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02-11-2003, 08:43 AM
I seem to have developed a new problem maybe someone can relate to.I have for at least the last 2 years turned to low carb high protein diets for cutting.Although since dec 29 lost 18lbs and about 3 inches and have retained most of my muscle mass. I usually stay on a 30 gm a day carb intake for about 4 weeks then increase it to about 60 a day for another two months where i will eventually bring it up to about 120 a day.Now this year i had nemerous surgeries after an accident and didnt want to compensate healing for weight loss.So for the first time in my life i climbed to about 30% bf.My diet is in check alot of fibrous vegetables as carb sources alot of protein about 1 gm per lb of body weight.And about 30 to 40 %fat intake. Also about 2 to sometimes3 gallons of water a day.My prblem is i have constant water retention after cardio weight training or any thing that stresses the body I can not seem to get tight this year to save my life.water retention is mostly in the abdomen area.Is this typical with this amount of body fat levels.Or has the forties crept in and sabatoged my physique?Any help would be appriciated

02-11-2003, 09:26 AM
30 - 40% fat
30% BF
2 - 3 gallons of water

This question is far beyond my ability to answer, but it appears to me there could be more going on that might need a physical to define.

If you were just asking about a large belly and high body fat% I would feel easy saying: The fat intake is high and should be 20 - 30%. being that high on body fat% causes a large gut no matter what the age and the amount over 20% really amplifies the size of the gut - in my case the difference between 20% and 33% was 9" around the gut. You might just be experiencing the reality of being obese for the first time.

The water consumption seems really off the chart for me, but I was a couple of glasses a week person most of my life so I think I am drowning myself when I get in 1 gallon.