View Full Version : Worried about bulking, what you lot reckon.

06-26-2006, 11:39 AM

Now bet you lot think im being stupid but it is a general concern. Now im going away in 2 weeks so i have been cutting for about 2 months. Im 143 pounds but i aint a skinny 143 if you get me. Ive always been weight concious and sorry i have no pictures to show you. I have some muscle most of which i gained over the 2 months but i also been doing alot of cardio, thing is i want to bulk as soon as i get back from my hols but am slightly nervous that ill just look fat. suppose you can say im worried ill undo the work that i just done which to me is pretty dam good. Now im going to go with eating 2800 cals soon as i get back and im going to start taking muscle milk and cycle NO explode say every 4 weeks, my supplements are basically:

optimum whey (pre/post workout)
Muscle milk (before bed)
Flax seed oil (twice a day in shakes)

im also going to try and get hold of NOW multivitamin, what are your views on that product?

Do those supplements sound ok, do you think i should keep the optimum whey or ditch it, and just use muscle milk?

So i suppose thats it, i was just wondering if anyone else had the same story at some point and if there is anything you guys want to add. I know you cant cut if you havent got the muscle to show through, thats why im really up for, its just a concern.

Cheers guys.

06-26-2006, 04:33 PM
Hi there. Hey... I think everyone is worried about undoing work that they have done but what what I recommend if you are still trying to lose the weight would be to get off of the muscle milk and keep the ON. I actually just bought some whey from cytosport that tastes real good. Muscle milk is just high in calories and could make you gain weight. bulking will make you gain weight. You just have to eat clean, lift hard, keep up with cardio, and sleep sleep sleep... you should find out your RMR and then add a lil more calories to that and break it up into a 40 40 20 ration between Protein, Carbs, and fat. thats where the muscle milk might hurt you. You can either cut or bulk.... i hope that kind of helped...