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01-10-2003, 11:42 AM
Well I did a search for this but it didnt go to well...

I'm bulking now but trying to get my meal plan together for when I cut, and am having trouble finding many good sources of low gi carbs, I have a few, but am trying to get as many together as I can to make up my meal plan....

Also couldnt find a gi list on the net which would help me out a lot...but oh well.

So anyways...lets here em.
and thanks in advance.

01-10-2003, 01:17 PM
apples, grapefruit, beans, milk.

01-10-2003, 01:17 PM
Oatmeal, beans, apples, oranges, berries, etc.. There aren't really that many low GI complex carb sources. Even though they contain mostly the simple carb fructose, fruits such as apples, oranges, and berries generally have some of the lowest GIs. However fructose is more likely to fill the liver glycogen stores rather than muscle glycogen stores, which is not desireable. Oatmeal has a higher GI than those fruits, but is a better source of carbs. Eating moderate GI foods, such as sweet potatoes, along with protein and some fat will give you a good relatively low GI meal. I wouldn't worry about GI all that much, since you never eat carbs by themselves, but with protein and fat. Just stay away from the high GI refined carbs such as white bread or sweets.

01-10-2003, 01:33 PM
Are you looking for low based on the glucose standard or white bread standard? I guess both are ultimately the same. Are you looking for a certain number?

01-10-2003, 01:40 PM
This is based on a white bread standard, FYI:

Rice Bran cereal 27
Pearled Barley 36
Rye 48
Dried Peas 32
Brown Beans 34
Black Beans 43
Cherries 32
Grapefruit 36
Dried Apricots 44
Soybeans 25
Kidney Beans 42
Fettucine 46
Vermicelli 50
Spaghetti 53

Does this help?

01-10-2003, 04:28 PM
- Rolled Oats/Oatmeal 42
- Black beans 30
- Yams 35
- Sweet Potato 44
- All-bran 38
- Wheat Tortilla 30
- Brown Beans 38
- Lentils 30
- Whole Wheat/Wholemeal Spaghetti 36

No fruits for me.

01-12-2003, 01:26 PM
What about popcorn? Natural, no butter/oil.

01-16-2003, 09:46 AM
Originally posted by Timbo
C'mon, Wildman, we already went thru this, bro! The nutritional information varies only slightly from yams to sweet potatoes.

Yams (per 100g cooked)116cals, 1.5g pro, 0.1g fat, 27.6g carbs

Sweet Potatoes (per 100g cooked)105cals, 1.6g pro, 0.2g fat, 24.3g carbs

Do they say what kind of sweet potatoes/yams they are? Like Japanese Yams, etc.

This is good keep going