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Teenagers discuss your issues here!

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  1. For topics that aren't 100% about bodybuilding.

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Sticky Thread Sticky: The importance of Hydration - Heads up

What's up brothers I've always been the person who barely drinks enough during the day. Causes were exhaustion, bad breath as well as weakness and headaches. One week ago I started drinking ~4 liters of water a day and I feel so much better! I used to be sleepy and have the above symptoms all...

AlexTheNewbie‎, 06-26-2013 07:43 AM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Official: BASIC Knowledge on a variety of topics

Whether your goals are bodybuilding, powerlifting, losing weight, or just trying to get into shape, then this thread will help you get all the info you need to get started on the right path. Anything Regarding Workout Routines Starting strength-...

Whitekoala‎, 12-02-2012 10:42 AM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: The Official Stupid Question Thread: PART 3

Welcome to the Official Stupid Questions thread. In this thread you can ask any question related to weight lifting, nutrition, injuries and any other issues or questions pertaining to Physical Conditioning. Talk about steroids due to forum policy is banned. THREAD RULES: This thread is...

CWGame‎, 01-21-2017 10:34 AM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Stretching? You are doing it wrong...

I was speaking with a gymnast and I learned many things. If you are not are doing it wrong : It is important to improve the flexibility of tight muscles for : -Injury prevention -More efficient position, especially for squat -Better posture If you dont stretch...

Saintsqc‎, 04-21-2013 01:33 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Answers To Every Beginner Thread Ever

First off, you're starting to lift. You need a good program, a basic beginner program is easily the best choice and will yield the best results (Two highly acclaimed examples would be Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength or ICF 5x5 by Jason Blaha.) Post videos of your main lifts (squat, bench,...

Achieving‎, 06-14-2015 11:15 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Official 2020 Supplement Awards Nominees

Out of all the products on our site, these are the chosen few: the ones you love and trust the most. Here is the Official list of the 2020 Supplement Award Nominees. Who would you choose as this year’s winners? Any products that should have made the list? Flex your vote on 8/15.

ForumNature‎, 07-28-2020 03:20 PM
07-28-2020, 04:14 PM Go to last post
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Arrow Sticky Thread Sticky: General Forum Rules

Welcome to the Forums It is our hope that the members of the forums will help each other in providing motivation and information to those looking to reach their fitness goals. To protect our members and the forums, the following rules are effective in all sections. Please take...

ForumSentinel‎, 05-19-2014 09:12 AM
05-19-2014, 09:12 AM Go to last post
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Smile How to develop lower parts of lats?

Im 16 ive been working out for 6 months my back is my strong point but I cant seem to grow the lower lats and its a pain because the upper part seems to overshadow it any exercises to isolate/hit the lower part? Video of back https:/ /

Ayyanar‎, Today 12:18 AM
Today, 12:18 AM Go to last post
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Shoulder dislocation exercise and face pulls hurt shoulder

I have pain during pressing movements and lateral raises so I started doing shoulder dislocations exercise (its when you have a straight stick or broom or smt like that and with straight arms you move it over your head back and back on the front) and face pulls. Shoulder dislocations hurt my...

DeusVult777‎, 11-28-2021 10:10 AM
Yesterday, 10:59 PM Go to last post
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Coolcicada's Push/Pull/Legs Routine

PLEASE: No debates about what routine is best. No debates about the usefulness of the deadlift. No debates about exercise selection and or frequency. Thank you. ______________________________________

Coolcicada‎, 11-21-2012 03:32 PM
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Smile dips after benchpress?

hey, kinda new lifter here. So my question is: Is it too much if i do 2 sets of AMAP dips after doing 6 sets of benchpress variation? (3 flat and 3 incline) I would have 2 days of recovery after that. But I train triceps the day after my Torso day, maybe the dips + 6 sets of bench press + 3 sets...

abdkreaa‎, 12-03-2021 10:15 AM
Yesterday, 10:45 PM Go to last post
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Recommended videos Video for training

This is the video I am referring to. Please see if you like Training video① *************.us/7233241 Training video② *************.us/72332482011814 Training video③ *************.us/72332482011818

okanemoti‎, Yesterday 06:14 PM
Yesterday, 06:14 PM Go to last post
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Thumbs up Bodybuilding Basics - What I Wish I knew When I Started!

Let us know if this is helpful and where we can expand upon all bodybuilding topics relating to training and nutrition. watch here > *************.us/7232941

userTLNQUFNSCGD‎, Yesterday 01:34 PM
Yesterday, 01:34 PM Go to last post
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Smile Teenage bodybuilding advice : My top 5 mistakes

Access all information instantly *************.us/72323882006572. Thank me later!

KARAN1410‎, Yesterday 09:49 AM
Yesterday, 09:49 AM Go to last post
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Tips for losing body fat while gaining lean weight?

Im trying to cut my body fat% down to 10-12% within the next 6 months, but also gain 15-30lbs if possible. Im trying to build a high calorie, protien, and energy diet, and implement fat loss exursises and routines. Any suggestions?

Mattw2025‎, 12-03-2021 02:52 PM
12-04-2021, 06:10 PM Go to last post
6 438

Could I compete soon?

Picture in profile pic. Could I compete in men's physique soon? I'm 19 and in a country where it's not as that popular so the competition is nothing like US. Am I still skinny looking and do I need to get bigger?

johnnn69‎, 12-04-2021 04:08 PM
12-04-2021, 04:08 PM Go to last post
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Biggest male butt ever? Cut out leg day?

Throwaway account for obvious reasons. I've been training consistently for years and pretty happy with the results, bar one area. Even before lifting, my lower body was noticeably bigger than the upper. Guess it's just where I store the majority of my weight. While I'm happy to have decent leg...

CM2021‎, 12-04-2021 02:26 PM
12-04-2021, 02:26 PM Go to last post
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Question how to apply the lessons on how to lose weight that we get from the video

I just watched you tube about how to burn fat or how to lose weight, I just don't know where to start. maybe someone knows how. please advise from you guys, thank you

userLJIJ9TTBPG8‎, 12-02-2021 10:59 AM
12-02-2021, 12:16 PM Go to last post
2 342

Small tricepts, any suggestions?

I (14) have a L33cm and an R34cm on my arm but most of it is bicepts, and im not really happy with the size of my tricepts. I dont have a tricept pull down machine and i do most of my workouts at home. Any workouts that target the tricepts specifically(perferably with dumbells or bodyweight)?

Mattw2025‎, 11-30-2021 07:47 PM
12-01-2021, 04:48 PM Go to last post
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Angry Severe forehead headaches mid set

Sudden severe forehead headache Hello, I am 17.5 year old, 71 kg (De-Trained). Lately I been hitting the gym everyday 6 days a week doing the PPL split (hypotrophy/ strength). Exactly a week ago on Legsday I felt a very painful pulsating headache mid set/ after leg press machine and after this...

userK0OW1LXBTGM‎, 12-01-2021 11:49 AM
12-01-2021, 11:49 AM Go to last post
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Need help with things such as diets!

Hello to everyone, at the moment i'm needing help with things such as diets! Can anyone suggest me some sorce from where I can take some eating diets and explanation on macros and food's nutrients?

RaIN3663‎, 12-01-2021 03:54 AM
12-01-2021, 03:54 AM Go to last post
0 207

Eye Doctor Told to Not Lift Weights

Eye doctor told me to not lift weights because in my left eye, I have -2 myopia and astigmatism. She did not explain what exercises to do, basically she told me to not lift anything heavier than 10 pounds (even that only sitting and laying down). She said running is okay but running does not build...

TheSheed‎, 11-30-2021 11:04 PM
11-30-2021, 11:04 PM Go to last post
0 239

Any suggestions on back building?

I've been having problems finding good workouts to build a wide back. Lat pulldowns are hard as i dont have a pully system, just a cage, bars and dumbells. I have used bands in the past but they dont work as well when it comes to tearing up fibers, and ive never really gotten a good workout from...

Mattw2025‎, 11-30-2021 08:09 PM
11-30-2021, 08:09 PM Go to last post
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5 moves for a Flatter Stomach

There are many reasons why people gain belly fat, including poor diet, lack of exercise, and stress. In order to remove this by improving nutrition, increasing activity, and making other lifestyle changes can all help. A healthy, balanced diet can help a person lose weight, and is also likely to...

PatPatMay‎, 11-30-2021 03:42 AM
11-30-2021, 03:42 AM Go to last post
0 266

Progressively overloading Isolation exercises

I’ve been training for about a year now and I’m currently following a PPL program. I have Bicep Curls, Tricep extensions etc on there. How do I go about progressively overloading them? I’m at 12kg for dumbbell bicep curls for 12x3 at the moment but surely I can’t keep moving up in weight/reps...

TC1880‎, 11-28-2021 03:11 PM
11-29-2021, 08:46 PM Go to last post
3 444

Suggestions on chest

I was a skinny fat guy and the first thing that my gym trainer said was to build muscle first, so I am in a caloric surplus from the past 4 months. I have a 2 years workout experience prior covid. My chest looks kinda weird currently, is it okay since I've got some fats due to bulking and will it...

Sarozz‎, 11-28-2021 11:25 PM
11-28-2021, 11:25 PM Go to last post
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Bulking Help

I'm one of the biggest ectomorphs, I'm 48 kg at 5'8. I'm 17 years old and going to start going gym soon. I know that food is more important than the actual gym aspect, but my appetite is very small so I'm going to try a dirty bulk and eat everything I see. The only problem with this is that Im...

Sxxmm‎, 11-22-2021 06:46 PM
11-28-2021, 05:21 PM Go to last post
2 479

Question Legs getting weaker

At the beginning of October i got to a 250 pound squat, a week later I could do it for about 3 reps. But after that, every lift i did that involves my legs started getting weaker, and its been this way since, and now Im struggling to squat 180. i tried do a deload and changing up my routine, but it...

Kamakikro‎, 11-28-2021 05:15 PM
11-28-2021, 05:15 PM Go to last post
0 216

Creatine=mouth ulcers

Ive have come off the creatine now and i think i will for good. everytime i take it i get painfull mouth ulcers. Ulcers is suppose to be caused from lack of nutrition however i have been eating great and having all the daily food that i need. the only explination to it would have to be the...

keepingthefaith‎, 07-24-2007 05:54 AM
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11-27-2021, 02:00 PM Go to last post
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Question about calves

Sooo im 16 I've been lifting for about 1 year and ive seen some rlly good results .Unfortunately my calves are kinda lagging behind . For the last 3 months I've been doing calf raises (once per week , 1min of raises 5x sets per leg) with dumbells and the results I've been getting are hardly...

Vassilisss‎, 11-23-2021 08:10 AM
11-27-2021, 05:30 AM Go to last post
2 412

radiator, you might even lay down with it on, since it stop itself after a specific measure of time. The way that such a large amount Orbis Heater's stock has effectively been sold shows that the organization

evynovx‎, 11-24-2021 09:55 PM
11-24-2021, 09:55 PM Go to last post
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Can working out INCREASE height ?

Im asking beacuse since I started working out I gained 2 inches. -sleeping 8 + hours a day - having a healthy diet these too definitely contribute to height growth I am just curious since I dont wanna grow more, my brother is 6'2 ( 22yrs) I am 6'5 you think I will grow any taller? in...

WestSideTillIDi‎, 11-07-2011 10:19 AM
11-24-2021, 06:25 PM Go to last post
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