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02-21-2006, 08:24 AM
Need Help with this lot. Already had a post in the forum, here is a bit more detail:

My Stats:

Height 5ft 11"
Weight: 217lbs
Bf: 30%
Neck: 17"
Biceps :16.5
Thighs: 23"
Calves : 15"
Chest : 46"
Shoulders: 24"
Waist: 37"
Forearms: 12.5"

Current Training

I do a 4 day split, Mon,Tues,Wed,Thurs:

Mon: Chest/Triceps Tues: Back/Biceps Thurs: Legs Fri: Shoulders/Traps
Max Chest: 80k ( 1 rep ), could squeeze 90-100 on smith machine if on a good day!

I try and limit my sessions to 1hour, but somethimes more often than not i go over board and do approx 90 mins. I try to do my abs every other day, at home and at gym.


MMUSA ATP Creatine advantage serum
100% On Whey Protein
Isa-Test ( Just bought )

Diet Schedule

Eat 6 times per day:
I eat salmon,tuna,beef,chicken,turkey,new potatoes,mixed veg, porridge, skimmed milk, bananas. basically all the right stuff!

I eat roughly 2400 cals a day
200 Carbs " "
70 Fats " "
220 Protein ( Based on 1g to lb of overall bodweight )

Been Training for approx 16 months on/off (No enthusiasm at time!), but serious for last 6 ( Very enthusiastic now! )

My Goals

Stabilize and maintain at roughly 203-205lbs with a decent low bf to show abs. Want to get big and lean but not too bulky or heavy!
I want to get into decent shape for my hols in June 06 ( if possible )

Help Needed

I need a good training plan that will give me maximum gains.
How many Bodyparts to work per/week?
Where do i fit some good cardio in?
Where do i fit some good ab work in?

I have to go to gym more often than not on an empty stomach because i get bloated easily and can`t workout properly. Is this wise to do?

I need to no what i should be eating to get to my goals and target weight

How much protein per/day..... Do i base it on LBM or overall bodweight, and do i base it on my target weight?
How much carbs a day, and ideal times of the day?
How much fats per/day, and the best sources to get them from, .... Supplements????
What is the correct ratio for Carbs % / Pro % / Fats % ???
Would be glad to heard from you john with your comments and prices. I just need a kickstart on getting my taining schedule in place, the best splits and where to fit the cardio and abs in.
Also the correct nutrition

02-21-2006, 10:13 AM
Some articles that will help you out...

A training program(follow this to a TEE....dont change a thing)...


Nutrition: read the "7 Habits" article and "Lean Eating" articles here...


02-21-2006, 11:59 AM
Your in my area im 5,11 206 bbout 23 %bf.

Im train cardio 6x a week. i lift 5 times a week.

IM on 100% whey too im also taken creatine.

im cutting though