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12-03-2006, 07:23 PM
After searching about the subject for a while i decided that being more specific would be better.


Ok, enter the Me:

Weight:65kg(about 140lb)
Height: 170cm (errr 5"6'? i'm not great at converting units)

I'm currently on rippetoes and I have spent about two weeks on it, and although i am gaining weight and growing stronger (i dont think i have reached my max weight yet or even worked out enough to activate my muscles properly) I realized tonight that i have a few issues that may be holding me back.

***I suck at eating.***

All you in the cutting phase are going to think that im a total crybaby but this may be a real problem, im attending college with only about 2 hrs of class every day, sometimes i study at home instead.
Well thing is i usually stay up too late (its 04:13 AM here right now, usually around 01:00 tho') and usually wake up late (since i dont want to sleep too little i wake up as late as i can, about 2 hours ahead of class, today that means 11:00)

So what impact does this have on my day?
Well here's my usual day.

Meal One: Around 10:00 - a huge egg sandwich with plenty of salt
Meal Two: Err Dinner? Me and my dad usually cook together and i'd like to think that its a healthy meal but the food usually runs out (not that we cant afford more food, just that we... dont prepare it)
Meal Three: Yea... this is where it starts going downhill, meal four, five and six aint going nowhere fast either.

So my problem is the fact that i only eat TWO meals a day, neither of which usually make me full to my hearts content. I do try to drink alot of water tho'.

This hasn't shown itself in the gym to stop me from squatting at one time 80kg (albeit in a smith that time) but im suffering from a hard time falling asleep, possibly due to my day being almost what you would call jet-lagged.

My question, along with what i may be doing wrong with my life (becuase i think that rippetoes is a solid routine and that i do have quite good form while performing the exercises, so the workout should be fine):

What can i do to increase my ability to eat more, do i force myself to wake up early? Do i get loads of meal replacers? Do i eat more during the evening? Any help is widely appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

12-03-2006, 07:33 PM
I feel your pain buddy, I have trouble eating enough sometimes as well. For me, it just took finding some convenient food that I could eat quickly. I started making a bunch of sandwiches and eating those throughout the day, just turkey or chicken, some form of cheese that I'll enjoy, little bit of mayo and mustard, on whole wheat bread. Takes 5 minutes to make, and with the right brands it's full of the right stuff. Now that I'm eating more regularly, I'm slowly trying to change over to eating more stuff like chicken breasts, sweet potatos, those kinds of things for more meals.
Like I said, find something good that's quick and you'll enjoy. And as far as your sleep schedule goes, just make sure you're getting enough sleep.

12-03-2006, 07:41 PM
Ya, the two biggest things i'd recommend are:

1. Carry a bunch of snacks with you. These can be sandwiches, nuts, fruit, whatever. Just pack a bunch of food with you so you always have something to snack on or eat.

2. Make home-made weight gainer shakes. Just throw in milk, whey protein, peanut butter, fruit, oatmeal/whole grain crackers, etc. You can get up to 1000 calories from a shake and it's quick and easy because all you have to do is drink it. If you're at all interested and think you might want to try a shake just PM me and i'll give you the recipe I use.

12-04-2006, 10:54 AM
What I do is make and prep a bunch of few every few days. If I don't my eating significantly decreases. Baking chicken, cooking rice, hard boiling eggs, separating egg whites, making salads, sandwiches, etc. That way when I'm hungry, I don't have to worry about making anything, just open the fridge and eat. I pretty much just snack all day long. Hardly ever do I sit down with a heaping plate of food that would be called a "meal". I also drink a gallon of milk a day which really helps to boost my calories.