View Full Version : newbie student, needs diet fast!

02-14-2006, 03:33 AM
Hiya, I am a 19 year old male student in the UK. around 5'9/5'10 and weighing around 13st, I will get some accurate figures next week. Basically I have wanted to finally get fit and get a good body. I am not overweight and when I get some pictures up you can see what I mean, just have no real muscle mass and no definition, plus i am a little bit chubby. Anyway, I just cannot get all of the diet information in my head, i keep seeing conflicting advice and its gotten me so confused! Since I am catered at my halls of accomodation I get 3 meals a day apart from weekends when I don't get an evening meal, have to sort that one out myself. Since the food isnt insanely bad here I have just dropped all junk food/drink, I only drink water now, a lot of it throughout the day, have the healthiest thing on the menue and eat a fair amount of vegetables and salad with lunch and my evening meal and I hav substituted a piece of fruit for desert.
Since I would like to stick to my current meal times to save money I am wondering what do i need to do with regards to diet? I am considering buying whep protein as that looks like a good idea and maybe stuff like a lot of canned tuna? but basically I just dont understand how much I am supposed to be eating! I read the ultimate noobs bodybuilding guide and decided on the first workout plan which is
Mon: workout 1
Tues: Workout 2
Wed: Rest/cardio
Thurs:Workout 1
Friday: Workout 2
Sat + Sun: Rest/cardio

i started on sunday with a light jog/walk and a workout yesterday.

Can anyone advise me on a diet to suit my student lifestyle?(And by that I don't mean drinking 24/7!)

Also I just dont understand how you guys can eat like 3000 calories and not gain weight! :S thats why i appear to eat so little I just dont want to get fat!

Please give me a hand guys, i am dedicated and im hitting my hall's gym before dinner for workout 2, thanks!