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07-12-2006, 04:56 AM
How can u figure how much you have burned in one day in order to see the difference in what you ate as opposed to wha tyou burned???

Is there a calculator of some sort that can do this? Yet at the same time when doing HIIT on an elliptical are those readings accurate? I know its a guestimate...but would the "true" calories burned be higher or lower than the reading??? since it has no spicific idea on your height, gender, ect... how about weight trainning? Same question applies.

Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question...but i'm down to my last 10-15 pounds and its impossible so i need to track everything. And yes my diet has been revamped for the millionth time...

07-12-2006, 05:30 AM
to work out how many calorie you burned in one day:
use your BMR or RMR (basal metabolic rate) and multiply it by the activities u do in 24 hrs.

to work out your BMR multiply ur weight in kg( pounds divided by 2.2) x 0.9 (if u r a woman)
eg: 50 kilo x 0.9 = 45 cals per hour (if doing nothing but sleep)

sleeping is BMR (45 calories per hour) x 1
light activity (sitting, standing writing etc) is BMR x 1.5
moderate activity (walking) is BMR x 5
heavy activity (lifting weights, high intensity cardio ) is BMR x 7

for example 1 day could be
sleep 8 hrs (BMR x1 x 8hrs) = 360 calories
sitting throughout day14 hrs (bmr x 1.5 x14 hrs) = 945 calories
workout 2 hours (you usually count calories burned during a workout i use this method rather then bmr beacuse intensity varies) so workout = approx 600 calories
total calories burnt in 1 day = 1905 (my average but you should calculate this using ur own BMR)

hope this is easy enough to understand good luck