View Full Version : My absolute FAVORITE grilled chicken recipe

03-01-2008, 10:20 AM

Chicken Breast
George Foreman Grill
Olive Oil
Texas Pete


Prep: Sprinkle salt and oregano onto the chicken and prepare the mushrooms with coating with olive oil and sprinkle pepper on them.

1.) Cook the chicken on the grill until ~75% done, with periodic coatings with olive oil to ensure the outer parts dont turn out tough.
2.) At the same time you can cook the mushrooms right beside the chicken. Flipping occasionally - take them off and set it aside when they are done.
3.) When the chicken is ~75% done, put a layer of texas pete on top and underneath the chicken. Close the lid for 30 sec or so.
4.) Coat a layer of cheese on the chicken and sprinkle with some salt.. more pete if you want. Leave the lid open and let it melt a tiny bit.
5.) Add the mushrooms on top of the chicken (should stick to partially coated cheese) and then another layer of cheese covering the mushrooms. Partially close the lid so it melts faster.
6.) Sprinkle more texas pete on top if you want, and enjoy.

I love texas pete... so if you aren't a fan, this might not be for you :)

Edit: Next time I make this, I'll take a picture.. looks just as good as it tastes.