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tryin 2 get big
05-26-2006, 11:01 AM
Thank you to all of you who will help me out. I am 5í8 165. I am looking to bulk up a bit. First I will post my Diet, then my Workout followed by supplements.


- I have never had Oats before. What is the best kind if I am looking to bulk? I know I will not like how they taste, so what is the best way to take them? I heard people mix them in their protein shakes in the morning.

--- Monday Wednesday Friday only

-Muscle Milk shake (mixed with :steelcut: Oats?) with Milk. 2 toasts with light butter spread and milk to drink. This is approx 7:45 AM.

Noon Snack:
-Fruit- I go to UM and live at home, so I donít have any way to keep it cold. I like most fruits. Grapes Bananas and apples are all probably the easiest. I like oranges and pineapple but they are messy and taste better cold.

-I have class at 2:30 until 3:20. I plan on my lunch being a sandwich with Boars Head deli meat. A week ago I posted the Nutri Facts, and I have decided to make it a smaller sandwich with less cheese, and less Cajun Turkey= Significantly cutting down the *saturated* fat (27g alone from 4 slices of cheese) and Sodium from the Turkey. All in all its about 30g of protein in the sandwich.

-I will probably be working out M W F at 5 pm. Considering this, should I have my sandwich before my 2:30 class (2 hours after my fruit snack) or wait until class is done at 3:20 to have my sandwich? That leaves me about an hour and a half before my workout. I donít know which is best.

Post Workout:
-So I have heard muscle milk is not good for post workout because of the fat, and it slows down the absorption rate. I plan on taking a Whey Isolate immediately post workout. Probably this would be at 7 pm.

-I am in the school of Architecture at UM, and its very time demanding. I donít know what time I will be getting home. So dinner may be at 8 it may be much later. Usually dinner is chicken and white rice. I know that this is a big no no. I have never had brown rice before so if anyone could please recommend a good tasting brown rice that would be great. I am going to try and start getting a lot more fish as well.

Before Bed Shake:
-I plan on taking a Muscle Milk shake before bed, mixed with milk. This could be anytime of the night. Hopefully no later than 1 am.

-I will be doing the Specific Training workout, so I will only be working out M W F. T and R are my off days. I love to play racquetball, and it gets very intense at times. How much cardio is recommended if I am looking to bulk? Should I play one or two times a week?
--Just curious if anyone else has seen good results with this workout?

-I have been reading up a lot the best Multi Vitamin and I have narrowed it down to 2. Animal Pak and NOW Adam multi vit. The animal pak at the vitaminshoppe across my house has it for 25 dollars. This is way too expensive. For those that have taken it, is there really that much more of a benefit? Basically what am I better off taking? Note- Price is a 50% factor. Depends on the difference between the 2 products. If there is a big diff then I donít mind spending the money, but if they do the same job, ill stick with the cheaper product.

-So for my post workout I plan on taking a whey isolate. I have seen the ON Gold Standard 100% Whey thrown around plenty of times. Its 32 dollars for the 5lb. Thereís 77 servings with 1 scoop. I only like chocolate shakes. Is this one good quality and good taste? If not what do you recommend?

-for my morning and before bed shakes I will be taking muscle milk.

Recap for easily answering my questions:

-Which kind of Oats are best, and how do I take them? I wonít like taste so quickest/easiest way possible is best.

-Is there anything wrong with my diet? Should I change anything? What is the best Fruit for my snack? What time should I be eating my sandwich? 3 hours before workout(2pm)? Or 1.5 hours before workout(3:30pm)?

-Best whey isolate for post workout?
-Best tasting brown rice? I have never had it before.
- Is Muscle Milk before bed OK?

-Have you heard good or bad things about the Specific Training Workout?
-How often should I play *intense* racquetball?

-Best Multi Vitamin? Somewhat Price Sensitive. Oh yea, I donít like vegetables, so the things I donít get from Vegiís I hope will be included in the Multi Vit.

I know I asked a lot of questions, so if you can only answer the ones you know, that will be greatly appreciated. If you can answer all, even more thanks.

05-26-2006, 11:24 AM
musclemilk before bed is fine, I usually have one everyday..

as far as multivitamins go, I take NOW ADAM.. it has a good rep around here. another one is ON Opti-Men, both should be pretty much the same

as far as oats go, the 'standard' is quaker old fashioned oats. http://www.quakeroatmeal.com/Products/SQO/SQO-OldFashioned.cfm Why won't you like the taste of them? Have you ever had them? I usually like to flavor it with a tablespoon of walden farm's chocolate syrup, although many people use splenda, cinnamon, etc.

for whey isolates I go with syntrax nectar, albeit pricy for 2lbs.

for brown rice .. when I do eat it... I usually have uncle ben's.. it's in an orange box. http://www.unclebens.com/rice/default.aspx?tab=6&prodCat=8

tryin 2 get big
05-26-2006, 11:30 AM
thanks alot i appreciate it