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06-26-2006, 01:18 PM
Hello everyone, my sister is 24, 5'7, 146lbs.

here's a quote from her generally stating her diet:
"well i've been doing proten shakes on monday with water then big salad with olive oil and like filet or fish for dinner, fruit every 2 hours 5x then same dinner tue and wed, then thursday & sat i eat plain yogurt with blueberries for breakfast with nuts, lunch is usually like big salad and protein, then dinner maybe a lean meat and vegetable, friday and sun i eat plain yogurt with banana or a wheat free pancake with tiny syrup, then maybe sushi for lunch or dinner and like say eggs and sweet potato for dinner (i've been doin jay robb diet) which is fruit flush mon-wed and then healthy low carb, high carb alternate..wheat free all the time" 1200-1600 cals/day

heres a quote giving a general example of her workout:
"i run/walk outside for 30 minutes somedays and when i go to gym i'll do elliptical for 30 minutes hard...and do like back & tris one day (machines for back and typical tri exercises), then chest and biceps another day (1 machine, 1 free weight chest and bicep curls, 2 different kinds), rarely do legs, and then shoulders are where u lift weights forward then out to side and when u sit down and lift arms above head)"

her goals are to lose body fat and change her size/appearence with that.
she's been trying for the last 5 years to lose 10lbs. She's seen nutritionists, trainers, holistic physicians.

Doctor's think her adrenalglands are stressed heavily which might has a connection to problems with her metabolism especially with sugars so she has been really strict with her diet for a long time.

I was hoping to find her a good workout routine because I feel that what she does now is crap and what she has been taught at the gym is crap. But all i know and have researched is strength training for me and well, my goals and her goals are different. I want to put on lots of lean mass. However, I feel that maybe if she added some lean muscle it would help her burn fat naturally and with the way she is exercising she'll never build muscle.

Any help/tips/advice would be greatly appreciated thanks.

06-26-2006, 01:49 PM
Yes, gaining muscle will help her burn the fat, since it will raise her metabolic rate. Newbies can fairly easily gain muscle and burn fat at the same time.

I recommend you/she go to my website http://terracotta2.googlepages.com

BTW, she should be measuring and logging foods (not just estimating) for at least a week or two in a program like www.nutridiary.com