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Teenagers discuss your issues here!

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  1. For topics that aren't 100% about bodybuilding.

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  2. Post your daily workout log here and get advice and feedback!

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Sticky Thread Sticky: The importance of Hydration - Heads up

What's up brothers I've always been the person who barely drinks enough during the day. Causes were exhaustion, bad breath as well as weakness and headaches. One week ago I started drinking ~4 liters of water a day and I feel so much better! I used to be sleepy and have the above symptoms all...

AlexTheNewbie‎, 06-26-2013 06:43 AM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Basic Advice and Information for New Posters and Lifters

INTRODUCTION This thread will attempt to cover a broad spectrum of different, yet equally important, topics. Information ITT will be as succinct as possible to both minimize clutter and hit on what I personally consider to be some of the main points. The main target audience of this thread is...

N4J4R‎, 12-10-2012 05:42 AM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Answers To Every Beginner Thread Ever

First off, you're starting to lift. You need a good program, a basic beginner program is easily the best choice and will yield the best results (Two highly acclaimed examples would be Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength or ICF 5x5 by Jason Blaha.) Post videos of your main lifts (squat, bench,...

Achieving‎, 06-14-2015 10:15 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: The Official Stupid Question Thread: PART 3

Welcome to the Official Stupid Questions thread. In this thread you can ask any question related to weight lifting, nutrition, injuries and any other issues or questions pertaining to Physical Conditioning. Talk about steroids due to forum policy is banned. THREAD RULES: This thread is...

CWGame‎, 01-21-2017 09:34 AM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Stretching? You are doing it wrong...

I was speaking with a gymnast and I learned many things. If you are not are doing it wrong : It is important to improve the flexibility of tight muscles for : -Injury prevention -More efficient position, especially for squat -Better posture If you dont stretch...

Saintsqc‎, 04-21-2013 12:33 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: If you are injuried, GTFIH --- Common weight room injuries and how to deal with it

If you are injuried, go see your doctor. It is impossible to get a diagnosis through a forum. The purpose of this post is to answer common question in regard to an injury (traumatic and overuse injuries) : -How it happen -What is the problem -What can I do to fix it -How can I avoid it ...

Saintsqc‎, 12-28-2012 11:48 AM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Why beginner routines are necessary

BEWARE, VERY LONG WRITE UP There has been a lot of debate and bashing in this section for awhile over the recommendation of beginner routines over other routines. So I wrote this up to give the main reasons of why its important to run a beginner routine. My take on it Beginner routines...

CWGame‎, 07-31-2015 09:50 PM
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04-05-2018, 02:21 AM Go to last post
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Official: BASIC Knowledge on a variety of topics

Whether your goals are bodybuilding, powerlifting, losing weight, or just trying to get into shape, then this thread will help you get all the info you need to get started on the right path. Anything Regarding Workout Routines Starting strength-...

Whitekoala‎, 12-02-2012 09:42 AM
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Arrow Sticky Thread Sticky: General Forum Rules

Welcome to the Forums It is our hope that the members of the forums will help each other in providing motivation and information to those looking to reach their fitness goals. To protect our members and the forums, the following rules are effective in all sections. Please take...

ForumSentinel‎, 05-19-2014 08:12 AM
05-19-2014, 08:12 AM Go to last post
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Viu毕业证【加拿大文凭】q/微信860155399原版仿制温哥华岛大学viu 绩单毕业证【代办真实使馆认证/回国人员证明】留信网存档认证/学历文凭认证,快速办理加拿大假

VIU毕业证【加拿大文凭】Q/微信860155399原版仿制温哥华岛大学VIU成绩单毕业证【代办真实使馆认证/回国人员证明】留信网存档认证/学历文凭认证,快速办理加拿大假毕业证假文凭Vancouver Island University QQ/微信860155399制作毕业证书,购买成绩单,购买假文凭,购买假学位证,制造假国外大学文凭、肆业证、毕业公证、毕业证明书、结业证、录取通知书、Offer、在读证明、雅思托福成绩单、假文凭、假毕业证、网上存档永久可查!...

hououounino00‎, Today 06:53 PM
0 1

伪造文凭办理DMU毕业证购买德蒙福特 学毕业证成绩单qq微信860155399仿造德 福特大学学历文凭认证,留服认证,DMU 实教育部认证,回国人员证明,英国大 文凭证书


hououounino00‎, Today 06:51 PM
0 1

伪造美国学历+假冒PSU文凭/宾州州立大学毕业证成绩单q+薇信860155 399美国买毕业证|国外假文凭找工作|假 文凭购买,买毕业证|假毕业证能查出来 吗,购买国外大学假文


hououounino00‎, Today 06:50 PM
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Victoria毕业证【加拿大文凭】Q/微信860155399原版仿制维多利亚大学成 单毕业证【代办真实使馆认证/回国人员证明】留信网存档认证/学历文凭认证,快速办理加拿

Victoria毕业证【加拿大文凭】Q/微信860155399原版仿制维多利亚大学成绩单毕业证【代办真实使馆认证/回国人员证明】留信网存档认证/学历文凭认证,快速办理加拿大假毕业证假文凭University of Victoria QQ/微信860155399制作毕业证书,购买成绩单,购买假文凭,购买假学位证,制造假国外大学文凭、肆业证、毕业公证、毕业证明书、结业证、录取通知书、Offer、在读证明、雅思托福成绩单、假文凭、假毕业证、网上存档永久可查!...

hououounino00‎, Today 06:47 PM
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伪造文凭办理英国文凭,德比大学毕业 成绩单qq微信860155399仿造德比大学学 文凭认证,留服认证,德比大学真实教 部认证,回国人员证明,英国大学文凭 书样本。


hououounino00‎, Today 06:44 PM
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伪造美国学历+假冒RPI文凭/伦斯勒理工学院毕业证成绩单q+薇信860 155399美国买毕业证|国外假文凭找工作| 假文凭购买,买毕业证|假毕业证能查出 来吗,购买国外大学假


hououounino00‎, Today 06:42 PM
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Question How to eat more?

Hi all, I wanted to know how to open the appetite to eat more, I've been bulking since March but this month I decided to raise a little bit more my calorie intake to consistently gain good ammounts of weight, however I've lost all type of appetite, unless I don't eat for a long time, it's pretty...

sgarciac07‎, Today 11:02 AM
2 88

Sfu毕业证【加拿大文凭】q/微信860155399原版仿制西蒙菲莎大学成 �单毕业证【代办真实使馆认证/回国人员证明】留信网存档认证/学历文凭认证


hououounino00‎, Today 06:37 PM
0 4

伪造文凭办理Durham毕业证购买杜伦大 毕业证成绩单qq微信860155399仿造杜伦 学学历文凭认证,留服认证,Durham真实 育部认证,回国人员证明,英国大学文


hououounino00‎, Today 06:34 PM
0 4

伪造美国学历+假冒CUA文凭/华盛顿天主教大学毕业证成绩单q+薇信 860155399美国买毕业证|国外假文凭找工 |假文凭购买,买毕业证|假毕业证能查 出来吗,购买国外大学


hououounino00‎, Today 06:30 PM
0 3

伪造文凭办理BU毕业证购买伯恩茅斯大 学毕业证成绩单qq微信860155399仿造伯恩 茅斯大学学历文凭认证,留服认证,BU真 教育部认证,回国人员证明,英国大学 凭证书样本


hououounino00‎, Today 06:28 PM
0 4

伪造美国学历+假冒UW-Madison文凭/威斯康星大学麦迪逊分校毕业证成绩 q+薇信860155399美国买毕业证|国外假文 找工作|假文凭购买,买毕业证|假毕业 证能查


hououounino00‎, Today 06:27 PM
0 5

Ubc毕业证【加拿大文凭】q/微信860155399原版仿制英属哥伦比亚大 成绩单毕业证【代办真实使馆认证/回国人员证明】留信网存档认证/学历文凭认证,快速办理加拿大假毕

UBC毕业证【加拿大文凭】Q/微信860155399原版仿制英属哥伦比亚大学成绩单毕业证【代办真实使馆认证/回国人员证明】留信网存档认证/学历文凭认证,快速办理加拿大假毕业证假文凭British Columbia QQ/微信860155399制作毕业证书,购买成绩单,购买假文凭,购买假学位证,制造假国外大学文凭、肆业证、毕业公证、毕业证明书、结业证、录取通知书、Offer、在读证明、雅思托福成绩单、假文凭、假毕业证、网上存档永久可查!...

hououounino00‎, Today 06:25 PM
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伪造文凭办理英国文凭,布拉德福德大 毕业证成绩单制作毕业证成绩单|微 qq|860155399〝办理布拉德福德大学学历 凭认证,留服认证,真实教育部认证,回 国人员证明,英


hououounino00‎, Today 06:16 PM
0 15

伪造美国学历+假冒UR文凭/罗切斯特大学毕业证成绩单q+薇信860155 399美国买毕业证|国外假文凭找工作|假 文凭购买,买毕业证|假毕业证能查出来 吗,购买国外大学假文凭


hououounino00‎, Today 06:13 PM
0 14

Ru毕业证【加拿大文凭】q/微信860155399原版仿制瑞尔森大学成绩 毕业证【代办真实使馆认证/回国人员证明】留信网存档认证/学历文凭认证,快速办理加拿大假毕业 假文

RU毕业证【加拿大文凭】Q/微信860155399原版仿制瑞尔森大学成绩单毕业证【代办真实使馆认证/回国人员证明】留信网存档认证/学历文凭认证,快速办理加拿大假毕业证假文凭Ryerson University QQ/微信860155399制作毕业证书,购买成绩单,购买假文凭,购买假学位证,制造假国外大学文凭、肆业证、毕业公证、毕业证明书、结业证、录取通知书、Offer、在读证明、雅思托福成绩单、假文凭、假毕业证、网上存档永久可查!...

hououounino00‎, Today 06:06 PM
0 14

伪造文凭办理UoN毕业证购买北安普顿 学毕业证成绩单qq微信860155399仿造北 普顿大学学历文凭认证,留服认证,UoN 实教育部认证,回国人员证明,英国大 文凭证书


hououounino00‎, Today 06:05 PM
0 17

伪造美国学历+假冒LU文凭/利哈伊大学毕业证成绩单q+薇信860155399 美国买毕业证|国外假文凭找工作|假文 凭购买,买毕业证|假毕业证能查出来吗 ,购买国外大学假文凭假


hououounino00‎, Today 06:04 PM
0 16

U of O毕业证成绩单 (Q/微信860155399)办理渥太华大学U of O成绩单毕业证【代办真实使馆认证/回国人员证明】留信网存档认证/学历文凭认证,快速办理加拿

U of O毕业证成绩单 (Q/微信860155399)办理渥太华大学U of O成绩单毕业证【代办真实使馆认证/回国人员证明】留信网存档认证/学历文凭认证,快速办理加拿大假毕业证假文凭UNIVERSITY OF OTTAWA TrentQQ/微信860155399制作毕业证书,购买成绩单,购买假文凭,购买假学位证,制造假国外大学文凭、肆业证、毕业公证、毕业证明书、结业证、录取通知书、Offer、在读证明、雅思托福成绩单、假文凭、假毕业证、网上存档永久可查!...

hououounino00‎, Today 06:03 PM
0 13

伪造文凭办理BCU毕业证购买伯明翰城 �大学毕业证成绩单qq微信860155399仿造 � �明翰城市大学学历文凭认证,留服认 ,BCU真实教育部认证,回国人员证明


hououounino00‎, Today 06:00 PM
0 21

伪造美国学历+假冒WM文凭/威廉玛丽学院毕业证成绩单q+薇信860155 399美国买毕业证|国外假文凭找工作|假 文凭购买,买毕业证|假毕业证能查出来 吗,购买国外大学假文凭


hououounino00‎, Today 05:57 PM
0 37

麦克马斯特大学毕业(q/微信860155399)办理麦克马斯特大学成 单毕业证【代办真实使馆认证/回国人员证明】留信网存档认证/学历文凭认证,快速办理加拿大假毕业 假文凭

麦克马斯特大学毕业(Q/微信860155399)办理麦克马斯特大学成绩单毕业证【代办真实使馆认证/回国人员证明】留信网存档认证/学历文凭认证,快速办理加拿大假毕业证假文凭McMaster University QQ/微信860155399制作毕业证书,购买成绩单,购买假文凭,购买假学位证,制造假国外大学文凭、肆业证、毕业公证、毕业证明书、结业证、录取通知书、Offer、在读证明、雅思托福成绩单、假文凭、假毕业证、网上存档永久可查!...

hououounino00‎, Today 05:56 PM
0 38

伪造文凭办理UoB毕业证购买伯大毕业 成绩单qq微信860155399仿造伯明翰大学 历文凭认证,留服认证,UoB真实教育部 证,回国人员证明,英国大学文凭证书 本。


hououounino00‎, Today 05:54 PM
0 33

伪造美国学历+假冒Brandeis文凭/布兰迪斯大学毕业证成绩单q+薇信860155 399美国买毕业证|国外假文凭找工作|假 文凭购买,买毕业证|假毕业证能查出来 吗,购买国

伪造美国学历+假冒Brandeis文凭/布兰迪斯大学毕业证成绩单q+薇信860155399美国买毕业证|国外假文凭找工作|假文凭购买,买毕业证|假毕业证能查出来吗,购买国外大学假文凭假学历|海外大学原版制作文凭成绩单。 QQ/微信860155399制作毕业证书,购买成绩单,购买假文凭,购买假学位证,制造假国外大学文凭、肆业证、毕业公证、毕业证明书、结业证、录取通知书、Offer、在读证明、雅思托福成绩单、假文凭、假毕业证、网上存档永久可查!...

hououounino00‎, Today 05:52 PM
0 35

Wus毕业证【加拿大文凭】q/微信860155399原版仿制温莎大学成绩单 业证【代办真实使馆认证/回国人员证明】留信网存档认证/学历文凭认证,快速办理加拿大假毕业 假文

WUS毕业证【加拿大文凭】Q/微信860155399原版仿制温莎大学成绩单毕业证【代办真实使馆认证/回国人员证明】留信网存档认证/学历文凭认证,快速办理加拿大假毕业证假文凭University of Windsor QQ/微信860155399制作毕业证书,购买成绩单,购买假文凭,购买假学位证,制造假国外大学文凭、肆业证、毕业公证、毕业证明书、结业证、录取通知书、Offer、在读证明、雅思托福成绩单、假文凭、假毕业证、网上存档永久可查!...

hououounino00‎, Today 05:49 PM
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