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01-19-2003, 07:50 AM
I would like to know how strict people were that did the BFL Challenge. Did you use low-fat condiments? I'm not sure what I am up for, though, I have to say I've never turned down a challenge. I think I've talked my hubby into doing it with me. We are planning on starting tomorrow. As for the aerobics I know I will have no problem with the high-point, I worry about the weights.

Also, did you use EAS's protien drinks? If so which ones?
I am going to start tomorrow, we are going shopping later today for the food or lack of, (kidding). I really need to do this and I know he says if you fall off get right back on, but I really hope I don't because once I do, I really knock myself.

I remember when I use to do 5k races and I would hear someone coming behind me, I would go as hard as I could for them not to pass me, but when they did, I would feel like stopping. I can't wait to take those before pictures. I just pray that when I take the after ones, I see a difference!

If there is anyone out there that is first starting this and wants to have a support buddy and is in my situation, let me know. I am 5' 7", 35, 36 in less than 2 weeks, 162lbs, mom of 2 young kids.

Thanks all,

01-19-2003, 08:06 AM
Hello funtobeme:

Your questions are pretty normal for people just starting on BFL or any other program. There are a couple of things from your post that I will try to get out of the way first.

"Also, did you use EAS's protien drinks? If so which ones?" Every person is different and their needs are going to be different. Be carefull of supplimenting things like specific protien drinks because some one else uses them, they may not be what you need. Know your goals and then read (not the hype) of what that suppliment is for and decide if it fits your goals.

The second thing is the example of the 5K race and when you get passed wanting to quit. If you compare yourself to others, including your husband, you will fail, it is that simple. If you set goals that are too high you will get discouraged and fail. See yourself as an individual with individual needs and goals, set realistic goals and then work toward those goals. The results will come if you work toward them, not always in the form you see them and not always in the time frame you planned. Mental attitude is the number one goal you must set and work on.

Here is a site that is a great BFL support group with a huge BFL knowledge base you might want to check out. You have to sign up for it and then it will take them a few days to send you a pass word so you can use it.


I have to run for a short time and will answer and give some more insight according to TwoWalks in a little while.

01-19-2003, 08:54 AM
OK, I am back: First to explain my approach to BFL I am going to commit BFL blasphemy according to the common accepted view. BODY FOR LIFE is not a diet. BODY FOR LIFE is a attitude adjustment, a view, a way of life and a way of doing things. No more, no less. It is not sitting down and measuring all the food you are going to eat this week, it is not creating un-realistic schedules or hardships. Body for life is not a program to eat foods you do not want or like. The simple answer is, Body for life is a program to help you make changes in your life that result in a happier healthier person. It is a program that takes BAD HABITS and substitutes GOOD HABITS in their place. It is no more or nor less than that - CHANGING HABITS. There is good news: the condiments do not matter - cottage cheese and a pear for breakfast is not the point. Now I know I have said some things here that will shock the new person looking at BFL and will cause screams from the folks that have been on BFL for some time and work their glutes off sticking to the letter of the law. So, I do not care, I don't sell books, I don't sell suppliments and I don't sell magazines --- I JUST LOSE WEIGHT AND CREATE GOOD HABITS FOR MY LIFE.

If you go back and re-read the BFL book again, not at the little details or the part about how to lose 95#'s in 12 weeks and look like Ms. Weeks at the end of 12 weeks, No read the essence of the book you will find the secret to BFL.

First - take bad habits and substitute good habits. This should be goal #1


01-19-2003, 09:17 AM
Goal #1.

You have terrible eating habits ... if this were not true, you would not be over weight and looking for a diet.

You do not exercise at all or enough, if you did you would not be over weight and out of shape.

These are the facts so for goal number 1, lose the bad habits and in their place put good habits.

DO NOT WORRY about the weights start off very light - 5#'s should do. Now start working on learning the exercises and how to do them, DO NOT, think or worry beyond that point. Work at making arobic day and workout day a habit. In the beginning you will find a hundred reasons to miss your workouts and that is the reaction of bad habits and what you must work to over come. Do not just force yourself to go and workout, learn t love it, look forward to it and feel like crud when you can not go. When you have done this, working out has become a habit and replaced the bad habits. Simple, so do not make it complicated.

What can I say, I was huge, I was fat and looked like I would explode at any moment. Kids would look at my gut and then look at their pregnant mothers and figured my twins would arrive before their new brother. Reality and I did not like it. I knew my weakness (bad habits) and I knew my strengths. Week one of goal one - I ate hot cakes seven days a week for breakfast. I changed that to Oatmeal and whole wheat toast one day - Life cereal and toast the second day - and the shocker of all time - the third day was, two pieces of whole wheat toast, two fried eggs and three strips of turkey lean bacon. NO, it did not fit the body for life nutrition plan, but remember I am not doing the BFL DIET, I am doing the BFL program. My original lunches include - cheese and salami sandwiches, with a half large bag of chips and a coke. I changed that to a Lean ham sandwich on whole wheat bread. Dinner, boy was that another story, consisted of hamburger three nights a week, 5 baked potatoes with butter each week and a coke at every meal. Well you get the idea, I got rid of the burgers and the butter and in place I substituted fish, shrimp or lean steak. Now for portions I used the BFL guide of - Protien the size of your palm - carb the size of your fist.

That is all I worried about as far as the "bfl diet" no more and no less, I ate free day on Saturday. I did not worry about eating six time a day ... I did not worry about sticking to some plan eating food I did not like ... nope I just thought about and worked to change those bad eating habits into good eating habits.

Result of the above: At the end of week four, I had created a workout habit - I had created better eating habits that were easy to stick with. I was never hungry and never stuffed. I lost 16#'s the first month. Reality, I had lowered my calories over 1600 per day and was not getting enough calories. When I checked out what I was eating I found I was not getting enough protien. I then added Protien drinks twice a day making five meals and bring everything into balance at 20% fat - 40% carb and 40% protien - averaged out to the recommended body for life diet.

I have continued on with that until every aspect of it has become habit ... I have asked no more or nor less of the plan or myself. In 12 weeks I lost a total of 30#'s and lowered my bodyfat % from 33% to 22%.


01-19-2003, 09:25 AM
YOU NEED SUPPLIMENTS for BFL or any other nutrition plan:
You need to take a good quality high potency Vitamin/Mineral and you need to take 3/4 to 1 gallon of water per day. You should also add in a good vitamin C about 1000mg. Thats it - all the suppliments you need. With time - with experience, you might find that other suppliments enter into your program, but they sure will not be needed in the beginning. Diet pills (fat burners - fat blockers) sell great and yes they do work. When you get down to that last five pounds or that place where everything else has failed, then you might want to look at them. Sorry suppliment companies, but that is my view. Why do I need a fat burner or fat blocker when infact I still have fat and carbs I can cut from my diet?


01-19-2003, 09:56 AM
OK, I figure by this point that most people that have started reading this have decided that I am full of it and stopped reading. That is ok, because their is a fact that says its ok. 90% of people that workout or diet will only do it for 12 weeks. That is why all the diets and programs today are designed for 12 weeks. Only 10% of the people that lose weight or workout will continue past the 12 weeks, so if you are still with me, you just might be in that 10%.

Why have I taken this cavalier approach - really simple. Crash diets fail, because when you are done eating the yogurt/cottage chees with grapefruit and re-enter the real world eating real food, you gain back all the weight and then some. Oh, incase you did not know "then some is the amount of muscle mass you lost on the diet" Simple. I did not want a diet, I wanted a change that I could apply to the rest of my life. If I can not apply it to today and to 10 years from now, I know it will only be temporary and what is the point.

I have gotten letters from people that are on BFL, some for a few weeks and some for a couple of years asking me for advice ... that has really thrown me. Over a period of time, I began to notice that all the letters had something in common. When things changed, they fell off the BFL diet and gained the weight back ... or ... I lost weight for the first month and then it has stopped. The letters and explanations in reply have been long and in detail but here is the essence of what I have found: 1. They made the diet part primary and un-realistic for the long haul. 2. they cut so many calories that they are in starvation mode, so they do not continue to lose weight.

I need to be able to stick with my nutrition even if I have to stop and eat at Burger King - Give me a chicken breast sandwich plain and the salad bar, glass of water. I do not order a double cheese with fries and a coke ... oh yeh, lets supersize.

Each step that I have taken is viewed for the long haul. I have kept it simple and looked at it one step at a time and made that a habit before going on to the next step. I have listened to my body and made changes where my system has demanded them. I have not written things down and said, I am going to do this if it kills me. Yes dead people are thin! I would rather lose slowly and forever than fast but temporary. I took ten years getting fat and I plan to be thin ten years from now, not just in three months and then start all over.

Losing weight is simple: Consume less garbage and consume 500 calories a day less than normal and you will lose weight. It is that simple.

Workout every day and you will get stronger, build muscle mass and that mass will burn fat and you will get leaner. It is that simple.

When you first start working out, the workout program is not important, the workout is. It is that simple.

Keep it simple, keep it realistic and keep doing it and you will win. Make it complicated, get lost in details and you will get frustraited and quit. If you quit ... you fail - If you keep it realistic and keep going you win, its that simple.

Do not worry in the beginning about what suppliments to take, do not worry in the beginning about what workout to do and do not worry in the begining about eating the perfect diet. Any diet healthier than the one you had with fewer calories will work. Any workout that is more than you have been doing will work. Change your habits. Take a couple of them and create good habits. When you have those down, then choose another one and just keep doing that, the weight will take care of itself.

All of the above opinions are just that: Simple opinions of a simple person getting simple results. They may not work for you, they do work for me.

01-19-2003, 11:19 AM
I can't say I read every single word, but from what I did read, I can add very little. Except that I'm going to commit BfL blasphemy also.

I was fairly strict, but I don't think it's necessary to be strict to the point of obsession, as some BfLers are. There is a primarily-BfL board (OK, OK, you twisted my arm, it's Lean And Strong (http://www.leanandstrong.com)) where they can be rabidly strict and orthodox. To the point of saying "well, no wonder you haven't lost any fat with your menu". :rolleyes:

Personally I think a little latitude in ones menu is not going to sabotage efforts; it's a lot of latitude that causes the problems. I guess the idea is to know the difference.

01-19-2003, 11:43 AM
I had a purpose in why I wrote the above. My purpose is not too play down the BFL program and it is not to over simplify the program. Minotaur really summed it up. Please do not become obsesed with the program, there is no need. I have seen so many people become frustrated and then give up because they just could not fit that sixth meal in and so they just knew they were going to fail. Every thing you do that is better than you did before is going to add too your results. The closer you get to following BFL to the letter the better your results can be.

One major thing that can slow or stop weight loss is stress: when the body and mind have stress the body goes into fat storage mode. The world offers enough day to day stress without adding more trying to follow a perfect plan.

Also, I wanted to make a point that BFL is not a diet, you can use it that way if you want, but BFL is a program to change bad habits. The workout and the nutrition are guidelines to help you with the program. Always work toward eating the perfect diet, always work toward the perfect workout, but please do not stress and get frustrated to do it, there is no need and it infact can be detrimental.

If a person wants to use EAS products, then I will say this. I think they are expensive but of first rate quality and manufacturing control.

I do think that a person should have and use the Protien meal replacements for the extra meals. It is good to have a couple of the MRP bars with you incase you can not get away for a regular meal or if you do get caught some place where there just is no alternative except to each junk. Often time element can take over and a quick MRP bar can save the day ... perhaps you are a candy bar junkie, then the mrp bar can be the good substitute.

" recommend the BFL program " " I recommend sticking as close to it as possible" but I suggest you start easy and work toward perfection ... not make it the criteria.

01-19-2003, 12:57 PM
Originally posted by TwoWalks
Keep it simple, keep it realistic and keep doing it and you will win. Make it complicated, get lost in details and you will get frustraited and quit. If you quit ... you fail - If you keep it realistic and keep going you win, its that simple.

Amen TwoWalks! Your words ring truth.

01-19-2003, 03:49 PM
funtobeme, I just started the program recently -- I begin my 3rd week tomorrow. You can PM me anytime you have a question or need some support. I have found this plan pretty easy as far as the nutrition goes. I like the food I'm eating (& yes I'll use a little ketchup or steak sauce with my chicken occasionally!). I do have one of the shakes each day & have had a couple of the EAS AdvantEdge Bars (although I think they taste terrible! :) My husband went to the store & bought a case for me & I thought that was so sweet. He also thinks they taste bad! Lol

It is nice to have someone support you -- TwoWalks & others have been encouraging me a lot on this board.

You definitely don't need to be comparing yourself to others. I've never been real competitive but I've always been obsessive. I'm doing this for myself & I'm sure going to do a great job at it! I feel the same way when I lift & do cardio -- if I'm doing it, I'm sure going to give it my best! You do need to start out light with the weights & not try to do too much too fast!

I am doing my aerobic workouts before I eat, but I don't lift until after I've had the first two meals each day. It works out better in my schedule & I prefer to lift after I've eaten!

The supplements I take are: Multivitamin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, glucosamine/chondroitin (this helps a lot with joint pain -- I'm getting old) & calcium (which I think is very important for women to take). Othe than that, I use the Myoplex Lite shakes.

As far as the kids go, mine are 12 & 18, but I remember very well what it was like when they were younger!

As I said before, feel free to PM me anytime!

-- Diane

01-19-2003, 07:45 PM
Thanks all for responding.

Let me just give you a little background on myself.

I am competitive, but for myself. It's hard for me to do an easy run, especially if I have a watch on. And that is because I know wha t Iwas capable of or should say am. So, I push myself. One time when I was running 5 miles about 1/3 of the way into my run someone was running toward me, when we met he turned down a street, shuh thank god, then as I was passing the street I saw he was turning around and coming behind me. What do I do, he aint passing me, kick it in. The bastard was keeping up with me, Okay now I really kicked it in. Still on my tail, everytime I heard him, I kicked a notch. Finally, I was hitting my 2 1/2 mile mark where I turn around, I remember saying, shoot if this guy turns with me I am really in trouble, because at this point I am probably running 7 minute miles. When I made my turn, the guy says to me "hey great run, thanks", through my panting I say " Hey, No Problem, anytime", except for now! That's me, I know what I am capable, I push myself, yeh, I push myself harder when others are around.

Anyway, I am looking at this as a way of life, but I really want it to be my way of life. I think in my family there are quite a few issues with sugar, most of us are overweight, some alcohol problems, some gamblers, out of 13 kids, 6 are okay as far as weight. Unfortunately, for me it is something I'v e always worked at. I've always been athletic and health conscious. So, it is really killing me to let things go as far as they have.

TwoWalks, though I think I like twosteps better (kidding), I am doing it for me and realize this is it, time to make the changes, I knwo when I did this one time before I was extremely happy. Right now, I am a little down, not that anyone that meets me would know. But, it kills me to have let things go

I want this for a lot of reasons, but I really want it for myself.
I am going to do this, but I would love to know if the pics on see on his books are really from just 12 weeks. I really need to know that. I am not a blind believer, math major & science.

Anyway kids, thanks for listening and Twowalks, thanks for your input.

Hope you all have a good night, let me go make my plan for tomorrow.

See yas,

01-19-2003, 08:12 PM
Sabrina, yes the pictures in the book are for real. I correspond with a couple of the people that are in the journal. Most of the winners are bodybuilders that have done a bulk and then lost weight, but a lot of the pictures are regular every day people. In my challenge-twowalks thread you can see the results of a 12 week body for life. I am just a real person and had not exercised for 30 years.

You are already displaying the primary ingredient for success and that is determination. Like Hibiscus said, if you need help or advice give a yell. There are a number of BFL folk on here and with collective thinking you can always find help and support.

01-20-2003, 05:36 AM
funtobeme -- I'm one of 14 kids! :) We have something in common. There are a variety of sizes in my family also (and a variety of personalities!). Isn't is great, though, growing up with that many people? I loved it!

01-20-2003, 02:55 PM

Good luck on your BFL challenge. There are a lot of good role models in this group to get information from.

Two Walks

Preach on, brother! At least for me this is more than a "12 week contest". I am truly changing how I take care of myself. I use the BFL program as a guide and do a pretty good job of getting my meals in and eating things that I should. I don't count calories and occasionally my protein and carbo portion sizes are larger than what they recommend. I have lost 10 pounds in two weeks, and I am sure some will say I could have maybe done a little better if my diet was very strict but I needed a nutrition plan that I could live with after the 12 weeks.

01-21-2003, 09:01 AM
At least for me this is more than a "12 week contest". I am
truly changing how I take care of myself. I use the BFL program as a guide and
do a pretty good job of getting my meals in and eating things that I should. I
don't count calories and occasionally my protein and carbo portion sizes are
larger than what they recommend. I have lost 10 pounds in two weeks, and I
am sure some will say I could have maybe done a little better if my diet was
very strict but I needed a nutrition plan that I could live with after the 12

GL, Sounds like the way you view BFL and my view are basically the same. I do check the foods I reguarly eat to see what calorie range they are in, but only as a tool to know when to raise them or drop them for a zig zag to keep my metabolism from slowing down. The biggest thing with BFL is the simple approach to good eating that makes sense and that I can follow.

Never pictured myself walking around the grocery store with wall charts and counters to figure out what I should eat for the week. If I can make food selection a good thing and a habit, then I am also less apt to "slip off the wagon" and find myself right back where I started :)

Preaching - I sure hope not - only sharing my view and realizing it will not fit or work for everyone.

01-21-2003, 10:03 AM
Hello all,

This is my first post on the forums here and I thought I would introduce myself.

I too am going to start the BFL challenge (Jan 27).

I recently turned 37 and have been a dedicated 'office chair fixture' for 3 years now. Before that I was racing motocross, but quit because of not looking after myself and gradually falling out of shape. (Being genuinely scared of the 16 year olds with no fear, rubber bones and no job to go to the next day was a factor as well...) When I quit, things went downhill FAST! So now I have 3 years of mushy muscles and brutal eating habits to work on.

What is in my favor is that I have loads of time on my hands (I work on the 'net' at home). What is going against me is that I live in a small town - hence no gym, but I have a complete facility in my basement. Advantage - close, Disadvantage - no spotter, no motivator.....

Well, you can see my challenges are before me, so I hope that I can come here for my motivation.

I think one huge motivating factor is my 11 year old daughter. I don't want her to continue thinking that Dad is a lazy, fat, weak computer geek, while at the same time, I'm simply fed up with what I've come to look like physically.

I am going to do this. Guaranteed. Funtobeme, please keep us informed on your progress, as it will be motivating knowing someone else is doing it too! :)

The before picture is gonna be scary! Thank goodness for digital cameras...no embarassment at the photofinisher's. :/

01-21-2003, 10:29 AM
Axe, welcome first and formost to the over 35 forum, a great place and a great group of people.

Also, welcome to the BFL program. I am in week 15 having completed one challenge and in the official challenge beginning January 6th. You will find a lot of BFL support on here as there is a large group that use the BODY FOR LIFE program as well as the BODY FOR LIFE diet.

I also use a home gym so as things come up just holler and we will see what answers we can come up with for you. Now as far as motivation - you will get all the motivation in the world on here, but don't come looking for anyone to pat you on the head and say "its ok, you can do it" expect a good swift kick in the glutes when it is deemed to be needed :)

That before picture is tuff when you take it and it sure is tuff to see the first few weeks or months but I can tell you, when you get to week 12 and look back at it, you sure will love looking at the difference. I have a before and after pics on my challenge thread "challenge-TwoWalks" that will show you typical results if dedication and determination are primary in your program and hey, I am 57 years old.

01-21-2003, 10:29 AM
Okay Kids, I started it. Though, I think I need to push myself a little more on weights, I don't feel too sore today. The one I felt it the most was my shoulders.

Today, I did my run at 7:00 this morning.

5.3mph lvl 5 2minutes
5.6mph lvl 6 1 "
6.0" lvl 7 1
6.3 " lvl8 1
6.7 lvl9 1

5.5 lvl 6 1
6.0 lvl 7 1
6.5 lvl 8 1
7.0 lvl 9 1

6.0 lvl 6 1
6.5 lvl 7 1
7.0 lvl8 1
7.5 lvl9 1

6.0 lvl 6 1min
6.5 lvl 7 1min
7.0 lvl 8 1min
8.0 lvl 9 2mins.

I guess it makes sense to start my own Challenge page.

Thanks all. My hubby is doing it with me. Here's a funny story.
Last night for one of our meals we were having low-fat cottage chees and an apple sliced up in it. I said it's kind of like a waldorf salad (not sure of speling) anyway, he said can we have nuts. I looked at the fat content and said shoot for 1/4cup only 1.5 gm of fat, Load them on. For some reason I looked at the can again, because i was surprised how low the content was, I thought almonds were the nuts with the lowest content. I realized I was looking at the saturated fat instead of the total which was 20gms.
Yikes, stop eating, just as he was putting a big mouthful in.

Oh wells, it tasted good while it lasted.

see yas,

01-21-2003, 10:42 AM
hey axe,

Just saw your note and I have to agree with you about the digital camera. Did you ever see that Seinfeld, where they were having pictures developed of George laying on a couch with barely nothin on and the pictures were developing via the window facing the sidewalk, so as everyone was walking by that got to see him. That's all I could imagine if I had to bring these pics to the store. Yikes!!! If I had to bring them to the store, I think I would drive a few hours away!!
I just hope nobody hacks into my computer because worse than one person at the photo labs seeing my pics, is to have everyone on the internet view them!!!!

Anyway, it's not tough, so far. Of course I am only on day 2. My biggest problem is the meals and being organized. I forgot my shakes today. I had an apple and low-fat cottage cheese for bkfst. Didn't have my shake, so now I am heading for lunch.

Not only do you need to plan your meals, but you need to fix them too. Yesterday, after the kids lunch (not mine) I took the kids to this children's museum where we stayed for almost 3 hours. Well, needless to say, I didn't think i was going to be there that long, missed lunch and my shake. Not good.

Anyway Axe, I am going to start posting my challenge and my progress. by the way, My husband put a banana in his shake and said it made the world of difference. also, drinking it real cold I think helps.

01-21-2003, 11:01 AM
Axe, good luck with your challenge! :) I laughed at the photo processing thing becauce I was SO EMBARRASED to go pick mine up at the WalMart. I took my son & a couple of his friends with me for moral support & they were giggling their heads off! The lady that processed them didn't seem to want to make eye contact -- I think she thought I was pretty vain. It was a whole roll of me in a swimsuit! :) Scary stuff.

funtobeme -- I was wondering when I was reading your post what kind of nuts you had! :) Anyway, I think it's a great idea for you & your husband to do the challenge together. My husband (who laughed when I asked him to do it! Lol) also puts a banana in his shake after his workout.

01-21-2003, 11:50 AM

Another reason to plan ahead. I just bought grilled chicken w/ salad (forgetting that I could of put the grilled chicken on whole wheat!) and they had sauteed onions (not good), I made my own salad using one of the fat-free dressings. It might of been fat-free but it tasted really sweet. I would of been better of without any dressing. I think I really need to cut everything out and go bland!!! Lemon & Garlic here we come. I really don't want to be disappointed at the end of a week. Plus, I really want to eat right. I definitely need to stay away from the sugar!!!

As for the nuts hibisc, they were crushed walnuts!!!

Okay off to the ladies room, this water is killing me. Now, I kind of wished I sat closer to the bathroom.

See yas,

01-21-2003, 01:18 PM
Funtobeme, congratulations to both you and your husband for a great start. I think during the first four weeks that getting habits down is more important than the actual weight loss. Learning where the problems are and finding how to eleminate them is the big job in the beginning. I hate MRP bars, they taste like crud to me, but getting caught out like you did, is the only reason they have found a home in my life.:)

The nuts story really made me laugh :D the first week I was on BFL I was told, "Nuts are a great source of protien" and I was in seventh heaven. A friend that week returned from Hawaii and gave me a case of Macademians, small cans. Well I popped the top and figured, I am going to really get my protien today. I small can later, I read the fat content and thought I was going to pass out and would weight 20#'s more when I woke. :)

The first week or two, don't jump too hard at the heavy weights, your tendons and stabalizers need time to adjust. Just keep the #'s going up.

01-21-2003, 02:36 PM
The nut thing is a little confusing, great source of protien and "good fat". one of my oops. Gees, i love macadamian nuts.

Speaking of bars, when I bought the shakes I also purchased two peanut crisp bars for my H & me, thinking if we get hungry grab one of these. This was before we started the challenge. Well, I was in the mall for almost 3 hours and hadn't had anything to eat in 5, so instead of going to the food court. I said, I'll wait til I get to the car and have one of the bars. After the first bite, I couldn't believe the amount of sugar I was tasting. It was actually gross. I looked at the back to read the ingredients and the 2nd, 3rd and 4th and maybe fifth were all sugar products, fructose, high corn syrup, etcc... I couldn't believe it. It definitely would of definitely been better to have a snickers bar!

Tomorrow is legs, that's one of my favorite areas to work. Hear me now, listen to me after tomorrow.