View Full Version : BV and Complete proteins

06-02-2006, 10:33 AM
Just want to clarify a common mistake I've seen on this forum:

User1: I made this protein shake w/ peanut butter, soy protein, yogurt, and casein powder. It's awesome!

User 2: Dude, that's amazing. All those different protein sources...that must have an INSANELY high BV.

Actually BV (biological value) has nothing to do with the number of different kinds of protein in a meal. Instead, BV measures how quickly and effectively that protein is absorbed. The BV for User1's shake, given that most of his protein choices are fairly slow to digest, might still be fairly low.

That doesn't make it a bad meal, of course. Sometimes you want a slow-digesting protein (like before bed, etc.). Also, User1's shake has another important thing: Protein completeness.

Protein, of course, is made up of different types of amino acids. Some foods have more of certain amino acids and less of others. By combining protein sources, incomplete proteins can be balanced out, creating the effect of a complete protein. This is entirely different from digestion rate (BV).