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Increase Muscular Strength, Size, and Hardness†

Generate Increased Blood Flow and Muscular Fullness†

Increase Muscle Cell Volumization†

Maximize Total Power Output†

Enhance Muscle Fiber Recovery†

Announcing 3-XL™

Respect. It doesn't come easy. You have to earn it... By gritting out rep after rep in the gym. In your quest for heroic biceps, bowling ball shoulders, and an extra wide back. Bottom line: You have to make the most of every workout. That's where 3-XL comes in.

3-XL is the most advanced creatine ester formula developed. Engineered to deliver more increases in muscular size and strength than anything you've ever tried before. Within one week, you'll experience greater muscular fullness, crush your current training plateaus, and carry a "pump" around the gym that makes other guys seethe with envy.

Now that's RESPECT!

Frequently Asked Questions about 3-XL™

Q: What is 3-XL?
A: 3-XL is an advanced creatine ethyl ester formula, developed by the researchers at iSatori Technologies, to help increase muscular size, strength, and hardness.

Q: How does 3-XL work?
A: 3-XL is engineered to improve the absorption and retention of creatine, using a novel form of creatine ethyl ester hydrochloride. Creatine ethyl ester, in combination with its bioactive agents, and a unique delivery method called Accelerated Plasma Shuttle Technology™, found only in 3-XL, will dramatically improve total muscular output and increase muscle mass, strength, and hardness. For those seeking the most advanced results possible with 3-XL, iSatori's researchers also recommend using H+Blocker™, the new carnosine synthesizer, to maximize gains.

Q: What kind of results can I expect from using 3-XL?
A: Although it's literally impossible to say exactly how much muscle size and strength each person will gain from using 3-XL—obviously, as individuals differ, so will results—it is not unheard of for individuals to experience immediate strength gains, muscle fullness, and noticeable lean body mass gains within the first five days. More notably, though, unlike conventional creatine monohydrate, which has to be "loaded" and then "cycled," 3-XL can be used continuously, thereby allowing users to continue to experience results for as long as they use the supplement.

Q: What's inside 3-XL?
A: The combination of active compounds, found only in 3-XL, is called Tri-STRENGTH Creatine Complex™. This is an exclusive blend of creatine ethyl ester, creatine monohydrate, and di-creatine malate, which are the most superior forms of creatine substances available. To that, di-arginine malate was added as a natural biological precursor for nitric oxide, to aid in the delivery of creatine and improve blood flow. 3-XL also contains a precise blend of histidine, carbohydrates, sodium, and chloride to aid in the rapid transport of the nutrients through the gut and into the muscular plasma and enhance creatine absorption and storage even more.

Q: Why is 3-XL better than regular creatine monohydrate?
A: Keep in mind, 3-XL contains some creatine monohydrate, along with di-creatine malate. However, using only the purest esterfied form of creatine (creatine ethyl ester hydrochloride), combined with these two other forms of creatine, in the Tri-STRENGTH Creatine Complex™, 3-XL is engineered to improve the effects of creatine and eliminate all of the unwanted, common "side effects" of conventional creatine forms. In other words, with 3-XL, you can expect:

Creatines to transport faster and more efficiently (up to 10 times faster), because of their lipopholic abilities, and thus use fat more efficiently to permeate the cell wall and exert its effects upon cellular function.
No "loading" is required because more of the creatine is absorbed, and the optimal dose needs to be taken only once daily.
Typically, creatine ethyl ester works for most creatine "non-responders."
Virtually no water retention occurs outside of the target muscle cells, thereby eliminating the infamous "creatine bloat."

Q: How do I take 3-XL for optimal results?
A: As the label recommends, consume one serving (a single scoop) of 3-XL—Fruit Punch or Orange Blast flavored—mixed with eight ounces of water, about 30 minutes immediately following intense exercise or physical activity. On non-training days, consume one serving following your morning or afternoon meal. Remember, as with all supplements, "more is better" is not always a good idea. 3-XL is engineered to work with a single dose taken each day. Each container of 3-XL contains 30 servings—enough for a full month's supply.

Q: Do I need to "load" or "cycle" 3-XL?
A: Loading is not necessary. Relative to cycling, although there is no need to "cycle" 3-XL, as we recommend with all supplements, it's suggested that users follow an eight- to 12-week "on" period followed by a two- to four-week "off" period. It's always a good practice to cleanse the body and help it respond more optimally to supplement usage again, once it's resumed.

Q: Can I take 3-XL with a creatine product?
A: No. It's not necessary. However, for those seeking the most advanced results possible with 3-XL, iSatori's researchers also recommend using H+Blocker™, the new carnosine synthesizer, to maximize gains.

Q: Are there any known side effects?
A: There are no known negative side effects. In fact, the active compounds in 3-XL are produced in the body, are naturally found in small amounts within meats such as beef, and have been tested in animals and humans quite extensively with no adverse effects. Remember, it's always a good idea to check with your doctor first before starting any new diet or exercise plan. And please read the label carefully before you begin use.

Q: What if I have more questions about 3-XL?
A: Please contact our Customer Care Department at 1-866-688-7679 (Dept. #2128), and one of our certified fitness experts will answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Find out how this new supplement can help you
Increase Muscular Strength, Size, and Hardness and Maximize Cell Volumization and Muscular Fullness

For additional information
call us toll free at 1-866-688-7679

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Nice bottle / label! Very eye appealing!

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Good luck with it :)

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bump :)

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looks awesome

planning on any logging in the future

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sure, i'd be happy to review it!


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That's the first thing I thought as well. Black bottles are very sexy :)

Nice bottle / label! Very eye appealing!

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looks awesome

planning on any logging in the future

we are in the works right now. ive mentioned it.

Stay tuned for 2 new product releases. i know we are logging those.

let me get a more definite response for you guys

I love the sexy new bottles to lol

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i loved isatoris creatine h+blocker stack before and id love to log this one for you guys in the future, and i also cant wait for the new product to be released.


09-23-2006, 02:43 PM
No offense to any companies and perhaps this should be noted as I am not the only one to feel this way... I am rather turned off at the moment to CEE due to recent instances with it causing "problems". You have read the threads, you know what I am talking about.

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Nice bottle / label! Very eye appealing!

Yes i gotta agree. Nice packaging

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yep very nice bottle

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if my hyperdrol/mass fx log is done in time i'll def be applying to review this stuff, i loved the h+blocker/ce-xl combo!

speaking of, what happened with those samples of the new h+blocker flavor?

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should be getting them anyday dean it left from SC early this past week

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should be getting them anyday dean it left from SC early this past week
awesome man, i hate being here on the west coast, seems a lot of companies are on the eastern side of the US and stuff takes a long time to ship over here...thanks again though.

price range of the new 3xl?