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Scivation LipidFX - Makes Losing Fat Easy
By: Derek Charlebois, Chuck Rudolph and Marc Lobliner—Team Scivation

As anyone who has ever dieted for an extended period time can tell you, the hardest part about dieting is controlling your appetite. There are products on the market today that aim to decrease appetite, such as hoodia, but for most these simply do not work well enough. Losing weight is governed by calories in vs. calories out. If you eat more calories than you burn you are not going to lose weight.

In addition to controlling one’s appetite, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiast must worry about preserving muscle tissue and losing only fat. Nobody wants to work hard to gain muscle only to lose it when dieting to lose weight.
After extensive research, Scivation has created Lipid FX, a supplement that activates PPARalpha causing an increase in fat oxidation, along with decreasing appetite and improving insulin sensitivity. LipidFX is comprised of three fatty acids: Oleoylethanolamide, Stearoylethanolamide, TetradecylThioacetic Acid as well as EGCG. These ingredients have been shown to help:

Maximize Fat Burn*
Support Appetite Control*
Promote Optimal Cardiovascular Health*

LipidFX—The Future in Fat Loss Has Arrived!

Scivation LipidFX™ is a precise, scientifically advanced blend of Lipolytic Lipids™. Lipolytic Lipids™ are fatty acids that can increase metabolic rate, significantly support appetite control and immune health, help support healthy lipid profiles and insulin levels and promote optimal cardiovascular health. LipidFX™ can also help the body burn fat instead of muscle while in a calorie-deficient state. Here is why LipidFX is perhaps the biggest breakthrough in healthy fat loss to date!

Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptors (PPAR)

The Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptors (PPAR) receptor family is divided into three subgroups: alpha, delta/beta, and gamma. PPARalpha is highly expressed in muscle, the liver, kidneys, and heart and is involved in the regulation of lipid metabolism, specifically the transcription of the genes involved in the beta-oxidation (burning) of fatty acids and lipogenesis (storage of fatty acids).
Fat can be oxidized in the mitochondria and the peroxisomes of cells, the majority of this oxidation occurring in skeletal muscle cells and the liver. PPARalpha activation increases fat oxidation in mitochondria and peroxisomes by increasing the expression of enzymes involved in beta-oxidation of fatty acids [6]. In addition to this, PPARalpha activation increases the number of both peroxisomes and mitochondria. The combination of the increased number of peroxisomes and mitochondria plus the elevation in beta-oxidation of fatty acids increases the rate and capacity at which fat can be burned. The end result is more fat loss. Activation of PPARalpha would be very beneficial for any bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast looking to lose fat or watch their weight.

PhosphoLean™: Oleoylethanolamide (OEA) and EGCG

Oleoylethanolamide (OEA) is an endogenous lipid being investigated as a potential anti-obesity drug. OEA is synthesized in the intestines. Its synthesis is increased with food intake and decreased with fasting. OEA has been shown to have anorexic properties, meaning it decreases food intake. A study done on rats showed that OEA’s ability to decrease appetite did not change plasma levels of various intestinal hormones involved in satiety, such as ghrelin and CCK, showing OEA works independently of these hormones [1].
OEA is also an activator of the Peroxisome Proliferator-Activator Receptor Alpha (PPARalpha) [2]. Activation of PPARalpha by OEA will cause an increase in fat oxidation along with a decrease in fat storage, creating an ideal environment for fat loss. OEA’s ability to decrease appetite and regulate body weight is accomplished by the activation of PPARalpha [5]. Standard OEA has very poor bioavailability so Scivation uses Phospholean, a form of OEA that is protected from destruction in the stomach.

Green tea extract (EGCG) has been a popular supplement for a while, but more and more research is confirming not only its many health benefits, but its ability to promote fat loss. In addition to multiple animal studies showing green tea to lead to fat loss published just this year, a three month double-blind, placebo controlled study on thirty men was published in the January 2005 issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Compared to the placebo group, those who ingested catechins (the beneficial compounds in green tea that extracts are standardized for) daily lost more weight and more fat. While the earlier research was more preliminary, this study confirms the ability of green tea to lead to fat loss in humans.

Recent research has also given us a better picture of how green tea leads to fat loss. The more well-known mechanisms are catechol-O-methyl-transferase (COMT) inhibition, decreased dietary fat absorption, and increased levels of some hormones that suppress the appetite. A study published last year suggested yet another mechanism: when given to rats, green tea decreased the activity of glucose transporter 4 (GLUT4) in fat tissue, while increasing GLUT4 activity in muscle tissue. What this means is that fuel was being shunted away from fat and towards muscle. Not only does green tea facilitate weight loss, it can also lead to the preferential loss of fat over muscle. This is a great asset, since maintaining muscle mass is one of the hardest things to do on a diet.

A new study has discovered the phytochemicals in green tea are better used by the body in supplemental form rather than from actual green tea. The main catechin responsible for the thermogenic effect of green tea extract is epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). Studies show it can increase metabolism by about 4%. That equates to more than 100 extra calories burned per day for most males. EGCG inhibits the enzyme responsible for the degradation of NE. By preventing NE breakdown, its fat burning effect is stronger and lasts longer.

Stearoylethanolamide (SEA)

Stearoylethanolamide (SEA) has been shown to decrease food intake independent of PPAR and without changing hematochemical parameters such as glucose and triglyceride levels or leptin (a hormone involved with satiety) expression [3]. The appetite decreasing effect of SEA was associated with a reduction in liver stearoyl-CoA desaturase-1 (SCD-1) mRNA expression. SCD-1 is the rate-limiting enzyme in the biosynthesis of monounsaturated fats and its reduction is believed to lead to increased fatty acid oxidation and decreased lipogenesis in skeletal muscle and the liver [4].

TetradecylThioacetic Acid (TTA)

TetradecylThioacetic Acid (TTA) is another PPARalpha activator [7]. TTA works in conjunction with OEA in increasing the oxidation of fatty acids and decreasing the storage of fatty acids. TTA has been shown to increase insulin sensitivity by increasing hepatic fat oxidation and ketogenesis while draining fatty acids from the blood and extrahepatic tissues. Increased insulin sensitivity means less insulin needs to be secreted to accomplish a given task. This is beneficial while dieting because insulin is anti-lipolytic.


• OEA and SEA decrease appetite
o Consuming less calories leads to fat loss
• OEA and TTA activate PPARalpha
o Activation of PPARalpha increase the rate and capacity of fat oxidation
• The combination of a decreased caloric intake and elevated fatty acid oxidation ensures fat loss success
If you’re interested in not only optimizing your health but also decreasing appetite and enhancing fat loss all while preserving precious lean muscle, LipidFX is the perfect supplement for you!


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Q: "How long before I notice the appetite suppressing effect?"

A: 3-6 days, though some notice it immediately.

Q: "Can I take Lipid Fx and Sesamin together?"

A: Yes, you can stack Lipid Fx with Sesamin. I would start at the full dosage of Lipid Fx (4 caps/day) and 2 capsules of Sesamin a day.

Q: "I've heard TTA causes bloating, what can I do to avoid this?"

A: Some users of TTA report water retention. Supplementing with potassium at 99mg 3 times a day negates this water retention in most users.

Q: "If I am entering a competition, should I stop using Lipid Fx beforehand in case of water retention?"

A: I recommend stopping Lipid Fx 2 weeks before your competiton in order to remove any chance of it causing water retention come competition day.

Q: "Is Lipid Fx stimulant free?"

A: Yes, Lipid Fx is stimulant free. You can take it any time of the day.

Q: "What is the best time to take Lipid Fx?"

A: Due to Lipid Fx’s appetite suppressing effect, most users find it best to take 1 serving first thing in the morning and the second servings in the late afternoon to suppress their appetite throughout the day. I recommend taking a serving of Lipid Fx when you are usually hungriest during the day (i.e. late evening for me).

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testing logs

SamoanGirl (http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=647127)

Objective = Fat Loss

Starting Weight = 226.5 bodyfat = 36.5%

Ending weight = 220 lbs bodyfat = 30.9%

<img src=http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d178/jkeithc82/Album%202/Album%203/Album%204/Samoangirl.jpg>

"So far the lipid fx for me definitely curves and controls your appetite. You do not feel the jitters that you normally would from other fat loss pills. The best part is that I literally can feel the changes and my stomach must be shrinking because I find myself unable to eat mass amounts of food in one sitting. I am no longer a champion of buffets!

The side effects I have found would be that at first after you take it you do get a little lightheaded, and sleepy, but I have found out that you must eat several small meals in order to keep energy levels balanced. And I mean healthy foods not junk. Oh yeah and you do
get a bit irritable but you just have to control that."

Scheizekopf (http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=649036)

Starting Weight = 196 lbs

Ending Weight = 191.4lbs

<img src="http://forum.bodybuilding.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=268870&d=1137350777">

"I was very happy to do this log for Scivation. Great company with great products. Lipid FX is definately a great product. The entire log was enjoyable and I loved following the logs of all the other testers too. The last couple days of the log were really great. I started noticing much more definition in my stomach and I think my love handles have started to shrink more. The major side effect of LipidFX for me was the appetite suppression, which I loved by the way. It was noticeable quicker than everybody expected. I didnt have any of the sides like headaches or being irritable like the other testers reported. I did experience some water retention like the others and my lower stomach stuck out an extra inch or two at different times of the day (mostly at night). Overall I definately liked this product and would recommend it to people cutting or bulking and I will also purchase it sometime in the future for another go at it.

Bammy (http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=649778&highlight=Scivation)

Objective = Clean Bulk

Starting Weight = 193 lbs

Ending Weight = 197 lbs

"Lipid FX helped me stay lean while bulking. I loved using Lipid FX on my bulk. Not only did it keep me lean, but I lost fat during a bulk. It also did not seem to halt muscle growth. The only side effect I got was irritability when I missed meals. I really like the fact that I can use this at any period of the day and not worry about staying awake since there are no stimulants."

40-Yard Dash_2 (http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=645044&highlight=Primaforce)

Objective = Clean Bulk

Starting Weight = 165 lbs

Ending Weight = 166 lbs

Thoughts "For future reference for anyone looking to try this amazing supplement, I
suggest eating every 2-3 hours to best avoid the headaches, lethargy, and irritablilty. I was almost always tied up at work throughout this log, which is why I would go 3-4 hours without eating. The TTA burns your body's glucose at a rapid rate. The most amazing
aspect I found from LipidFx was the ability for me to consistently eat 1,100 calories over my maintenance with almost no cardio for over 30 days now, and I have not gained any weight. It seems I actually winded up losing a couple of pounds. Just unbelievable. I also
got stronger in the gym, and better muscle endurance with the increase in calories in all my exercises. Amazing!!! The appetite suppression did not affect me, however it may for others."

3clipseGT (http://anabolicminds.com/forum/feedback-reviews/37494-scivations-lipid-fx-l

Objective = Fat Loss

Starting Weight = 200.5 lbs

Ending Weight = 196 lbs

-Great product, but i wouldnt expect anything less
-Appetite suppressant was good, i beleive that if one had a hefty appetite like me and had a hard time controlling the urge, 5 or 6 caps would probly be the sweet spot but id have to try this out on my own which ill probly do.
-Fat loss was great and water retention was minimal.
-Sleep was never effected that i can remember and energy levels up until the passed few days had been great.

To be honest there werent much in this department.
-In the middle of the cycle i had gotten the sick feeling and occasional cramps but those subsided rather quickly
-If i took 2 caps before a workout ill be honest, the workout would suck, Id get outa breath so quick it was uncomfortable. This is just TTA anyways so its not a negative part on scivations part just a negative on TTA in itself.

"All in all i think this was a GREAT product, and ive never tried sesamin before so i think i shall try that along with this product. I think next time i try LPFX im gonna up the dose to 5 or 6 and see how that plays out."

C-Los (http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=662998)

Objective = Bulking

Starting Weight = 207 lbs

Ending Weight =

"The first word that pops into my mind when I hear or see Lipid FX is appetite control and suppression. This product did a fantastic job in making food VERY unattractive and unwanted. Therefore, I gave it an very satisfying grade for appetite suppression and appetite loss. In terms of fat loss, that is where I would like to state that I was on cycle, bulking(~4000-4500 calories), not doing much/intense cardio and supplementing with other products. I was not concern in losing fat or overall losing a few points in bodyfat, but rather interested in NOT gaining unwanted fat gains. And to my expectations, Lipid FX met that goal.

There was one side effect that existed and was a pain in the ass, or should I say, a pain in the belly. It was a very strong and disturbing bloat on my belly/abdomen area. I felt "big" all the time, and not the big/swole feeling kind. At first, the bloat
initiated n my face and abdomen, then it ceased from my face, but continued on my mid and lower belly. It was quite a bother, but very tolerable. About 24 hours after my last dose, it seems to be decreasing.

bigpoppaproppy (http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=647254)

Objective = Fat Loss

Starting Weight = 238 lbs

Ending Weight = 229 lbs

"I took this product by itself. I was using Sesamin and a few other products before this log and had been cutting for along while already. Before starting this product I went from 274->239, including a long plateau in the low 240's. I decided to do the LipidFX all by
itself in order to give it a fair trial without interference from other factors/supplements. My diet and cardio stayed along the same routines for the most part for the same reasons. I had not heard any hype or build up for this product before starting it, and
actually had to read up on what it actually was. I knew I believed in and liked Scivation's products and was excited to try another one.

The Results
"I started this log around 238-239lbs. 30 days later, I was 229.0 pounds. I increased vascularity in almost all areas, and have made noticeable appearance changes to those around me. Now, 9/10 pounds in 30 days isn't a magical loss, however, this isn't a magical overhyped product. This product is what it is, and gave the results to back it up: An effective appetite-supressant that aids fat loss and will work excellently as part of a stack. All alone, even for someone who had already been cutting, I lost ~2.5 pounds per week, which most consider ideal. The product was most effective in my opinion as an appetite supressant. I noticed that effect within the first 3-4 days of using the product, as I logged. This effect strengthened a bit and remained consistent throughout the log. In my experience, this product works from the very beginning to the very end of the bottle, which is something many products cannot say. It did not take weeks to "kick in", but was almost immediately noticeable. As I said, this product is effective on it's own, however im my opinion would work most effectively if used along with some other supplements such as thermogenics, etc."

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Interesting write up. I like the fact that it is based on the PPAR-alpha receptor to stimulate fat loss. Also, as I have read further into the matter, I hear that with increased fat oxidation there might be CoA build up, and the ECGC does well to negate this effect. I've just started up on Sesamin for my cut, and so far, I'm having the quickest results period. Stimulants don't do much for me. I'm very resistant and easily tolerant. But PPAR-alpha stimulating products, as far as I can say are really cutting it for me. I'll keep this in consideration the next time I'm ordering. In fact, I'm going to dig up some logs of people who have stacked Sesamin and Lipid FX. Looks to me like that should work rather well. Thanks for the article. Subscribed.

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Hey. There I am.

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You are famous dude! :D
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Sche-anyone ever say you look like Mark Walberg? (sp)
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Sche-anyone ever say you look like Mark Walberg? (sp)
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In that 'after' pic I think he looks just like Greg Rusedski!
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funny, i though mark wahlberg in the before....

but ron perlman in the after...
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Thank! Nice write up and FAQ Beast! Will a word file be available for download (like Xtend)?

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Thank! Nice write up and FAQ Beast! Will a word file be available for download (like Xtend)?

I compiled the log data :(

40-Yard Dash_2
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I compiled the log data :(
ANYWAY, nice job Beast. :D

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I compiled the log data :(
Great Job!!!!! :)

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Thank! Nice write up and FAQ Beast! Will a word file be available for download (like Xtend)?

Here you go :)

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OEA and amides are NOT destroyed in the stomach. Amides require quite drastic conditions to be broken down, meaning acidic environment and quite a lot of heating. Quite a few drugs are amides, like Carbamazepine and meprobamate and they survive the stomach's environment quite fine. The problem is FAAH not the acidic environment of the stomach.

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OEA and amides are NOT destroyed in the stomach. Amides require quite drastic conditions to be broken down, meaning acidic environment and quite a lot of heating. Quite a few drugs are amides, like Carbamazepine and meprobamate and they survive the stomach's environment quite fine. The problem is FAAH not the acidic environment of the stomach.

For some reason I cannot find my OEA abstracts, but I have read a few that said OEA is destroyed in the stomach, maybe I misread though. I guess I should clean my room :(

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For some reason I cannot find my OEA abstracts, but I have read a few that said OEA is destroyed in the stomach, maybe I misread though. I guess I should clean my room :(

Abstracts can be very very deceiving. Don't be lazy, search my username a bit ;)

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Here you go :)
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