View Full Version : Dieting for ~8 months and need guidance

12-03-2006, 05:58 PM
I am currently 17 and I started out extremely overweight. I was about 210lbs and 5' 7" ~8 months ago. I've been dieting for about 8 months, restricting my calorie intake and I now weigh in at a little under 140lbs. I have lost a lot of muscle mass and I now have a tremendous amount of flab.

According to my OMRON Fat loss monitor I am at around 11-12% BF, although I feel like I am flabby and bony, without a 6 pack anywhere in site. I need nutritional help desperately. I've been consuming probably less than 1700 calories daily and I need a new diet.

I currently eat about 4-5 meals a day.
1: Plain Instant Oatmeal + 1/2 grapefruit - ~153 calories
2: 1 6oz can tuna fish + honey mustard + relish on a toasted whole grain english muffin + kiwi - ~475 calories
3: 2% reduced fat Cottage Cheese double (packaged cottage cheese and pineapple) - 130 calories
4: Dinner - varies day to day, I have no clue what I should be eating
5: Non-fat yogurt / Apple - 140 calories / Not really a clue how many calories.

I think now might be a good time to start adding calories to my diet and maybe start lifting weights but I need guidance. I am on the fencing team and have a bit of a workout, but not an INTENSE workout. Can someone please critique my diet and perhaps give me advice to sculpt my body. Thanks in advance.