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09-03-2006, 07:11 AM
In an attempt to hit over 2500 cals a day too put on any sort of weight (I'm 6'1, 135lbs) I tried to eat lots of solid meals and eat often as well. So here's the breakdown...number are (cals : carbs : protein)

1/2 cup oatmeal - 150 : 27: 5
1 cup milk - 118 : 14 : 10
2 tbsp natural pb - 200 : 6 : 8
1 cup danone yogurt - 90 : 16 : 4
1 banana - 121 : 31 : 1
679 : 94 : 28

This next meal was at a restaurant so its all pretty estimated but you get the idea VVV

2 eggs - 202 : 2 : 14
2 pieces of bacon - 82 : 0 : 6
2 sausage
2 slices of toast - whole wheat bread - 138 : 26 : 6
1 cup of potatoes, fried - 135 : 32 : 2
1 ham
1 pancake - 150 : 28 : 4
707 : 88 : 32

2/3 cup rice - 127 - 29 - 3
1 cup red kidney beans - 152 - 26 - 9
1 chicken breast - 120 - 0 25
2 tbsp olive oil - 84 -0 - 0
483 : 55 : 37

This was french toast lol VVV
2 eggs - 180 : 0 : 14
2 white bread : 170 - 34 - 6
1 cup of milk : 110 : 12 : 9
30g cheese : 120 - 0 - 7
580 : 46 : 36

Now I don't have whole wheat bread right now (don;t even like it but might try to force myself) and 1 drank about 6 cups of water throughout the meals

So approximate totals are : 2500 cals, 283 carbs, 133 protein (not including the ham/sausage figures I did not include)

Anywho, I'm not going to the gym yet but I will be in a few weeks. Does that food intake seem reasonable to gain some weight. I'm a natural 135ish since I've never been lower than this for the longest time, even when I'm on a horrid diet of eating 1-2 ****ty meals a day.


- Brandon

09-03-2006, 08:05 AM
i'm basically looking at this and thinking 2 things

You should gain on 24-2600 for a little while. emphesis on little. but you need way more protien, probably around 200 grams a day.

Don't bother making a set of things you'll eat every day. I guess some people like to, I think it's easier to just use fitday and calc your tallies with their website (www.fitday.com)

I am in the low 130's right now and 5'10", and have been clean bulking for a while. Check out my journal, I posted my diet totals. The thing about skinnies like us is we often need alot more carbs than other body types, and less fats. (i'm assuming you're slim)

a average about 45-50%carbs, 30-40%protien and 15-20%fats, and low amounts of saturated fat make me gain slow, while increasing sat fats can make my gains increase dramatically. between 10-15, more if i'm not gaining fast enough, less if i'm gaining too fast

Ryan Zielonka
09-03-2006, 10:49 AM
If you can count what you're eating you're not eating enough. You likely have a veritable incinerator for a metabolism. Use it, because any excess calories are going to muscle. If you're young, you are in prime shape for muscle growth. Throw out everything you've read about "nutrition." I've known enough ectomorphs and helped them put on muscle (much to my chagrin) using the following strategy. Let's get to work:

Screw health food.

Well, not screw health food, but get away from the narrow minded, current bodybuilding dogma of "whole-grain this, low-gi that, carb cycling" nonsense. For some phenotypes (i.e., my endomorphic ass) we need that attention to detail since our bodies desperately like to be fat. Yours doesn't. Neither does my brother's (also a raging ecto). You need calorically dense foods. Pop tarts come to mind. So does ice cream. You have a huge metabolic advantage in that your body upregulates its metabolic rate and then will properly partition those calories to muscle. At the end of the days it's calories and you need more!. Keep in mind being lean and muscular is not always congruent with "health." That's why I recommend curbing consumption of junk food (excessive fried foods, HFCS consumption, pop, trans fatty acids, excessive saturates) but not becoming obsessive in the usual bodybuilder sense.

High-GI carbs are your friend.

You should be carbing all day. High GI carbs stimulate hunger. Embrace that. Local teriyaki joints should become your new home. The huge portions of protein from chicken breast, coupled with the buckets of white rice and sugary sauces are veritable bombs of anabolism. You probably get full really quickly so focus on eating consistently all day. For some reason I find ectos power through their food in five minutes and then sit around wondering why they're so full. Don't do that. Pace yourself like a good fat kid. Ever notice how they're always last to finish their food? :)

Eat your protein first, and then whatever the hell else you want afterward.

And for some reason ectos always underconsume protein. Who knows why. Eat more of it. In fact, eat it first. As long as you get in your protein requirement per meal, you should try to pack in as much food as possible afterward. Milk, pop tarts, loaves of bread, small children... you get the idea.

Embrace workout nutrition.

A huge area of opportunity. Get ahold of some fast acting protein and buy a box of sugary kid cereal. Another anabolic bomb. Just cram in as much cereal and milk as you can and throw down some of that protein. Also, I highly recommend investing in creatine. It'll give you an additional nutrient partitioning advantage, and it's so cheap, how can you not?

To get big you need to be a big eater.

You know the guys who go to McDonald's and order 10 Big Macs? That's you. You know the guys at pizza buffets who'll destroy three of those pepperoni'd out bad boys? That's you. The number one limiting factor of anyone in this game is the mental side. Tom Venuto discusses this quite extensively We identify so often our personalities and our behaviors based on how we perceive ourselves to "look." Small people always eat small, feel small, dress small, act small. You're not small any more. You're f0rking h00ge.

Ain't 'nuthin but a peanut, so go make Ronnie proud...