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02-16-2003, 12:17 AM
I also wondered why html function is switched off? Would be neat to have that function. I have a webbbs board and realise that sometimes there are security risks when they are switched on, but I just wondered why they wern't on here. It's just that I have tried linking given the instructions and it doesn't work. I have used a similar board to this and when html is switched on, you can link to pictures on the web and they immediately show in the post instead of having to click on the link in a thread and wait for a picture to show.

Just wondering...

02-16-2003, 12:37 AM
It might be because they think that signature files including a 100k animated gif with the Photoshop lens flare plugin used in the background are mighty annoying - and they really are.

Also, having a link to the picture lets the user decide if they want to load and see all 26 of someone's posing pics; the boards run a lot faster without it. Consider how slowly the "photos" forums would load if they had to load all 26 of those pics to a dial-up user. I use ADSL, but many people still use dial up.

If they didn't have HTML shut off, I'd choose the option to shut it off myself. It's like this:

To link a pic, it has to be a gif jpg png txt zip bmp or jpeg format, with a file size of less than about 1,048,576 bytes. Browse to where you have the file, and select it. If it's too big, it wil tell you so. It works every time I try it.

02-16-2003, 12:42 AM
I have adsl also which is quite speedy but I pay for any files downloaded that exceed 1000mb per month. I don't mind it taking a few seconds longer to load. I guess avatars can be set to 100x100 pixels and they should not really make the page load that much more slowly though. It would be nice to see people...it makes things a little more cheery too. :)

Pages also load much faster if pictures don't exceed 500 pixels..so as long as folks remember to alter their pics it would be ok.

I'll try the other suggestion though...