View Full Version : Poager (new receipe, stupid name)

01-22-2008, 03:09 AM
was board and in the kitchen figure id put on the emeril lagasse hat and see what i could conjure up

try this


1 6 ounce cup of dannon light n fit yogurt (vanilla i used)
1 box of jello fat free sugar free pudding mix (i used banana cream)
1/2 cup quaker old fashioned oats

first add water to the oats just enough to get them nice and moist and microwave them for 40 secs

next in a bowl and yogurt then pudding mix, make sure yogurt is first so the mix doesnt stick to the bottom of the bowl

next put the micro'd n moist oats into the puddin yogurt mix and fold in.

using the flavors i did, it tasted just like mushy bananas, if you want to make this the ultimate PWO snack add 2 scoops of whey vanilla protein

with the 3 ingredents listed you have yourself and great lowfat snack with 3g fat, 290 cals

let me know what you think, i plan on mixing and matching flavors but the banana/vanilla combo is the shiznit

01-22-2008, 06:15 PM
this doesnt appeal to anyone?????????