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05-04-2006, 02:14 PM
Attention Females:

Have you made an incredible transformation? Would you like to share it with the world?

Enter the Female Transformation Of The Week.

As you all know, we started the Transformation of the Week back in August of 2002 and it is still going strong. We want to bring our visitors more, so starting at the end of May; we will be bringing our viewers 2 Transformations each week. One male and one female transformation added every Wednesday.

If you have what it takes, send over the following info in as much detail as possible:

Vital Stats (before and after)
Why You Got Started?
How You Did It?
What Supplements Did You Take?
Give Us A Sample Week Of Your Diet.
What Did A Sample Week Of Training Consist Of (exercises, reps, sets)?
Suggestions For Others.

Be sure to check out:

To view other Transformations to get an idea of what we are looking for.

If you have any questions, e-mail Will at will@bodybuilding.com. Send all of your entries to will@bodybuilding.com.

Thanks and I hope to hear from you all!

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