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12-01-2006, 02:08 AM
hi wrist-7.25
well ive recently lost 100lbs i was and was eating anywhere from 500-800 calories a day rice and cereal stuff with low fats once i got to 200lbs i hit bottem and i think i need 2 eat more while working out so here it is
i go to the gym 3 times a weak do a full body exersise bench press,declined situps,leg press,bicept curls hamstring curls,butterfly bicept curls,and afew others i forget the name of i do sets of each with reps of 10-15-10 evry day at around 7:00pm i do 2-3 sets of leg lifts,pushups,situps,wall sits,and a couple others idk the names of but i do abou 35-40 reps on situps and pushups and hear is the diet since yester day

1. meal on after wakeing up 1 bowl of oatmeal mixed in with skimmilk one bannana a ham sandwich with chese on light ww bread and one class of milkand toast with jelly about 700 calories 40g protien

2 2:30 later 1 slice of toast and apple sauce 1 bannana and a can of light tuna
300 calories 20g protien

3 PRE WORKOUT-a bowl of rice with 1/4 cup of chicken a peace of bread 350 calories 11g of protien

4 POST WORKOUT-some beef jerkey and a glass of milk
200 calories 20g protien

5 2:30 later 1 slice of ww light bread with 2tps of peanut butter
250 calories 12g protien

6 dinner bowel of rice 10oz of fish and green beans
700 calories 15g protien

7 after workout bowel of oatmeal mixed with fatfree milk and a peace of bread
350 calories 15g protien
total calories-2,850 total grams of protien-133g

well how much should i change if any?
i am haveing surgery because of gallstone and was wondering if that might be the reason that i gained 5lbs the first day of increasing my diet by about 2,000 calories or if thats just the way it goes but it seems like i can gain very easy
well what do u think ??

i would also like to know how to meassure my body fat?