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01-18-2006, 03:53 AM
Damn i need some help/advice.


The begining of last summer i started to lift weights and by the time i was off to college at the end of august i noticed i got a lot stronger. Now it's January and I gained about 20 pounds, still have my muscle tho. My diet at college consisted of mostly pizza and I definitly ate at the wrong times. I still went to the gym but just to lift weights.
Im trying to lose that 20 pounds i packed on at college and i need some help/adive.
On average i do about 30 minutes of cardio everyday (rowing machine), i started doing this last week and have kept with it. I still lift weights about 4 out of 7 days. I do less cardio on days i lift.


When i wake up i try to eat oatmeal, or eggs, sometimes i eat cereal w/ fat free milk.
lunch i usually eat a sandwich, wheat bread, usually tuna fish or turkey, which dosent seem to fill me up so i wind up eating something extra (any good suggestions for a filling lunch?).
Dinner i eat brown rice, vegetables, and either steak, chicken, or fish (tuna or salmon).
I usually have a protien shake between lunch and dinner and after workouts.

I'm going back to college in a few days and the dining hall pretty much has everything except fish and steak.

by the way im 6' and 200 pounds (maybe i dont need to lose 20 pounds)

Ill have pics tomorrow/ later today for you guys, go ahead critique and ask questions.

Thanks a lot for your time i appreciate it.

01-18-2006, 06:30 AM
I am also in college so i know all about cafe. Foods I gaine 35 lbs in my first 4 months fresh. year. At 6' 200 lbs you could be a lean BEAST. I wouldnt worry about the weight loss persay I would do more of a body fat/cut program.

Believe it or not your are probably not eating enough. 3 meals a day is good for someone not doing anything all day but someone who is lifting and doing cardio needs at least 5 meals.

Your Breakfast Looks Fine to me....Try adding a cup of grapefruit juice to really get your metabolism going in the AM though.

Around Mid morning have something like a protein shake between classes or a small piece of meat.

For Lunch I would try to stick to a salad or tuna or even a salad with tuna on it to really fill you up. Or if you wanna get outta the cafe once in a while go get a grilled chicken sandwhich on a "wiser Kieser Roll" from wawa the are a nice treat but still not to high in fat and carbs

Dinner Youre really going to have to wing it with what the cafe has out. Try to stay away from fried foods and greasy foods. Green Veges are great with dinner but being at school you might have to hold your nose while eating them lol.

Also I would add another protein shake after you workout it helps with recovery. For either breakfast or lunch you can always substitute a protein bar or shake as long as the bar is ow carbs.

DRINK WATER at 6'' 200lbs you need to drink at least a half gallon per day. It sucks but it works.

Finally, Try bumping your weight training to 4-5 days a week and concentrait on 1-2 muscles per day....Really work them hard, and try increasing cardio to 35 min per session.

If you want a little extra help you can add:

Animal Cuts-Burns fat but not lean muscle
NO-Explode- Energy, strength, and muscle endurance for workouts

Also there is a great issue in the Feb. Issue of Flex Mag if you can get it. heres a preview of it.

GOOD LUCK and Keep us Posted on Results

P.s. Dont forget youre still in college so have some fun. If you want to party Drink Clear Liquer....(Vodka, White Bacardi, Scotch(best if you can drink it No FAT, Sugar, or carbs and NO HANGOVER!!!)) or the lightest beer you can find

01-18-2006, 06:40 AM
I hear ya, I went from 195 in high school to 265 in college. Lots of fast food and tons of beer will do that too you. I am back to my normal 210 and lifting hard.

If I were you I would do alot of cardio and lift 3 days a week. Make your meals at home so you don't eat thier food. Its all bad for you

01-18-2006, 08:36 AM
yea that beer really caught up with me too. they do have chicken wraps in the dining hall. Those are pretty good and I'm sure they're good for you, its like a wrapped up salad. Thanks for the advice i will drink some juice in the morning and try and get more meals in. The salad bar isnt too bad either. I think i can definitly do this. It just gonna take a lot of will power. The problem is I'm like a damn mile away from the dining hall, dosent make things any easier getting more meals in. But luckily im right next to the gym. Il have some pics for you guys later tonight.

P.S. im having plenty of fun at college

01-18-2006, 09:30 AM
I invented what I like to call the protein salad, it's awesome.

I go to the deli, get a plate full of grilled chicken, and then go to the salad bar and get lettuce, cucumbers, and cottage cheese. I am carb cycling, so this no carb all protein meal is perfect for me, and it is very filling.

If I were you I would try carb cycling too, so you can be strict during classes and only eat protein and fats, and then still party on the weekends, because believe it or not, the carb up is just as important as the lack of carbs.