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02-14-2006, 09:44 PM
trying out timed carb diets, but going to limit carbs at night but not go nuts during the day. I am 6'1 200 pounds @ 17/18% bodyfat trying to get to 200 and 8% bodyfat. Wanting to gain 30 pounds of muscle by september. To accomplish this goal.

Here is my diet

6 am 1 scoop whey 1 banana 8oz milk
8 am 1 cup oats with skim milk 1 cup egg whites with 2 yolks and grapefruit or orange
11 post workout or snack on off days 1 cup oats 1 scoop whey 1 banana
1230/1 lunch brown rice chicken vegetables
300 chicken sandwhich
6 chicken/fish or protein large salad and 2 tbsp efas
9 same as earlier but I may sub a protein shake in for the protein source if Im not that hungry.

this should workout to be 3000 calories. Does this seem right?