View Full Version : Whole Wheat Bread

Gray Fox
11-08-2002, 12:52 AM
I have been reviewing some old threads on this subject and I found some conflicting answers, so I just want to lay it to rest. Now is the protein in two slices of Dempsters 100% Whole Wheat Bread a complete protein? Should I count it towards my daily valid protein total?

I also just found out that this bread isn't as healthy as I thought it was. It's only 100% Whole Wheat but not whole grain. If I did get whole grain would that maybe be a complete protein or still no?


11-08-2002, 05:26 AM
No bread will give you complete protein, and incomplete protein sources should not be counted towards you daily total protein IMO. The only two complete protein sources from plants are soy and quiona (sp). And 100% whole wheat bread means 100% whole grain with wheat being the only grain used in the bread. The key is key word is "whole." "100% wheat bread" would not necessarily be whole grain since the word "whole" is missing.