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06-18-2006, 01:31 PM
Hello everyone,

I've just joined the forum today and I'm looking forward to joining in all the discussions!! Although I'm new to the forum here I'm not new to training. A bit about me...

I'm a 24 (25 next month!!) year old female in the UK. I first started weight training in 2002 aged 20. I initially followed the Body For Life program - one day 20 minutes morning cardio, the next weight training with a three day split, repeat, repeat!! I ate 100% clean and I absolutely loved it and I had lots of free time (I was studying at the time ;o)) so I trained every day and transformed my body!! Although I have no before/after photographs at my training "best" I was at 17% body fat and around 104-110lbs (I'm 5'4".)

There's a big "but" coming though... after a couple of months of serious training my monthly periods stopped, I didn't particularly worry about this at the time but anywho they stopped completely and didn't come back... without getting too familiar in a first post (!!) I haven't had one since December 2002!! I'm the first to admit I'm not a very maternal girl, I have a little nephew whom I adore but having kids myself just doesn't appeal. Anyways I went to my family doctor (for a completely unrelated thing, I needed a blood sample taking by the practice nurse because I'm taking part in a longitudinal UK breast cancer study) anyways the practice nurse and my doctor freaked out and my muscular physique and scared the hell out of me - telling me to put some meat on my bones, quit all the exercise and weight training and to give my body a break, talk of brittle bones, not being able to have children until my body weight was up etc. etc.

Well stupidly I listened!! I honest don't think I was over-training, I was the fittest I had every been in my life. But anyways I had some important uni exams coming up and I decided to take a "training break." My doctor was so concerned that he assigned my a dietcain and insisted on "keeping an eye" on my weight. Well seen as my training was much, much less - I did a general, non-intense "maintenance"-type full body weight training session twice a week and my cardio was just an afternoon 30 minute dog walk.

Well there were holidays and unhealthy nights out instead of early nights for the gym the next morning and as "hoped" the weight did come back and I truly didn't (don't!) like it. I don't feel nearly as fit as I was before, I feel like my muscles are hiding under my flesh!! - To make matters worse, I'm now a suppsoedly "ideal" 134lb with 24% body fat and my periods have _not_ returned, I've been over 120lb for more than six months now - and I am just desperate to get back to training, all this flesh is making me depressed, 90% of my clothes are too tight and I just miss training so much!!

Anyone got any thoughts on this? Am I being stupid or what? I just feel like a big part of my enjoyment is missing from my life. I loved keeping a training journal and workout log and seeing my steady lifting improvements, looking forward to the following day's muscle aches etc.

So I've decided to ignore my doctor's (stupid?) concerns and re-commit to training. I am no longer a student and I now live and work from my own home. I moved in a couple of months back and one of the first things I bought was a treadmill, weights bench and free weights set!! I've had to do some work to the house but I'm now ready to commit the time and effort to a programs... and I cannot wait to get started again!!

Treadmill - http://www.sweatbandfitness.co.uk/shop/detail.asp?ProductGroupID=11488
Weights bench - http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/3022470.htm
Free weights - http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/3025350.htm

As I said I work from home and I usually start at between 05:45 and 06:00am and I like to do my cardio first thing. So it's a 5am alarm I'm afraid!!

For the past week or so I have been having a bit of a go at training again, but I'm going to go properly full-force at it from tomorrow morning ;o)

My intentions are thus...

Cardio and weight training on alternate days. Depending on how my legs feel cardio may be 26mins on my treadmill at a 2% incline (3mins warm-up and cool-down at 4kph with 20mins of running, 8kph in the middle.) This gets my heart pumping and my heart rate in my target zone. Alternatively, if my legs are feeling a bit sore I may do a morning dog walk (although he hates being dragged out at 5am!!) instead for 30 minutes, maybe longer if the weather is nice. On non-cardio days I do a stationary cycle for 20 minutes at a med-low resistance, for 5 miles.

Cycling days are also weight training days (although I weight train in the afternoon when my muscles have warmed up.) I'm still deliberating how I'll split this, it'll be every other day after all. I'm considering a three day split. I've got a nice plan for my shoulders and arms session which I've trialled and it's given me a nice ache the next day ;o) I'm unsure about leg training, I don't want to over-train my legs - their physique is good enough and my cardio efforts are always leg-based. I have also yet to decide upon a good back and abs training plan - which is my intentions for tomorrow afternoon.

Anyways it's almost my bed time so I had better wrap up this post, sorry it was so long guys!!

Oh and my all-important nutrition plan, 100% clean, 7 days - I'm an all-or-nothing kinda girl, with a 50-35-15 split. I want to really dive in so I'm opting for 1400kcals initially to see some quick improvements. No doubt this will increase to maybe 1600 as my weight training gains mommentum - and obviously mass!! I'll monitor my losses on the scales and work out what my maintenance calorie intake will be from that. I'm not trying to be silly, 2lb per week will be a nice steady loss - fat loss only though please!! I'm really hoping that my body will "remember" it's training from before and that my body will spring back into shape (fingers crossed!!)

I'm really off the boil re: good nutriton though so I'm going to write down my meal plan for tomorrow as best I can now and then I'll have to peruse the 'net to get some sound nutritional recommendations for the days (and weeks!!) ahead!!

- Comments on that lot greatfully received!!
Lindy ;o)

06-18-2006, 09:02 PM
Hi Lindy, Welcome to the boards! Lots of great information here. Have you tried FitDay for tracking food. It is great! www.fitday.com There is a free online version and a paid PC version (I have it and think it is worth it). Your plan sounds good. I'd be concerned about not having a period for that long though especially with your weight up to a reasonable level. I am not a fan of fooling with mother nature unless you're competing and it's short term, just my opinion though.

It appears your doing cardio on "non-cardio" days too though with the cycling. That may be a bit much for trying to build muscle. My dog would LOVE to goout at any time! Although she walks me! :) More like drags me! Hum, we need to work on that...

Planning all of this is half the fun, the other half is doing it! :D

06-18-2006, 09:14 PM

PorscheGal - Thanks for the reply ;o) Yeah I know the period thing is indeed a Mother-Nature-Mystery. I mean they started when I was 12, were completely regular and normal (5-7 days) for like eight years then poof - gone completely!! I got back upto 120lb in around August / September last year and haven't dipped bellow since. I initially figured that I'd wait for them to return, gaining weight as needed and then find the weight where they would be present but also allow me to train - and like I said in my post it just hasn't happenend. So I gave ya the chance Mother Nature but I'm positively itching to get back to training!! I was so excited last night that I started entering my customised foods on fitday.com so once that's up and running (heh heh!!) I'll post the link so other's can take a peek!

Anywho it's 05:12 and I'm about to wake the beast (my dog!!)

Have a great one!!
L ;o)