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How do I give reputation?

There is an icon in the left bottom area of each post. Click the icon, and a window will pop up allowing you to give reputation (positive or negative) to a user.

Do I have to participate in the reputation system?

The reputation system is completely optional. But, by participating in discussion in our forums you are eligible to receive positive and negative reputation points from other users.

How much reputation can I give out? Are there any limits?

There are quite a few limits in place to prevent minor abuse of the reputation system. Obviously there cannot be a flawless system, but these limits try to curb any intentional abuse. You must have 50 posts and 10 reputation points in order for your reputation to count on other people. Until you meet those requirements, your reputation will show up as grey dots (see below). Everybody is limited to giving out 5 reputations per day; you cannot give the same person reputation until you have given reputation to 40 other people. This prevents friends from giving 10 reputations to the same person every day. Use them wisely!

How do I see what reputation people have given me and what my current score is?

If you go into your User CP (linked at the top of every page) you can see a your total reputation points and a list of the past 25 reputation points you have received.

Where can I see my reputation for a particular post?

If you click the reputation icon on your OWN post, a window will pop up with your current score for that individual post. It shows your comments and if you have a positive or negative rep for this post.

Someone gave me bad/good reputation, and I want it removed; what can I do?

At this time you can not get it removed. Just concentrate on getting better reputation points on your future posts if possible. However, if someone leaves you reputation with offensive comments, please report it to a moderator.

What do the green, red, and grey dots mean?

A green dot indicates that you were given positive reputation. A red dot indicates that you were given negative reputation. A grey dot indicates that the user gave you reputation, but it counted neither positive or negative.

How many reputation points do the dots represent?

You get awarded 1 reputation bar for every 100 points. Here is the formula used in the code: = intval( / 100);

Why would reputation not count positive or negative?

When a new user first starts out, their reputation does not count. When the user starts earning rep points, they can give out rep points, but the neutral ones they gave out at first will not change. They will still have zero value.

How can my rep points count more than other users? Give me more power!

Not all users rep points are equal. These are the factors that determine how many reputation points a user can give with each click: 1. For each year of membership (since join date) the users gain 1 point of reputation-altering power. 2. For every 1000 posts, users gain 1 point of reputation-altering power. 3. For every 1000 points of reputation, users gain 1 point of reputation-altering power. This all means that the members who have been here the longest, have the most points, or the best rep will have the most reputation-altering power!

How can I tell how much rep power somebody has?

Under their username when the post will be a number next to the words: Rep Power.

What are good and bad things to give positive reputation for?

Reputation should be given to people who post meaningful, helpful, and thoughtful posts. Any post that contributes to the thread in a positive way probably deserves positive reputation. This does not mean that you agree with what was said; the point brought up may be completely opposite to what you believe, but it may be a good point nonetheless, and worthy of a pat on the back. Giving positive reputation to someone because they are your friend and deserve to have a few more green dots next to their name probably isn't a good reason to give positive reputation.

What are good and bad things to give negative reputation for?

Negative reputation should be given if the person is posting something that detracts from the conversation. If the post is rude, inappropriate, breaks forum rules, is not gracious, etc; these are all good reasons to give negative reputation. If you have a personal grudge with someone, their team, etc, is it not appropriate to give them negative reputation for no reason. Giving negative reputation because you don't agree with what was said is not an appropraite use of the reputation system. People are entitled to their own opinions, and just because you don't agree doesn't mean the user was wrong or not contributing to the conversation.

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