View Full Version : Got Milk?

01-23-2008, 01:00 PM
I'll be honest, I only drink it with my weight gainer (cytogainer) and even then I mix in half a cup of water because I cannot stand the taste of milk. If I have cereal, I'll have it then, but NEVER alone. I do have one question about it, I've never really tasted or cared about what the percentage was or meant on the label, whats the best percentage-wise of the milks should I be drinking if I'm trying to bulk up on muscle?

01-23-2008, 01:06 PM
that all depends on how many more cals you need to fit into your diet, in order to gain weight. if you need alot more cals, and can fit it into your macros for the day, than go for the full-fat milk. The sat. fats are a little higher, but that should be of no concern. Especially if you are only using the small amount that you do, for your shake.

if you dont like the milk, you dont "Have to" incorporate it into your diet either. I dont have any milk in my diet, nor do i eat any foods i dont like. That just leads to cheats, which arent productive to meeting your goals.