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06-23-2006, 06:24 AM
Hi to everybody and compliments for the beautiful forum .
I am great fan of female sport , and even if only for hobby I have realized one blog in which I picks up profiles of athletes of different disciplines , in the hope to show how strong , healthy , and in good shape are the women that devoted her to the sports . All the profiles that I write result from interviews done to the athletes , therefore I don't succeed in posting with a lot of frequency ... but I will keep on contacting sporting women to enrich the blog and to signal examples of strength and femininity . Naturally I accept signalings of athletes , sportswomen , "natural athletes" or whatever girl that could appear in the pages of the blog , and I apologize for my not very correct English, but I hope that can be however understood ...
The address of blog is


The profiles are written in Italian and in English
Thanks for the attention , you are all invited on the blog to read my writings !!!!