View Full Version : What should I do

05-04-2006, 10:00 AM
Hey guys I think I'm gonna be screwed on Saturday as I don't have anyone to grease me or train me backstage at my competition.

As for training I can just workout with my bands and plan on doing plenty of crunches if they don't have any dumbells or free weights available and do dips between 2 chairs and plenty of push-ups.

But as for oiling me down my wife will be outfront with my kids and her family and she has never done this sort of thing and my friend that was supposed to be coming to assist is now stuck working.

Do they usually have someone there to help out competitors that go it alone or am I screwed?


05-04-2006, 05:28 PM
Ok, first nobody will be screwed-- When you register for a specific show, the entry form normally has a page of rules and regs and one of those NORMALLY says something to the effect of "No Trainers/Assistants backstage..assistance will be provided" or it will say "One trainer/assistant backstage per competitor, purchase of a pre-judging ticket required"-- if not, find the promoters name/email on your show;s website, and send them an email referencing the show and wether or not you can bring someone to slap on your Dream Tan and oil.

Everyone is oiling everyone up at these things, the walls are lined in plastic, tanner everywhere-- dont worry most people are perfectly pleasant and willing to help the newbie.

Good Luck-- post pictures