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06-19-2006, 05:41 PM
After posting this in a wrong section, I was directed to post this message in the female section, hopefully I get more answeres in here!

I am just wonderin if maybe some of the females could help me out. I had a baby 5 months ago. I was determined to get back into pre pregnancy shape within weeks of giving birth (ya right)! I started out with pilates and yoga with resistance bands/walking to ease my way into a more thorough workout. That failed miserably, although it was fun, I had no energy to keep it up, what with the mid night rush feeding the baby etc. I started taking Xenedrin to boost some energy, that seemed to work and so I started Gunner Pedersons "Core Secrets", but soon lost interest in that. Its been like 1.5 months since I stopped working out, and its so hard to keep a routine going thats going to be effective.

I started the core secrets again today and ran a minute/walked a minute for 2 miles... Nothin is worse then feeling like hell about your post preggo body, can anyone give me some direction on how to achieve a sexier, sleeker bod?!?!

06-19-2006, 05:53 PM
Hey take it easy, you just had a BABY! I know you don’t need me to tell you that but still, relax. Spend some time looking into exercises and find things you know you can stick with and will work for you rather then just jumping into popular workouts. Maybe something a little more easy going since you did just have a baby a little more then a month ago.

I think if you spend the time going though workouts and exercises rather then just jumping into some kind of routine you’ll be more likely to put something together you can actually stick with and work with. JMO there though…

Personally, I think you should just enjoy your baby more then anything else.

06-19-2006, 06:41 PM
Congratulations! My baby is 6.5 months old. The best thing I did for myself was to work on building back my muscle. I hadn't exercised at all during my pregnancy, so I was weak and lost a lot of muscle. A lot of women after having a baby, will lose weight but still not fit back into their clothes. I believe this is because they lose muscle mass.

Building muscle is my priority right now. It's hard to work out when you're tired - I know!! But I'd be tired anyway even if I didn't work out. I drink coffee for a boost, but I also drink a lot of water. The supplements I'm taking include flaxseed oil, sesamin, glutamine, and protein powder.

So I would really recommend doing strength training. Adding muscle will increase your metabolism and firm up your body.

My theory is "9 months up, 9 months down". Most of us don't lose the baby weight like the celebrities do - it does take time. ((HUG))

06-19-2006, 06:52 PM
I appreciate the replies! Its nice sometimes to hear from other moms that they too are strugglin along with the post partum weight loss. When I got pregnant I weighed 115lbs, very tiny and fit. However due to my moms blasted genes I gained a whopping 55lbs, and thats with eating sensible and walking as often as I could. Im now 145lbs, and its hard to look at those girls who have babies and 2 days later are wearing size 1 (case and point my bestfriend who gained 45lbs with her son, and 3 months later was 120 *shaking fist*). I really am getting alot of motivation from this site, seeing as I dont belong to a gym, just reading posts and getting work out ideas from people is a real help! Thanks Ladies :)

btw: congrats with your babes, theyre amazing!!!

06-20-2006, 06:28 AM
Hi Momma23 - just wanted to let you know that you're so not alone! I just had my baby 4 months ago and am still struggling with those last few pounds, but I also remind myself that it does take time, persistance and lots of patience! I didn't have a chance to gain as much as I should have as my DS was 9 weeks early, but I still have a post-preggo body and it is a daily practice of self motivation to keep going and know there's light at the end of the tunnel!
Try not to be so hard on yourself, it'll happen! Give yourself a chance to get into an exercise regimine and let your body adjust to those nights without sleep - you'll get there! Not only that, you're still young and that is definitely at your advantage.
Hang in there, you've also come to the right place - these ladies are very knowledgable and extremely helpful!
Enjoy your baby!!

06-20-2006, 12:52 PM
First of all, get your diet right. Make sure that you're taking in lots of quality protein and carbs. After I had my son, I tried the Atkins thing, even though I thought it was the stupidest diet out there. I was breast feeding and really needed the carbs for my energy. I got up once, in the middle of the night, and couldn't make it into his room. I had to sit in the middle of the kitchen and eat (the first thing I grabbed was some Corn Pops) before I could go get him. STUPID! My husband was at work, so my poor baby had to sit and cry until I could muster the energy to go get him.

After that, I got myself on a good diet program. I made sure to eat often (6-7 times a day) and to have protein, fat, and carbs at every meal. Within three months I was actually smaller than I was before having Jack.

Finally, lift, lift, lift. Don't pay attention to scale, pay attention to how you look. And lifting will make you look (and feel) a thousand times better.