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im like so fat
05-07-2006, 04:16 AM
Hi folks... I'm up to 260 pounds now (5'10" 28 years old), the last year I've gained 45 pounds due to being chronically ill and not caring what I've eaten. I must stress that I am not necessarily obsessed with the speed that I lose fat, but rather I would like to focus on eating healthy and let the fat naturally fall off.... I say this because, the last time I tried to diet, I would make it until late at night and I would start getting extreme hunger pains and cravings for pizza, taco bell, and other stuff that makes you feel really full and satisfied. What can I safely eat or do to satisfy these built up cravings?
And does that happen simply because my stomach is used to processing huge greasy meals and the hunger pains will go away eventually, or is it my mind telling me that I am depriving myself of necessary foods? I think perhaps I could have been leaving out needed nutrients before?

Now I need some good suggestions on finishing a grocery list, so far I have:

Tuna, lowfat mayo, and wheat bread (for tuna sandwiches)
Salad mix and fat free dressing
broccoli, frozen
plain apple sauce
campbells Tomato soup
campbells Potato soup (questionable?)
some kind of tea drink

05-07-2006, 04:39 AM
You have a good attitude towards wanting to lose it slowly and the healthy way. You probably don't want to cut your calories too far too fast and also you need to keep up a good variety of food in order to stay motivated.

Some suggestions (but you will learn an awful lot by doing a search on the forums or reading the articles on bb.com):

Make sure chicken is chicken breast (has lower fat)
Other lean meats - eg lean cuts of steak, low-fat ground beef, turkey (eg ground)
Low-fat, low-salt cottage cheese
Low-fat, low-sugar yoghurt
Other frozen vegetables could give you variety eg beans, peas, carrots, cauliflower, etc
Good carbohydrate sources - oats/oatmeal (but not the instant mixes with lots of sugar in them), whole wheat pasta, brown rice,
If you want to have the soups, at least get salt-reduced, non-sugar kinds
Low fat milk (for tea and oatmeal)
Green tea is good for you
Natural peanut butter

Eat the cottage cheese late at night and it will provide you with slow-releasing protein - good for fuelling you through the night and also a tasty snack (lots of suggestions on other threads for how to make it taste good, if you don't like it - use the search function).

Oh, also get a good multivitamin and start researching for some protein powder.