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03-20-2006, 01:27 PM
Hey guys. First off ill start with a little bit of background. First off im a hard gainer... 140 lbs when i first started working out. Bench started off at 95 pounds. I worked out 3 years through high school everyday, keeping a log of my weight/reps, changing it up every week thanks to my awesome gym teacher. Which actually got me some decent gains considering i wasnt eating nearly enough. Had my bench up to 205... then i stopped working out. Now im starting again, and taking a more serious approach to it. Ive set up a basic diet plan... with a few supplements. Heres the one catch my plan has... I can only squeeze 4-5 hours of sleep a day. I have to get up at 4am for school, then go to work, i get off at like 930-10 and go straight to the gym til about 1130. So i kno thats not enough rest but i try to make up for it on my days off. But anyway, heres what ive been doing. Nitrix, No-Explode, CellMass, and Myoplex have been my supplements. In the morning i wake up take 3 nitrix, as directed, then i eat about 30-40 minutes later, at 8:30 i take 1 scoop of CellMass as directed. At 10:30 I have lunch usualy 2 Big ham/turkey sandwiches i make, with some fruit. At 2:00 I take 3 More nitrix, as directed. 3:00 I eat Usually some pasta, or whatever i can find healty looking lol. 6:00 I take 3 more nitrix as directed. 7:00 I eat again 2-3 Turkey/Ham sandwiches With 1 Packet myoplex 42 gram protein. At 8:30 I take 2 scoops of No Explode, then i go workout, at about 10:30 i take 1 scoop of cellmass as directed. Then At 11:30 i take 1 packet of 42 gram myoplex, with food. wow.. Well i appreciate anyone that has the patience to read all that, i didnt realize it was going to be so long. Is there anything i am missing? Like do i need to pickup more carbs somewhere.. basically im a newbie to the workout diet like i said.. can anyone give me some good suggestions to build on te plan i already have? Or should i change my plan completely? Thanks guys, I really appreciate your time and help!!


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i dunno much about diets
but u serioulsy need to get some sleep dude
only 4-5 hrs may hamper your growth
try to sleep for at least 7 hrs
if you're too busy throw another hour or two of
sleep in the afternoon or anyother time when you're free..

03-20-2006, 10:32 PM
I like Nitrix, but I find that it doesn't really help me much. It gives pumps, but the pumps go away after one stops taking it.

So, if you like it take it, but it sounds like you are changing around your eating for the Nitrix, which isn't as important as your macronutrients. I don't know what you are eating for breakfast, but immediately after waking up, I would recommend a whey protein shake (~50g) and carbs such as oatmeal (~80g). You can take the nitrix later and still get effects. I would also strongly strongly recommend getting a multi vitamin here such as animal pak, ADAM, or Mega Man. These are much more important than creatine or NO.

Now, if you are eating at 4:00am. Try planning your next meal at 7:00. The sandwiches here for lunch is good. Try to have it on wheat bread rather than white: http://channels.netscape.com/homerealestate/package.jsp?name=fte/whitebread/whitebread&floc=LIV-1_T

Again, if you want to keep taking Nitrix, you can take your first thing of Nitrix sometime after this meal and you will still see good affects.

At 10:00 or so, have some more food. This good be a large tunafish sandwich and fruit, or a protein shake if that is more convenient.

Try to eat some more at 1:00 or so. I know it is hard to eat this much, but expecially if you are a hard gainer it will help. Take your second thing of Nitrix sometime after this.

Continue to eat like this by practically adding a new meal between each of the meals that you listed until your workout.

If you are working out at 10:00, 8:30 is too late for your NO-xplode. Try taking it at like 9:30 if you want to. If you are not sleeping well, take this out completely and use a different form of creatine (or none at all). NO-xplode has alot of caffeine to be taking so late. Also, if you are working out at 10:00, take a protein shake at 8:30 and have a ton of carbs such as oatmeal or brown rice at 9:00.

Immediately after your workout. Have your cellmass if you like it and also immediately have another protein shake and some sugary carbs such as gatorade. Again, do not worry about having the Cellmass on an empty stomach: the food immediately aferwards is more important.

Right before you go to sleep try eating some cottage cheese.

Overall, it sounds like you are a very strict and impressive diet. The biggest flaw is that you are not eating nearly as often as you should. You should literally add another meal inbetween every meal you are eating right now. It might be hard to do at first, but it will get easier to stomach: trust me.

Sounds like a long day man. I don't think I would be able to pull it off. Let me know how it goes.

03-21-2006, 11:58 AM
Awesome stuff man thanks, Ya i kno i need to get more sleep but theres no time in my day, and working out brings my mod up like crazy and that is the only time i can do it lol. Any other things i should try?