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02-08-2006, 08:24 AM
Has anyone been able to find the exact glycemic indexes for the different kinds of oats. The reason I ask: I usually buy Quaker Old Fashioned Oats, but I decided to try the Kroger brand. They say whole wheat oats on them. However, when I got home I noticed the can said "cooks in a minute." So, I'm assuming these are quick oats. I'm wondering if I should just chuck these in the trash and start over, or if they're still worth eating. If anyone has any info, it would be greatly appreciated. I did a google search, and read through about the first three pages of links, but can't find the exact information on the dif. types of oatmeal.

02-08-2006, 08:39 AM
After a little research, I believe the following. Old fashioned oats are generally low GI. Most web sites put them between 49-55. Instant Oats are somewhere between 65-70. I have seen them listed around 66. If anyone disagrees, or has anymore information, please post. I'm also interested in the values of steel cut oats, etc. Thanks

02-08-2006, 08:47 AM
Food and Manufacturer GI serve carb/serve (g) GL

Honey & Oats bread, Vogel's brand 55 - - -

All-Bran Fruit 'n Oats™, extruded wheat bran breakfast cereal with added dried fruit and oats 39 17 6.6

Porridge made from raw rolled oats 42 20.3 8.5

Porridge made from raw rolled oats (Canada) 49 20.3 9.9

Traditional porridge oats 51 20.3 10.3

Porridge made from raw rolled oats 58 20.3 11.7

Porridge made from raw rolled oats (Australia) 58 20.3 11.7

Porridge made from raw rolled oats (Canada) 62 20.3 12.6

Porridge made from raw rolled oats (Canada) 69 20.3 14

Porridge made from raw rolled oats (USA) 75 20.3 15.2

Quick Oats, instant porridge 65 20.3 13.2

One Minute Oats, instant porridge 66 20.3 13.4

Gran'Dia Banana, Oats and Honey biscuits 28 - - -

Fructose (25g test portion eaten with oats) 25 10 2.5

Glucose (25g test portion eaten with oats) 92 9.9 9.1

Raw rolled oats, uncooked: Lowan's Whole Foods, Box Hill, Vic, Australia 59 58.7 34.4

Multigrain porridge cooked with water (contains rolled oats, wheat, triticale, rye, barley and rice): The Monster Muesli Company, Beecroft, NSW, Australia 55 34.8 19.3

Porridge made from steel-cut oats, cooked in water 52 33 17.2

Porridge oats, organic 63 28.9 18

Porridge oats, Scottish 63 31.0 20