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07-02-2006, 12:43 PM
Ok, so a female friend asked me to help her create a weight training program. She is 20 and already in good shape. She is looking to gain some muscle especially create some arm definition, but still keep a very feminine figure. I've already convinced her that building muscle is the way to go and that she will not end up looking like a guy, but I would still like to tailor a workout plan for her with exercises that will help a female body.

She is already doing cardio every day and I was recommending to encorporate weight training 3 days a week Mon, Wed, and Fri; alternating between upper body and lower body with a ABA BAB split. For the exercises I would like input on which exercises would be the best. I was thinking

A - Upper Body
Incline Bench 2 x 15
Pull Downs 2 x 15
Machine Tricep Extentions 2 x 15
Machine Bicep Curls 2 x 15
Back Extensions 2 x 15

B - Lower Body
Leg Press 3 x 20
Leg Extensions 3 x 20
Leg Curls 3 x 20

What do you guys think about these exercises? I know shoulders are a bit neglected and the reason for that is that I have heard anecdotal evidence from a few of my female friends (swimmers) that doing shoulders creates sort of a blocky look.