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10-02-2006, 04:56 AM
hey guys, im new here, i went searching through the forum alittle bit about nutrition but i still got some questions. Im roughly about 5"10 148-152 lbs and im trying to put on as much muscle mass and weight as possible with no supplements. ive been reading up on bulking and ive been trying each day to eat more and more but it seems no matter what even eating 5 times a day im not really gaining calories or the necessary things to put on good weight.

i hit the gym 5 times a week, ive been giong constisently(sp) since march every week and ive been noticing more definition but i want to pack on a good solid 10lbs or so or at least 160lbs and keep it on. ive always had a high metobolism and been some waht skinny my whole life.

now with bulking, i know oatmeal is great, cottage cheese and stuff but what if you dont like stuff like that? is there alternatives? ive been reading and it seems like every homemade protein bar has those in it or a 6 meal day plan has those in it also.

im also curious if its possible to gain good weight with not always eating the best food but eating at least alot? im in college, in my own apt and its hard to go out and spend excess amounts of money on all these things (esp when you have to split food costs with roomates)

anyways usually per day i eat

4-5 eggs, 2 pieces of toast (breakfast)

2 turkey/ham/amer. chese, lett/ white toast sandwiches about 2 hours later

2 chicken patties 2 cups of white rice (first dinner)

usually a snack (not the best) - bagel w/ cream cheese, apple, pb&j, depending what i want

then usually 1/2 lb of pasta, 1 chicken breast

late night usually 4 waffles lol

i know its prob not hte best, but since im sharing food with other roomates im trying to eat at least alot of it during the day. i havent figured out a good nutrition schedule yet but im trying. what else can i do and change up with keeping it simple?

thanks and sorry for long post