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10-18-2006, 11:19 AM
I find this great post from another forum and liked it so much, wanted to share with you..

the "Bear in Hibernation Theory"

Not eating is a surefire way to DESTROY your metabolism! After you eat, your metabolism increases, after approximatly a few hours, it will start to decrease again and eventually hit bottom. However, ig you eat healthy, smart and small portioned meals/snacks every few hours, you will FORCE your metabolism to continuously work at a higher level.

If you dont eat enough, your metabolism becomes somewhat like a bear in hibernation. When a bear goes into hibernation, its body knows it will not be fed or given any nutrients for an extended period of time. Therefore, it holds an extra layer of bodyfat, and all your body processes(metabolism) slow down. This same thing happens to YOUR body. If your body get used to not being fed for a long period of time, it will hold/store calories, fat and nutrients, as it doesnt know when the next meal is coming. Just like a bear in hibernation - it's a survival mode. However, if you eat every few hours, you will "retrain" your metabolism. Your body will learn that it can afford to work more efficiently because it is getting adequate nutrition more often - it can AFFORD to use the calories you are taking in, as it knows more are coming!

At first, eating every few hours seems like alot of foos, and you might not seem hungry. However, keep it up and eventually, becaue your metabolism is more efficient, you WILL be hungry! You'll be able to tell what time it is by how hungry you are!