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02-13-2003, 12:37 PM
I am heading to NC in the morning. We are leaving a day earlier than planned to beat the snow and ice that is coming in on Saturday.

I won't have a computer there, so I will have alot of catching up to do here when I get back in 2 weeks.

I am going to continue to workout as much as possible. Luckily there is a gym (very small) in the development. I'll be there every morning.

And maybe I might try golfing again.

Have a great couple of weeks everybody...


02-13-2003, 12:38 PM
Have a great vacation! You will be missed.

02-13-2003, 12:42 PM
Have fun! Hit'em long and straight.

02-13-2003, 12:43 PM
Have a very fun one.
And don't forget the Optic Orange golf balls for golfing in the snow!
See 'ya when you get back. :)

02-13-2003, 12:45 PM
Eye2 - that's the 2nd time you've beaten me by 1 minute regarding similar comments!

02-13-2003, 01:31 PM
Enjoy and hurry back - you will be missed. Besides, your driving me nutso waiting for those new pics:D

02-13-2003, 02:51 PM
Enjoy, Trish!!! I hope there aren't any alligators on the golf courses there!

02-13-2003, 04:42 PM
First of all, I better not see one snow flake fall....:mad:
I want Boston to get another foot of snow though while I am gone. :)

And I have never hit a golf ball long or straight, so the chance of it happening now are pretty nil.
Our home backs up to the 13th tee, so I think I will sneak out when no one is around and practice a little......I do need an awful lot of practice though.

Alligators I won't mind. It is those big snakes that I am watching out for.

OK...Hib make it sunny and warm in the carolinas!!! :cool:

02-13-2003, 07:00 PM
Yikes! It's supposed to be raining here by Saturday! I didn't do it! Maybe not in North Carolina. :) We've been having spells lately where it's been sunny and getting to the mid sixties & low 70s. I hope it happens for you!

02-13-2003, 07:10 PM
I checked the weather down there and it looks like rain on Sat, Sun and Monday. I will spend those days shopping. :)

02-14-2003, 07:33 AM
Well, Icequeen -- ya'll should be having a "charming" day on Sunday! LOL