View Full Version : How bad are slice meats?

03-25-2006, 02:07 PM
I don't really have a strict diet because I'm dorming so I'd just eat whatever they are serving. All the foods that my dorm serve doesn't have much protein in them, for example they would serve spaghetti with like 1 or 2 meat balls in it. They do have unlimited slice meats though, so I usually make sandwiches with like 5-6 slices of meat (turkey, roast beef, salami, ham). Most of my daily protein comes from these slice meats.

My question is how bad are slice meats? I just heard they contain a lot of sodium? I eat about 2-3 of these sandwiches a day, is that bad?

03-25-2006, 02:37 PM
its not bad but id stick with turkey breast or roast beef. how lean does the ham look because sliced ham is sold as lean and fatty varieties. id stay away from salami. the sodium content shouldnt worry you, its not a problem for most people who exercise. the only other downside are sodium nitrates are most likely used as preservatives and have been said to cause cancer. however, i dont worry about it much. id be more concerned about the nutrition of the bread. ezeikal rules, bring your own slices and top the meat on that.

03-25-2006, 02:44 PM
They have wheat bread so that's what i used and the ham looks pretty lean. I mostly stack roast beef with salami in my sandwiches but i guess ill just replace the salami with either turkey or ham.

Thanks for the advice.

BTW i see you're from Albuquerque, do you happen to attend UNM? I just transfered here like 2 months ago.

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03-25-2006, 02:58 PM
the best deli sliced turkey breast you can get is diestel brand

it is expensive as hell tho 12.99/lb and i doubt dorms use it, they probably use a cheaper brand but you can usually tell if it has too much sodium by the taste of it

if you are drinking lots of water, it should have a minimal effect