikes'

I'm on my first cut. I've dropped 4-5 kilos since I started last month. I've been strict with the exercise and diet. Basically two meals a day, breakfast, then gym, sport drink before/during workout and chicken/turkey and broccoli + protein shake after workout. That's it for the day. I've cut out...

Matt11222‎, 07-17-2021 02:32 PM
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Yesterday, 04:47 PM Go to last post
42 2,900

Who has done a water fast?

Why? For how long? Results? I’ve used IF to help treat an ulcer (seems to have helped) and once did a 3 day fast just to try. I’m not advocating it but it could have its place….definitely NOT for building strength and muscle.

ManwittaPlan‎, 07-24-2021 07:31 PM
Yesterday, 04:30 PM Go to last post
18 705

Do you have a water medium?

Mine is named Vivian.

paulinkansas‎, Yesterday 03:33 PM
Yesterday, 04:02 PM Go to last post
2 223

Who has done a water slow?

who drinks their water really slowly? when out to eat I will rarely drink more than 1/4 - 1/2 cup of water.

desslok‎, Yesterday 02:47 PM
Yesterday, 03:11 PM Go to last post
2 236

need to recover 2 pounds of muscle loss in last month

I moved recently and between the travel days where I did not work out, and getting used to the new situation, I messed up and did not eat enough, and now have lost around 2 pounds of muscle, which seems fairly noticeable in my arms and quads/inner thighs. I feel really disappointed in myself and...

scumpxharry‎, 07-22-2021 07:17 PM
07-24-2021, 04:24 PM Go to last post
13 775

Question Asking for bulking advice

I’m not on a bulk right now, but I want to start planning for my next bulk, because failing to plan is planning to fail. I would like to ask what are everyone’s best foods that are considered “clean foods” , are calorie dense, and low volume. Thanks!

userZSHKO4XFVF4‎, 07-23-2021 10:39 AM
07-24-2021, 02:52 PM Go to last post
8 686

David Suzuki Hemp CBD Gummies Canada: Side impacts and Ingredients, Scam or not!

timesofcbd24x7 com/david-suzuki-hemp-cbd-gummies-canada/ David Suzuki Hemp CBD Gummies Canada Every man or woman ought to have a better running endocannabinoid system in order that the body does no longer experience any bodily or mental illnesses. And it allows the body feel at ease and prevents...

davidsuzukihemp‎, 07-24-2021 01:51 AM
07-24-2021, 11:37 AM Go to last post
3 430

Red face Understanding the science and practice of Healthy eating

Healthy eating doesn’t involve any particular diet. Rather, it means prioritizing your health by fueling your body with nutrient-rich foods. please check the link below: *************.us/6828481

CatherineHanner‎, 07-24-2021 09:39 AM
07-24-2021, 09:39 AM Go to last post
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High cholesterol and dementia and Alzheimer

High cholesterol and dementia and Alzheimer Drinking coffee can increase your risk of DEMENTIA by 53 per cent, study warns

nikkihaley‎, 07-24-2021 02:21 AM
07-24-2021, 06:08 AM Go to last post
2 462

Food substitutes for a healthy diet

paulinkansas‎, 07-20-2021 07:20 AM
2 Pages
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07-24-2021, 06:01 AM Go to last post
44 2,006

Medigreens CBD Oil >> Medi Greens CBD Oil >> Review >> of america. This obviously makes it tougher to decide exactly where a CBD product comes from, who's accountable for its very last great, and what requirements were observed. For that reason, thorough analytical trying out of final ...

ankhutthidil‎, 07-24-2021 04:27 AM
07-24-2021, 04:27 AM Go to last post
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"You can't out-train a bad diet"

This is a common aphorism. While the literal truth of that is subject to some debate, the general principle that fat loss is only possible in a caloric deficit and that one should set this lower rather than higher without attempting to rely on activity level to drive the gap is completely agreeable...

EliKoehn‎, 07-20-2021 08:18 AM
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07-23-2021, 11:23 PM Go to last post
105 4,518

I'm hungry all the time.

So I've been counting calories and working out for like 4-5 days a week. I'm on a caloric deficit of about 200 cal, but I find myself being extremely hungry all the time. Any tips?

GlobeTrotter213‎, 07-10-2021 12:14 AM
3 Pages
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07-23-2021, 10:23 PM Go to last post
73 5,690

David Suzuki Kevin OLeary CBD Gummies Canada: It is made to lessen infection and body pain.We all are living within the 20th century wherein we get all the subjects we recognize. Sometimes we might not get the matters we need. We usually want to stay at peace and hold our minds relaxed. But it's...

suzukikevin‎, 07-23-2021 03:21 AM
07-23-2021, 03:21 AM Go to last post
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