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01-28-2003, 11:03 AM
Hi everyone just thought I'd introduce myself!

I'm not officially 35 (3months to go!) but as I'm a novice to the Art of the Ultimate Physique (you could say a virgin!) I'm interested to know your opinion on my choice to take up the Pursuit of my true Physical Potential. Is 35 a bit late in the day?

I have lost 25kg recently and am trying to realise a teenage dream... I was given all the wrong signals at school and college - that Bodybuilding was vain, egotistical and an utter nonsense; and that it wasn't 'right' for me! So I shunned the one thing that, now, has made me focussed and given me a sense of dignity.

I don't believe I will ever compete though that is something I would love to do - but do you think I am setting myself up for disappointment? Given that I am out of condition and aware of the committment and timescale involved in gaining size and definition (I am under no allusions!) will I be too old to appreciate any of the subsidiary benefits - especially a sense of admiration/recognition when I go shirtless (not that I plan to at the local supermarket!)

If it's not a rude question why did you fellas take up this Noble Craft (particularly in later life)?

I can see why teenagers, their testosterone gushing through their veins, would want to commit their time to boosting their popularity with the ladies... I suppose I want reassurance that I've made a phychologically sound dicision... That I'm not trying to regain my lost youth... Does that sound sad? Am I going through a mid-life crisis?

Help me out guys...I'm getting cold-feet!!!

01-28-2003, 11:21 AM
Hi Mike,

Congrats on losing 25kg! That must feel great.

I'm a newbie too. Started on 1/9/03. The golf channel was showing all these young kids really putting the poopy on the ball. The commentators were saying something like, "This is the new breed of golfer. Serious attention to health and weight training." So it seemed like a good idea to try and make the effort too. The effort to improve the golf game via weight training and get into better phyical shape.

Lot of good folks here on the 35+ board.

01-28-2003, 11:34 AM
Hello Mike and welcome:

First 35 in a few months, is that too old to begin. I started this past October at the age of 56, its never too late to start.

I was fat and getting fatter and I decided that I was going to lose the weight. My first goal was not to lose muscle mass along with the fat - enter resistance training. After the first month, my goal change to add a little muscle mass - enter weight training. Now at the end of 15 weeks - enter bodybuilding. Why? Because when I am 70 I want to turn the ladies heads, not dominoes:D

01-28-2003, 11:47 AM
Hey Mike, welcome! Welcome to the world of bodybuilding and better fitness. I know you're going to get loads of responses from the guys and gals on this board saying, "It's never too late," which is the absolute truth, and many of us can tell you that from personal experience.

As for your question, are you “too old to appreciate any of the subsidiary benefits - especially a sense of admiration/recognition when I go shirtless,” the answer is absolutely not! With a bit of Internet surfing on various fitness and bodybuilding sites, including this one, you will find tons of before & after pictures of guys our age and older, who have some of the best “beach bodies” around. I started working out casually at 32 myself, but didn’t really get into the bodybuilding aspects of weightlifting until two years ago at age 36. Now I frequently get comments about my build, and think I look pretty damn good without a shirt.

And about trying to regain your youth – go for it! With your new fitness lifestyle, you will look and feel younger. You will move more youthfully (except for a couple of days after leg day), and carry an air of confidence of a younger you. I advocate using moisturizers and wrinkle-reducing creams (I know, guys often think that’s a girl thing, but there are great new lines of men’s products available now), shaving excess body hair, having your teeth whitened, etc. to go along with your new look and youthful mindset.

You may be going through a mid-life change, but it’s definitely not a crisis.

01-28-2003, 02:08 PM
Welcome bro, first and foremost 35 is NOT too old. In fact 35 was when I felt my best and was at my strongest (I started lifting serious at 30). There are few things more gratifying than having someone notice your physique...at any age, but especially now. I love going to the gym with my teenage son and still having him respect my advice because he sees what lifting has done for me. Each of us started this for personal reasons, but I believe we are all reaping the rewards of a strong body. Take a look at some of the pictures others have posted, then compare them to your average 35+ year old non lifter. You only have one body bro, if you take care of it the rewards are enormous. Welcome and good luck with your new "obsession", believe me that's what it will become and you'll love it.

01-28-2003, 04:19 PM
Originally posted by MikeSmith
Hi everyone just thought I'd introduce myself!

If it's not a rude question why did you fellas take up this Noble Craft (particularly in later life)?

Help me out guys...I'm getting cold-feet!!!

Hi Mike and welcome . Not a rude question . I got back into it because of a few reasons .1] I have more time now than I have had for the past 15+ years . 2] In 3 years I don't want to look like my former boss did when He turned 50 . 3] Last summer My wife and I went to a beach that we nearly lived at in the 80's . I was so embarrased about the way I looked I wouldn't remove my shirt . This year we plan to go back there , No doubt about it THE SHIRT COMES OFF in 2003 .

Your are almost 35 there is lots of time , Look at some of the people on this board ,we even have a guy in His 60's that is going to enter a powerlifting competition this year . I think He bench presses about 325 .. What an inspiration that is ... To me at least .

01-28-2003, 04:38 PM
Welcome Mike.
Life just begins at 35. The rest was just a learning experience.
You might as well enjoy the following 35 years in a great body.

01-28-2003, 05:42 PM
Like everyone else, I would say its never to late to start. I have lifted since my high school days and as I got older I faded in and out with life's distractions but never was away from the gym (or my own equipment) for too long. I guess what I am saying (and have not seen mentioned) is that I built a frame when I was younger that helps me to this day. A lot of guys starting out for the first time get discouraged when they dont make the gains they think they should right out of the gate. Then there are others who make some good gains early and end up hurting themselves (especially at our age) trying to push for too much to soon. The end result for both is the same. They give up. Just pace yourself, set some realistic goals and forget the guy next to you benching 315 for reps that may be younger or older. You will get there in time....time is the key. Good luck.

01-28-2003, 07:49 PM
I'll say what everyone else said, that 35 is NOT too late (and it's never too late) to start weight training, for whatever goal. I was about 37-38 when I started, I'm 45 and still making progress.

I started because I wanted to 'get in shape' and 'tone up' :rolleyes: But little by little I started doing more and more, and gradually slid into this, raising my goals and sights. It's insidious. :D

01-28-2003, 08:19 PM
I started weight training and cardio last August at age 45. Until then, I had been largely sedentary and quite a bit overweight (okay, I still need to lose more weight, at 5'10" and 230 #s). My "conversion" happened on a family vacation to a resort in Arizona. I ventured into the fitness center largely out of curiosity and found that hey, this is pretty good! On returning from the trip I joined a local gym and haven't looked back. I've lost about 15 pounds in the past five months, thanks to a combination of diet and cardio training, but certainly have gained a lot of muscle mass - for the first time in my life I have something resembling hard biceps and pecs :)
My weight training has gone very well; far from worrying about loss of motivation, I have to make a conscious attempt to avoid overtraining. I do use machines quite a bit, mostly the Hammerstrength plate-loaded variety, which I know the "purists" would frown upon, but it works well for me so far. My progress has been pretty good, all in all; for example, a few months ago I couldn't manage 8 reps with 180#s on the decline press machine while today I can do 8 reps at 270, and on the EZ curl bar my working weight for 8 reps has gone from 40 #s to 70#s. I know I still have a long way to go, but at least I've made progress. My ultimate goal? Well, I fantasize about seeing myself in a over-40 bodybuilding competition some day, but that's probably not realistic. What I do intend to do is shed more fat, build up my muscle mass, and put my couch potato days long behind me.

01-28-2003, 09:03 PM
I started at age 38yrs, just for myself. Since then all I have received from those around me is compliments. It wasn't the reason to start, but its a nice side benefit. :)

And whether its the beach or going to a swimming pool with my daughter, its nice to not even think about whether you take your shirt off or not.

Don't hesitate, get stuck in.

(and we need a few more Brits on this boards as well;))

01-29-2003, 04:31 AM
Welcome Mike..
youll be bitten by the bug..
stick around...


01-29-2003, 06:32 AM
Willkomen to the iron empire Mike. Being such a youngster at 35, you have an unlimited future ahead of you. You have the time too learn from all the dedicated folks here and the countless articles on BB.com, what to do, how to do it etc. It might easily become for you what it has become for most of us, a consuming passion which improves our health, our family and business relationships and performance, our self confidence and even our self-respect. Making this commitment is addictive, get ready for the ride!

Why you ask did this 61 year old fart take up iron? A couple reasons were as a counter-balance to my lifelong addiction to long distance running and recognition that my upper body needed physical training as well and after a near fatal head on car wreck, which I survived (it took 3 1/2 hrs for the Jaws of Life to get me out!) because of my extremely good physical conditioning at the time. Two years ago with my knees shot and my much younger wife having run off with her boss I moved back home to the US to retire. I gave up my three pack a day habit, not to mention my normal Dutch two joint a day habit, and decided to rebuild again my 148 lb old body at the age of 59. I changed everything in my life but here let's stick to the iron world.

I studied the info here and elsewhere and soaked up the comments and experiences here (it is hands down the best of the web !) and got to work on my diet, training and R&R. I couldn't handle more than a few reps on the bench at 95 to 135# in the beginning. Now at 205 lbs bodyweight I have have maxed at 3 reps @ 315 with spotters and am bouncing between wanting to do powerlifting and bodybuilding with each workout. I want it all! hehehehe! Since I unretired and started a very successful Real Estate career ( I promise STRONG support for my buyers and sellers chuckle/wink!) I have belonged to a great old gym and yesterday also joined the local Wellness palace here in wrinkle city. They have scads of equipment & dumbells but no barbells unfortunately. Having been laid up a while with the flue and just getting the kinks back out again, I tried out their high tech Cybex machine and did five sets of five reps at 500 lbs! Granted the poundage marked is way off of real weight ....but attract attention from those around me? You bet it did. Now I have made some new friends, some possible new clients and another statement to my fellow old farts that "Anything is possible, you're never too old"! Frankly, I love it and appreciate it more now than ever before. Now if the weather would warm up another ten degrees (today's high should be about 72) than I can run off to the pool with my lady love and bake away to her enjoyment and the envy of the Dunlop guys. You have heard about Dunlop's disease?

So again, can you still cut it at 35? Bet your life on it!! Now! Enjoy your new health, fitness, happiness and your new iron family here.

01-29-2003, 08:00 AM
Welcome to the Old Folks home!

I'm only 47, 48 next month actually. I started working out at the gym just last June to lose some weight. I lost 28 lbs in just over 3 months.
It made me feel 10 years younger actually. I am the only adult in the neighborhood that literally plays with the children out on the street. Basketball, riding bicycles, even tag. I have also been called the human jungle gym recently, having given simultaneous piggy back rides to 3 kids at the same time. An 11 y/o on my back, a 9 y/o on her back, and carrying a 5 y/o in my arms. What a great leg day that is. When any one of those kids tries to do that with their dad, its "get off of me, your hurting me!". Those dads, BTW, are up to 10 years YOUNGER than me.
Mike, I think you're getting my point.

The health, fitness, and strength improvements from "bodybuilding" are really just secondary to the overall improvement in self esteem, and mental well being, that comes with knowing that this "oldie" can run with any kid on the block.

Regardless of what anyone tells you about bodybuilding, Mike, you should do this for YOU and only YOU.

01-29-2003, 10:02 AM
Thanks everyone for your support and messages of encouragement...

Now I KNOW I'm doing this for the RIGHT reasons.

More importantly you've all given me enough 'ammo' to stop any detractors dead in thier tracks!
You are all an example to BB and to those of us who are laughingly called 'over the hill'...

What do THEY know?

01-29-2003, 10:46 AM

They dont know squat !! If you were still listening to them, you wouldnt be doin what yer doing for YOU right now..
And remember, You are the key....
Good luck !!


Originally posted by MikeSmith
Thanks everyone for your support and messages of encouragement...

Now I KNOW I'm doing this for the RIGHT reasons.

More importantly you've all given me enough 'ammo' to stop any detractors dead in thier tracks!
You are all an example to BB and to those of us who are laughingly called 'over the hill'...

What do THEY know?