View Full Version : DIESELTEST,TRIBTEST,RAWTEST= the best!

02-05-2006, 02:39 PM
I have been searching the web over and over and i cant seem to find anything that comes even close to what getdiesel has to offer. almost all the trib products i have been looking at contain ONLY SAPONINS,NO PROTODIOCIN & NO AVENASATIVA & NO PANAX GINSENG OR URTICA DIOICA which tribtest has. they all seem to take the cheapest/weakest trib they can find & produce and throw it in a cap. not only is tribtest a better trib product than all the others but if you guys want to take it a step further get some dieseltest or rawtest or try stacking rawtest/dieseltest or tribtest/dt or any 3 of the combos cause they will all offer more and better results than any other products or company out their!
since throwing dieseltest into my workouts & diet plan i have been throwing bigger weights around,have stronger libido, im also staying lean while adding some mass and have a better attitude with a major increase in energy all day at work. my advice is to stop looking around for products that may or may not work and go get some that are guaranteed to work and work better than other out their.! "go get some & get diesel"

02-05-2006, 02:55 PM
Diesel Test Rocks. Added it to my last PCT and it did wonders. I also added Raw Test to this and it seemed to work great. However, Raw Test contains DHEA which doesn't seem to work unless your 35 or older.