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12-19-2002, 06:04 AM

i have been training now for like 1 1/2 years. i started out with like onle 110 lbs! and now i am up to 152 lbs on 5´7. i have also made good gains and id say i am at about 12-13 % bf. obviously i still am not content with my weight and would like to bulk up to like 160- 165 but i have extrem difficulties gaining weight now...even eating 5 meals a day taking gainer shakes and moving over 3000 kcal.
my question now is....how much kcal should i eat per day and how much % prots carbs and fat.
stats: 5`7 ; 152 lbs ; student (so no high kcal work and lots of sleep lol); 12-13% bf, ectomorph!!! can only gain weight hard, 14,5" arms 41" chest (just that u get a little of an idea of how trained i am)
my goals 160 - 170 lbs not too much fat

what should my diet look like? (i do know the facts of healthy nutrition and training i am not a newbie...i only wanna have a few tips....cause i bmi or other calculators dont really help, and i find it extremly hard to find a diet that helps me gain)

and how often would u say training would be wise

i tend to overtrain..... 5 times a week every bodypart on a day 5 sets and like 5 exercises....is that too much.

would you tend to train more to a 3-split and keep it at HIT short but hard???

what are you specific expiriences beeing ectomorph and hardgainer concernig training length and diet??? and NATURAL training....the games all different with roids :-)

thanks for ur help and sorry for my english! i am from germany!

12-19-2002, 09:24 AM
If your not putting on weight, up the calories, it the only way to find out how much you need, I personally eat 4000Kcals and that's enouh for me but I know of hardgainers who eat like 6000-7000cals. Make sure your diets clean and stick with it for a week and as I said, if you don't put at least 1lb up the next week by 500kcals until you start putting on weight. Try and make sure at least 4 of you 6 meal per day are solid food, don't rely on shakes, best keep them for post-workout.

Personally I train 5 times a week, seperate day for each body part. About 4 exercise (generally compound) per session, about 3 sets and 6-8 reps per set. If I can do 8 reps the following week I up the weight. But you need to find whats best for you.