View Full Version : Am I losing to much week/football season

01-26-2006, 11:33 PM
Hi guys well we just started training for football season we just got a new coach. He played in the pros and hes on our ass about pushing us to our physical limits. I dont enjoy it during the workout but when were down im appreiative beacuse I know i couldnt push my self that hard normally. Here the genreal routine im just outling it. (no resting period at all) Jog- 8 mins, Sprints-15 mins, Various Skips hops back pedals & lunges across the feild- 15 Medicine ball varioations-10 mins Various pushups and crunches- 10 mins. Then we get to go inside and workout 6 sets of 12 60% max Bench, Squat, Hangclean...

The only thing im worried about is im loosing wieght fairly quick like 12 punds in the last month. Should I just keep eating the same amount and wait till im around 14% then bulk? Or start eating like crazy now im eating everything heathly I can find around me and im still losing wieght.


01-27-2006, 06:08 AM
You probably lost a ton of water that first month. How often are you doing this killer routine?? Man! I broke out into a sweat just reading it. :)

If the weight loss continues at this pace you may want to bump the calories up some. More importantly, how is your strength and endurance holding out during the workout? This will be another indicator of whether or not you are getting enough food.

01-27-2006, 03:31 PM
Ya well my endurance is somewhat ok, I can tell its going up alot everyday we do this workout Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday acutally I just got home from one the drive home I was steering with my knee beacuse we did all the minor muscles today Flys, Curls, Milatary press, Tricep pull down, and skull crushers and a few other ones that I dont know the names of. I acutally think most of the weight loss was fat beacuse some waist 32 jeans I got for chritmas were so tight they hurt and now I can where like 3 gym shorts undeneth it.