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02-20-2006, 06:19 PM
Goal: Lose 15 lbs in 6 week and run 7 min/mile for a fitness test

Current Stats: 128-130 lbs, 4’11
I have to weigh 115 lbs

I have been reading the posts on this forum and two other. I was so confused when I read the sticky post on the dairy/yogurt as it suggested that those desiring weight loss, dairy should be avoided. Wow. Maybe, that’s why it took me so long to lose the initial weight.

I will be working on my diet plan but my workout plan has been quite consistent. It will change after I take the fitness test. I am mainly concentrating on running faster. Believe me, I have come a long way in less than 3 months from not being able to run past 2 minutes to running up to 45 minutes or longer now. It’s just not fast enough

Workout Plan

6 days a week – PM
run/jog for 2 -3 miles, with 1% incline
walk for 10-15 minutes 3.5mph with 4-5 % incline
Abs 5 days a week

3-4 days a week - AM
run/jog for 2 -3 miles, with 1% incline
walk for 10-15 minutes 3.5mph with 4-5 % incline

2 days a week

Bicep Curls 3 X 10-12 reps (20 lbs)
Triceps Overhead 3 X 10-12 reps (20 lbs) – just one db
Lateral Overhead 3 X 12 (20 Lbs)

Lat Pull Down (front) 3 X 10 (60-70 lbs)
Lat Pull Down (back) 3 X 10 (60-70 lbs)

Chest Press 3 X 8 (70-80 lbs)
Chest Flyes 3 X 8 (35 lbs)

Back Rows 3 X 10 (50-60 lbs)

1 Day a week – might do this 2X a week if not too sore from running

Leg Extension 3-4 X 10 (50 lbs)
Leg Curls 3-4 X 10 (50 lbs)
Leg Press 4 X 15 (110 lbs)
Calf Raise 3 X 15 (100 lbs)
Adduction (standing) 3 X 15 (70 lbs)
Abduction (standing) 3 X 15 (70 lbs)
Lunges with no weights (across the room X 3)
Side Lunges with no weights (across the room X 3)

Diet Plan

Whey Protein

I was eating yogurt so now I have to probably just go with Whey Protein with water or Nectar Syntrax or 1 egg


Greens Energy Bar

Yogurt again but will probably stick with ½ greens energy bar or 1 egg

Spinach or some veggies (like Carrots)
Grilled Chicken Breast


5:00 Am – 1 - Powerthin (thermogenics)

Fish Oil
Whey Protein
Vitamin C
Glucosamine/ Chrondroitin (directions states 4 X a day)

1 Powerthin prior to lunch
After Lunch
Fish Oil
Glucosamine / Chrondroitin

5:00 1 powerthin prior to working out

Fish Oil
Vitamin C
Flax Oil
Glucosamine/ Chrondroitin

****Just started taking Glutamine Now 50 mg ****
Will take prior 2 caps prior to working out
2 after w/o
2 at bedtime
(is that too much)

***I will also start using Sesamin, Lecithin once I drop another 5 lbs*****

Thanks so much for your time and input.

03-18-2006, 04:42 PM
I also started taking flax seed oil and lecithin. I will be ordering body octane this week. I haven't taken the sesamin because I wanted to do so when I am no longer seeing any improvements.

What do you think?

03-18-2006, 05:38 PM
Ummmm...I think your anorexic :-)

03-18-2006, 06:40 PM
Ummmm...I think your anorexic :-)

What...I almost wish I was. I am needing to get down to 115 because that is the max I could weight according to Army regulations. But by no means am I anorexic.

At one time, I met the criterias for bulimia (non purging) but I exercised a whole lot.